Thursday, October 4, 2012

as seen on TV and attempted at home

We have a new firepit area in the Back Forty.  Behold the ginormous pile of brush we're about to light up:

Impressive, no?  If you enlarge the photo you can admire the stacks of wood behind the brush pile.  TB worked his butt off this August clearing this area and digging that pit.

Mr. D's a fan of "reality TV."  Not Survivor or Real Housewives or  Idol.  He watches Duck Dynasty, Axe Men and Storage Wars.  Riveting stuff.  Anyway, he took copious notes of Axe Men for a few seasons and has a wealth of knowledge about logging.

When this giant dead tree called to him, Mr. D employed that knowledge.  Just like the guys on TV, he felled it.  It took days. 

The tree is no less impressive horizontal than it was when vertical.

His chainsaw and his back both got a good workout.  Plus there was manly sweating and swearing.

It must have been a mighty thing to see that tree begin to lean, tip and then crash.  Mr. D said he felt the ground vibrate when it landed.  I wonder what a tree that big would weigh. 

Stay tuned to see if Mr. D attempts ice road trucking or crab fishing anytime soon...

I, on the other hand, will stick to copying DIY home improvement jobs and recipes I see my amazing neighbor make on TV.  (Yeah, my neighbor lady is BACK on TV making more food!  She's a cooking rock star!)


  1. I watched several episodes of "Storage Wars" on the flight over to Australia. And I immediately wanted to come home and clean out my closets and live a life of zen simplicity.

  2. I have many episodes of Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen saved on my DVR. What is it that is so appealing about watching other people make things and do stuff?

    I love reality tv, too. IMO, Idol, Survivor, and Dancing with the Stars (and so many others like them) are game shows. There is competition, there is a winner, and there is very little to do with reality about any of them. I admit that I absolutely adore Jerseylicious, which really has nothing redeeming about it, but I do have my standards. I stopped watching Dance Moms, because the behavior of those women is ridiculous, way beyond anything resembling acceptable, and damaging to their children.

  3. My husband would be so envious of your stacks of firewood.

  4. wow!! he will enjoy that fire knowing he earned it!

  5. My husband is such a pyro! One of the best things about living out here is that we often NEED to have huge fires to burn brush :-)

  6. I have to admit, after reading your sentence about manly swearing and sweating, I was hoping you were going to reveal YOU'D done that when YOU'D dismantled the felled trees. Hee.

    Big fire = big fun.

  7. I have some little tiny trees I need cut down. Maybe he can head my way and help out?? :)

  8. I love a fire. We have a fireplace and use it constantly when the weather dips enough. Firewood is pricey here but I work it into the budget!

  9. My husband chopped down a huge pine tree once. You are right--it is quite impressive. Those are my husband's shows too. I just do not get Doomsday Preppers.


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