Monday, October 8, 2012

good times

It started with dinner on Friday night with a bunch of dear friends.  We came from all corners of the state and one even arrived from Minnesota!  Yeah, the food was fantastic (pork chop with decadent risotto laden with apples, bacon and cheese), but even better was looking around the table at some of my favorite faces in the whole wide world.  I've known these women for almost half of my life and that we can still gather together and pick up when we left off--whether it's been a week, a month or a year--it's a real blessing in my life.  And they're all doing well professionally and personally--one's a grandma, one's embarking on a new career, one's making over a house, several of us are navigating the course of puberty in our children.  We drank wine, discussed Important Things, but mostly we smiled at each other and laughed.  

While that went down, Happyland High won their football game and TB had a great touchdown moment (I got to hear about it from his coach). 
That's Mr. B at flag football on Saturday morning.  He caught a touchdown pass.  It was without a doubt The Play of the Game.  Mr. G was on the adjacent field tearing flags off his opponent--he had 4 tackles.


Then my babies had black belt candidate training--Extreme Day.  It started out very well--Mr. G ran a respectable time and came in 4th.  He kind of figured out after that first amazing run that he has to pace himself, so he ran a 24:30-ish time.

I was very proud that Mr. B came in 5th, about 30 seconds behind his brother.  Even though Mr. G's the superstar, you need to know Mr. B has knocked 30 seconds or more off his time every single week.  He's such a mentally tough kid, it amazes me.

 The boys did well and survived this final step towards their first and second degree black belts.  We fed them huge amounts of food afterwards and watched television together.

The low moment of my weekend came on Sunday while I subbed in preschool at church.  A little boy sucked on everything in sight, stuck his fingers in his nose and mouth and wiped his slick fingers all over me.  I choked back my gag reflex for almost 45 minutes.  After the kids were picked up by their parents, I practically ran to the bathroom to scrub my hands down.  Oh, Jesus, suffer the little children indeed.  Talk about showing love in all circumstances--every time I reached over to this child, I kept thinking "show God's love, don't show your disgust."  Thankfully, I am washable and so are my clothes.  Incidentally, so are my sins.

We tailgated at home before the Packer game by cooking brats on the grill.  The first half was glorious--all sunshine, great smells and victory.  Let's not speak of the second half.

And then we split up--some watched TV, some worked outside, one shot stuff on the TV screen while wearing a coonskin cap.  There's a chance, a slight chance, my youngest might be a redneck.

Good times here at Chez Green Girl.


  1. Your family and friends sound like fun people to hang out with, all on different paths and with talents galore. Oh my dear Packers, let's win the next games! Your attitude caring for the little ones in Sunday school is sweet, the "I am washable and so are my sins" part.

  2. That was a full weekend!
    How does that boy aim at the screen when he's curled up in the chair like a pretzel?

  3. Some little kids are all spit and slobber and they seem to have a faucet turned on in their heads. They should come supllied with boxes of Kleenxes. And then to think that their parents have to deal with this every day and night and have to kiss them even.

  4. My weekend felt like all work, but it was done with good humor and kisses from my husband each time we accomplished one of the many required tasks :-)

  5. :-)

    Now THAT's a weekend, Green Girl.


  6. Wow. What an AWESOME weekend!
    I happen to like rednecks. :)
    And yes, we shall not speak of the 2nd half. :(

  7. What an awesome weekend much better then mine, ok maybe not as I had a pretty great weekend did bugga all just the type of weekend I like......

  8. "There's a chance, a slight chance, my youngest might be a redneck."


    P and I are over here laughing at that photo of Mr. G.

    I'm so proud of the boys' runs! Please tell them there's a middle-aged woman down in Virginia who wishes she ran as fast as they do.

  9. There is nothing like gathering with friends who know you better than anyone. So much fun. Nice running, boys! Lastly, I love that photo of your redneck :)

  10. It was a sad football weekend, all four of our teams lost! Sad, sad, sad, sad. We did enjoy stew in front of a roaring fire with the spice candle making all things smell great. Love the redneck photo, so full of character :)

  11. Hate to say it, but the finger in the nose, mouth, groin, and buttocks and then wiped on me by children not related to me has become so common that I hardly even flinch any more. Yuck-o!

  12. I am googling recipes for that risotto--everything else sounded great, but I LOVE risotto!

  13. That sounds like a great weekend. Well, except for the second half...

    My craft show was fun and I did okay for a first timer. Cold, though. It even snowed for a little bit. Brrr.

  14. The kids grow up sooooo fast - cool that you're recording it here - I still remember moments that make me smile now - over a decade later.


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