Tuesday, October 30, 2012

green girl still has pixie dust in her hair

Yes, yes we do lead a charmed life here at Chez Green Girl.  So, we go to Disney World last Tuesday and stay at the Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge and everything is all peaches and roses.  My hair cooperates.  The weather is gorgeous.  The view from our room looks like this:

We saw giraffes, wildebeests, ostriches, zebras and some crazy kind of horned cows every single day.

We ride all nature of rides because that's who we are.  We don't really care about princesses, although we trip over one every 20 paces or so.  We're here for the thrills--sharp turns, steep drops, that sort of thing.

Except for me, I skipped the Tower of Terror.  But I totally rode Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad multiple times.
Hands down, Magic Kingdom is the best park of the four.  (We don't count Downtown Disney because it's basically a large shopping mall.  Ick.)  We love Adventureland and Frontier Land the most of all.
Team Testosterone ready for Jungle Cruising and pirate spotting.
 The beauty of this end of the park is all the space for climbing and running around.  (And buffets loaded with delicious meals that this mama didn't have to plan, prepare or pick up afterward.  That ranked pretty high on my list.)
That giant treehouse is beyond cool. 
 We spent almost 2 hours on Tom Sawyer's Island.  While the boys explored the caves and old mills and played war games in a fort, I took in the views.  Mr. D speculated that building our very own replica might cost about what another trip to Disney World might cost.

Kid heaven.  Yes, I appreciate the irony of flying all day to a place where my kids can run around on trails in a wooded area.
 Even though we don't give a rip about the characters, Mr. G enjoys hamming it up when we pass one between rides.

Pluto and Goofy, Goofy and Goofy.
 So, we're minding our own business in Animal Kingdom and next thing you know, they throw us in a parade--on this amazing float where we ride past the crowds and wave.  We smiled and waved as we toured the park with Mickey and the gang.  Mr. B claimed his face hurt afterwards.

That's right, smile and wave, boys.

 We took a detour one day to Sea World, which is not so magical.  Still, we saw a walrus, a manatee, amazing shows and a great shark exhibit.  I have opinions on Sea World and how it could rival other theme parks, but that's a post for another day.

Mr. B thinking that a Great White Shark has one awfully large mouth.
 We rode on stuff there, too.  Sadly, two of the main attractions were not the right size for our whole family.  
So we strapped Mr. G in this handy seat while we rode the Manta roller coaster.  KIDDING!  I sat with him and bribed him with a stuffed animal and frozen treats until his brothers and dad got done riding it.
 When you go to Disney World in October you can trick or treat at Magic Kingdom and enjoy a great Halloween party.  Fireworks, another parade, music, and treats?  We're in!  Plus, going on the rides at night is super-cool.  The Haunted Mansion was doubly spooky in the dark.

The Blues Brothers....or Men in Black...depending on your frame of reference, could not WAIT to get to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party. 

Because we're those people living a charmed life, it only rained an hour one day.  That wicked hurricane skipped us and I never pulled out the rain ponchos except while watching Shamu splash.  Superstorm Sandy caused a bit of turbulence on our flight home, that was all.  We had sunshine and short sleeves all week.  We hardly fought, we barely stood in line, we learned, laughed and smiled almost constantly.

All good things must come to an eventual end.  It's tough to leave a magical place where the politicians can't bother you.  It's hard to say goodbye to flying in outer space, soaring over California, floating past the Briar patch, and chewing your way through the world.

I'm going to use the remaining pixie dust to zoom through the grocery store and restock the cupboards now.  Reality kind of bites after such a fine vacation, but we came home to some goodness--like TB's football team making it to the playoffs and another shot at trick-or-treating.  Even in a cold place without a cast taking care of your every need and nonstop entertainment I find myself appreciating being back home.


  1. Fun trip! I love your Men in Black!

  2. We have been to Disney with out kids twice, and both times, we spent hours on Tom Sawyer Island. Kids play, I sit on a rocking chair and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Why wouldn't you spend hours on that island? We don't do characters either. It's all about the rides and the magic.

  3. What awesome wonderfulness.
    Glad you all had a great trip.
    Welcome back to normal.

  4. I will have pixie dust in my eyes all day! I'm happy that you had such a wonderful trip - thanks for sharing!

  5. For a second there, I thought you had giraffes in your backyard. Zippadeedodah, zippadeeyah... I'll be singing this all day.

  6. Sounds like a great trip....I always thought that we'd avoid Disney like the plague, but your rendition makes it sound, dare I say....Fun ;) Love the blues borthers/men in black!

  7. I share your love of Disney. One of these years I'll meet you there and hang for a little while!

    The first year we lived in FL we had annual passes for Sea World and I went 9 times! It's a little more laid back and a little less crowded. Cape Cod Kid and I are going either tomorrow or Thursday.

    When you adopt a pet in our county, you get 2 free Sea World tickets because they are corporate sponsors with the shelter!

  8. I cannot think of a better vacation for a family with three boys! And your hair behaved! And you didn't have to cook!

    My face is tired from the smiling I did while reading this post.

  9. Welcome back! Your MIBs/Blue Brothers are adorable.

    You're right, Tom Sawyer's island is pretty freaking awesome. I adored it when I was a kid and now my girls do too. Same goes for the Swiss Family Robinson's treehouse, which may just be my favorite thing at MK.

    (Our favorite of the four parks is Animal Kingdom.)

  10. Disney is the happiest place on earth! Glad you had a great time :D

  11. The trip was worth it just for the Blues Brothers pic.

    We went once for a week. It was wonderful, but it was enough Disney for awhile. For the first time in my life I didn't go to Disneyland for a couple of years after that.

  12. Now that looks like our kind of Disney trip. We don't do characters either (though I'm sure Grace would appreciate a princess or two). We are mostly about rides (which the kids are still mostly too small to ride). Makes me wonder if we should just skip Disney all together and hit up Great America instead.
    You sure do make Disney look good, though. :)
    Glad you had such a fabulous time!

  13. I'm with you - the princesses just kind of get in the way. Disney needs a few more feisty princesses, like maybe one with a blog.


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