Tuesday, October 16, 2012


You might be offended today, but I have to get this off my chest:

The Taliban, who thinks it's righteous and holy to shoot a teenaged girl for pursuing her education, should be castrated in boiling acid.  One prick at a time.  Until they're all wiped out.  You can judge a tree by it's fruit, or nuts in their case.  No civil society should allow room for that kind of behavior.

Equally offensive thoughts in my head:

I totally judged you when I passed you in your yard yesterday, overweight man with cigarette in one hand and electric leaf blower in the other. 

Why does every tailgater seem to drive an SUV?  There must be something awfully empowering about driving such a vehicle that makes a person have NO SENSE OF FEAR, since they feel safe driving two feet from my rear bumper at 60-70 MPH.  People, you never see anyone tailgating in a Buick.  Just my personal observation. 

Food for thought, tailgaters:  I'm driving an 8 year old dented tan Momvan slightly above the posted speed limit.  If I can't see YOUR front grille in my rear view window, there's very little preventing me from braking hard and fast and there's very little space for you to react to avoid rear-ending me.  What do I have to lose? 

On Halloween costumes.  Boys can look scary, brave, bold, supernatural, super-powered, armed, professional, silly and/or creative.  Apparently girls have two options: princess and slutty.  Don't believe me?  Check out any Halloween costume ad and you'll see what I mean.  Total sexist crap, IMHO.  I'm not the only one feeling this way.

Finally, and this last one just irritates the hell out of me.  In karate we do various drills.  Last night's involved kicking (hard) in various ways, then doing lunges to the back wall and back to do the next series of kicks.  The first people done are usually slackers, sissy-tapping the body shields and striding instead of lunging across the floor.  Also, the first people done are usually kids.  The last people done usually did it right, which takes more time and effort.  They're also usually adults.  Anyway, as one of the last ones done, I have to listen to all the pipsqueak brats cheer me on.  "You can do it, Ms. W!  Come on!  You're almost done!"  As if I require their encouragement to finish.  As if they finished first and have the right to cheer for me coming in behind them.  As if they finished ahead of me because they're better and faster, and gee, why don't I catch up?  I want to stop and scream at them, "Listen you little punks, if you'd have done this drill correctly, you'd still be doing it and you'd actually be sweating and out of breath instead of yelling at me to 'Finish strong'!"  But that probably wouldn't settle well with their parents, would it?

Okay, I'll leave you with this link, which is a riot if you're an NFL fan.  If you're not, go in peace.  I'll be back tomorrow spouting rainbows, sparkles and happy thoughts.


  1. The Halloween costumes are messed up. I've seen a couple of blog posts about the subject. Guess we should be glad we have boys this time of year?

  2. Yeah, it's up to us to select or make nonsexist, perhaps humorous, costumes in our own families and start a trend.
    For more about the Muslim faith I recommend the book "Unveiling Islam: An Insider's Look at Muslim Life and Beliefs". Two brothers who were raised as Muslims and converted to Christian wrote this book.

  3. A civilization can usually be judged by the degree to which women are educated. Those that educate, florish. Those that do not, lash out in fear and bigotry.

  4. Every now and then, the Sparkly Unicorn Of Happy Thoughts needs a day off.

    That girl, fighting for her education is a hero.

    Tom showed me the NFL site. We cracked up. Now every time we hear RGIII we say, "I'm fine, coach says it's just a mild concussion"

  5. I hope the judge's bench is wide, because I want to sit there too, and judge. Shooting a girl for wanting to be educated is what is offensive. I give money to Kinnaird Academy for Girls in Pakistan, hoping that my small effort will in some way counter the uncivilized forces there. Crazy Mom Tats is right.

    My neighbor MOWS his LAWN with a CIGAR in one hand. He's a nice guy, but I really think that a stick on fire should not be used near gasoline.

    One year my daughter's Halloween costume was Supergirl. I loved that costume for her. It wasn't slutty, but rather empowering. But I think most of the costumes for girls are exactly as you describe.

  6. I'd like to take your punishment for the Taliban and slow it down just a little more, to really stretch the suffering out.

    My GIRLS are going as Ghostbusters this Halloween and NOT sexy Ghostbusters either.

    I loathe both cigarettes and leafblowers equally.

  7. There aren't enough good role models apparently for little girls that they can identify with or that the manufacturers have deemed worthy. I siggest a return of the feminist movement in all its seriousness. Like you stated yourself. Too much is expected of women nowadays. We are supposed to be sex kittens as well as providers and homemakers and moms.

    That was seriously the funniest link I've ever clicked on. Like, EVER!!!!
    Thank you for that. Whew! I just laughed for 5 minutes straight. So good. I wish it were real. :)

    Good rants too. I agree on all accounts. :)

  9. On tailgaters: You never see a Buick tailgating because the people who drive Buicks find it impossible to drive up to the speed limit, let alone over it enough to catch up with anyone else.

    My very favorite, passive-aggressive way to deal with tailgaters is to take my foot off of the gas. My car slows down gradually but very soon the tailgater figures it out and backs off. This method is especially gratifying on a 2-lane road with oncoming traffic where the tailgater cannot pass me.

  10. Judge away! I'll elect you any day, I agree with it all.

    I do have to confess that we own a leaf-blower. It's used once a year to blow the leaves off the flagstone patio. Once they're on the lawn, we mow over them to mulch them down. We don't smoke while using a lawn mower or leaf blower. Well, actually, we just don't smoke.

    Halloween costumes. Emma wants to be a spy this year. Spy costumes for men seem to consist of trench coats, hats, and dark sunglasses. Spy costumes for girls/women are skin-tight leotards with high heels. Rob and Emma will be looking for a trench coat at Good Will.

  11. Well said. Sometimes you just need to let it out.

  12. Love your karate rant...for a brief moment, I thought my husband had taken over your blog!!

  13. finding out on twitter that what you thought about your son's gf's attitude towards finding a job, while your son is working himself into an early grave supporting her, is disconcerting, to say the least. What to do with this knowledge? Not priceless. Trying to get the rage out of your brain? Close to impossible. Adult (young) children living at home? for the effing birds.

  14. Sometimes you need to rant! The Taliban story is disgusting.

    I am right there with you with the giant SUVs. Not only are they the ones who always tailgate, they're usually the drivers who ignore pedestrians in crosswalks, park so that they take up two spaces, and generally are the biggest bullies on the road. Maybe it goes along with buying a car and not giving a damn how much pollution it causes or how dangerous it is to other people.

  15. SUV's and leafblowers are both colossal wastes of energy and resources.

    Girls can also go as witches. It has been my fall back costume since I was four. And my girl has gone as a witch several years in a row now too. This year she's going as a Hunger Games character.

  16. Agree with you. On all points, except the Karate because I have no interest in pursuing karate. But the kids, however annoying, were just imitating what they've heard all their lives. And my latest thing with children? I just silently snicker when they do something like that because I know when they are adults, they'll be thinking the same things I am.
    Girls have the harder choices when it comes not only to costumes, but to clothes. When did slut become appropriate? I only have boys, so our choices were a bit wider - and I was willing to make costumes. But if you're not able/willing to make them, and have a little girl? Ugh.
    And EXPENSIVE! Holy cow! I hadn't realized how pricey costumes had become.
    Oh, and SUV"s? grr. Sports cars too. Tailgating is a real problem here. So is cutting people off. We have a HOnda Pilot, but we also have 5 people in the family. I can't imagine driving anythign bigger.

  17. Amen on almost all of this. Can't relate to the NFL thing though.....

  18. Making a costume is the easiest way to combat the glut of princesses. My daughter is dressing as Hermione this year; dragon was her second choice. It is hard to find clothes that aren't pink (she won't wear the color) but it is possible if you look, luckily.

  19. I am catching up backwards so I knew a rant was coming. I still enjoyed reading about your karate frustrations. And Lola will be a mermaid. Making her costume myself!


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