Monday, October 15, 2012

one done

I have to say, I'm inspired by how many bloggy pals out there feel the same way about beauty products.  So, we're giving this new underarm smoothing product what?  About 3 months tops before Dove pulls it?  (And seriously--whoever decided late October was the perfect time to launch a product named "Sleeveless" has got to be dumber than a box of rocks.)


One big secret is over.  Check it out:

That, friends, is Mr. B enjoying a surprise birthday party yesterday afternoon.  He doesn't turn 10 until Friday, and he insisted he only wanted a family party.  Pfft.  I sent out Top Secret E-Mail Correspondence to parents a couple weeks ago.  Then I ordered a cake and some pizzas.  Kung fu Master Mr. O told Mr. B earlier this past week that he needed some extra work on his sword form before his qualification test this Saturday.  Hm.  So busy all weekend--candidate training, Mr. D's big company party, flag football--but Sunday afternoon during a rainstorm might work.

The stage was set before Mr. D brought Mr. B in for his private lesson:

When Mr. B rounded the corner to put his shoes in a bin, OUT POPPED A CREW OF HIS BUDDIES!

Then everyone enjoyed feats of strength and manliness, sword sparring and dodging balls.  Mr. B never saw it coming--in fact, even his own brothers didn't know about the party until the very last minute. 

All the planning and secrecy paid off--Mr. B had a swell time with his friends and was shocked by the surprise.   Plus we had leftover cake, so life is pretty good here.

Spill it, reader.  Have you ever thrown or been thrown a surprise party?


  1. This looks like it was a great party and Happy Birthday to Mr. B. He is so cute! Well, they all are.

    I love throwing surprise parties - it brings out the child in me I suppose.

  2. My parents threw a surprise Sweet 16 sleepover party for me. The doorbell rang at 9:00 on Friday night and my dad asked me to answer the door. Say what? A kid answering the door after dark? I still remember feeling bewildered about that. My 4 closest friends were at the door and I said, "What are you guys doing here?" They came in, gave me gifts, I blew out the 16 candles on my cake - and caught my hair on fire! - and they spent the night. It was really cool!

    My sisters and I threw a surprise 50th birthday party for my mom. We invited all of her friends and she was COMPLETELY surprised. Being the smart ass child I was (and, uh, still am), I said to her, "Welcome to old age." It's not so funny now that I am *this* close to my own 50th birthday!

  3. You let him cut his cake with a sword?!?!? BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

  4. You have the luckiest kids in the world!

  5. When my dad turned 30, my mother threw him a surprise party. She had his best friend take him out for beers while the guests came. Well, something happened at the bar - to this day, I don't know what, but by the time they showed up at about dusk, several hours late, half the attendees were passed out in our yard. My granny had been thrown in the pool, been thrown a lawnchair to step onto to get out of the pool and ended up with it stuck around her ample midsection.
    The next morning, when the real estate agent rang to tell my parents she was bringing a buyer by to look at the property in the next hour, only continued the comic events, as they ran around swearing, waking people up, having them clean up the lawn, as the place was trashed.

    LOVE the sword cake cutting. How awesome.

  6. what a Great party!!!! I bet that he was shocked :) Happy Early Birthday!

  7. Oh my God I love that picture of him with the sword up over his head!!

  8. Love it! All the kids hiding behind the cubbies. And the SWORD!

  9. OMG I am the worst at keeping secrets...probably already told you this ;)

    Even at Christmas I have trouble keeping presents under the tree - I want to give them right away. I say to the kids, "Do you want to open--"

    "NO!" They say, they like surprises - where the heck does that come from?

    So, no, I've never thrown a surprise party - it would be a HUGE failure.
    So kudos to you!!! For accomplishing what I would miserably fail at.

  10. Awesome party! I once surprised my daughter for her birthday. One of her best friends moved away a few years ago, and I arranged for this friend to come visit for a weekend. The friend was in the car when I picked my daughter up from school.

  11. Great party! Looks like it was a lot of fun. I've done a surprise party for my husband when he turned 25. Man, that was hard work! We're kind of doing a surprise party for my son next month. :)

  12. Cutting the cake with the sword - fantastic! It looks like a great surprise party!

  13. That is the coolest! What an awesome mama! A perfect bday surprise! Love that he used the sword to cut it the cake. :)

    Dumber than a box of rocks. I love that expression. My hubby always changes it to "dumber than a box of di(ks". ?? Isn't that weird? Still makes me laugh though.

  14. how fun!!! looks like fun for everyone. great cake and cake cutting utensil!!
    happy birthday to your son.

  15. Yes, when it was our 25th wedding anniversary. My Mom's birthday is the next week. My sister told my Mom it was an anniversary party for us. She told us it was a birthday party for Mom, so my sister pulled off a DOUBLE surprise party!

  16. The last surprise party I threw was my dad's 70th last Saturday and you have read all about that...........

    I love that he cut the cake with his sword so bloody cool............

  17. Happy Birthday Mr. B!

    I LOL'd at your comment about the timing of this underarm cream. You're right, this product will most likely fail.

  18. Looks fantastically fun! I love the shocked expressions on the kids' faces as he raises his sword high. Kids take the cake part of a party so seriously.

    My parents threw a 21st birthday party for my sister and me at a restaurant that served high tea. I'll never forget walking by the restaurant and seeing my great uncle (the original crusty salt and a mechanical engineer) sitting at a little pouf of a table and thinking..."there's something very strange about this picture", just before everyone yelled surprise. Great fun.


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