Wednesday, October 31, 2012

putting another pin in it

It's Halloween.  We returned from vacation Monday night and last night was a mad crush of catching up on homework because it's the end of the quarter and Team Testosterone is (quite rightfully) in panic mode.  Tonight trick or treating begins at 5 o'clock sharp, so we'll squeeze in homework around that grand tradition of scavenging through the old 'hood for candy while dressed in our Halloween best.

What we didn't do is carve pumpkins, which is to Halloween what decorating trees is to Christmas.  Egads!  No jack o' lanterns on our porch!  No frightful wielding of Ye Olde Cutco Cutlery Carving Knyfe.  No cursing whilst striking matches in the wind.  No rash rising up my wrists and arms as a result of my Strange Allergy to Pumpkin Guts.

This causes some dismay here at Chez Green Girl.  We grew pumpkins for carving.  We picked said pumpkins for carving (after calling "Dibs!" on various squashes since August).  We hauled said pumpkins to the front porch where they added a festive autumn vibe for the past month and a half.  But we haven't cut scary or spooky or happy or angry or bizarre faces in their tough skins.

But Mr. D suggested that we don't have to stick to the arbitrary date of Halloween to carve pumpkins.  "Why do you have to do it before Halloween?" he asked.  "Let's stretch the holiday out--carve them tomorrow night--or Friday.  We live in the country.  The only people who look at our jack o' lanterns is us, so who cares?  Let's put a pin* in the pumpkin carving for now and do it later."

The man has a point.

We did that very same thing for our anniversary date.  That occasion was back in mid-August, yet we still haven't gone out to celebrate.  And Mr. D's birthday is tomorrow, but we're sticking a pin in that holiday for at least a week (because of games and practices and a wedding and the aforementioned extension of Halloween) until we've got time to properly observe it.

So, we're putting a pin in pumpkin carving, but we're taking care of the important business of trick or treating tonight because you cannot put that off till later (although, if you do, David Sedaris wrote the FUNNIEST piece EVER on the topic--go read it NOW for gut-ripping laughs).

Happy Halloween!

*For those of you unfamiliar with pins, this is a reference lifted from the movie Bolt:


  1. Do you know it has been three years since we last carved pumpkins? It is madness. Something seems to pop up every year and we end up forgetting. This year I finally made a HUGE point of carving the pumpkins and we did it last night. To be honest, it was way more fun than I remember it being. The kids had a blast. So glad we did it.

    And I completely agree that it doesn't have to be done by Halloween. Glad you are still going to get some carving in. Especially since they are your very own pumpkins! That is so awesome!

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  2. Good for you to be able to pin it and get over it! I can't remember the last time that we carved pumpkins...probably because the kids get halfway through the guts and then vanish..stupid pumpkins!

  3. I was never a fan of the carved pumpkin. I always painted pumpkins for the kids...when they were little I did Sesame Street characters.

    I keep my pumpkin decor up until Thanksgiving as long as it isn't Jack O'Lantern related.

    Have fun tonight!

  4. We never got around to carving pumpkins either, although we have 3 on our porch. Hooray for procrastination! They'll look cute for Thanksgiving ;-) Maybe I'll carve a turkey in mine...

  5. Trick-or-Treating has been postponed to Saturday, where we live. I think it is a crime. The officials announced this a fill 48 hours in advance of Oct 31. So you can pretend you live in an area where public officials over-reacted to what they thought was going to happen from the storm, instead of waiting to see what actually would happen. Or you can extend Halloween in solidarity with us.

    1. a *full* 48 hours.

      In either case, have fun! Carve the pumpkins so you can get to the seeds and roast them!

  6. I find that living out in the boonies, carving pumpkins is so anticlimactic. You go to all that effort, and then the only time the pumpkin is seen glowing in the dark is if one of us purposely goes outside to look at it after dark. I used to love to see everyone's carved pumpkins when I would go trick-or-treating as a kid. So, we don't get around to it much here. In fact, the only real outside holiday decorating we do anymore is Christmas lights, since they can be seen from the road (just barely!).

    I am ALL in favor of "pinning" things. Totally worth waiting until you can enjoy the thing, rather than rushing through it to get it done on time. However, I do think there should probably be a statute of limitations. What if you don't celebrate last August's anniversary until next August? :-)

  7. Just catching up with you -- girl, you are BUSY!


  8. No carved pumpkins around my area no other Halloween decorations nope nothing but I live in area that has mostly older people like in their 40's, 50's or older and as such as older people don't do Halloween......

    My daughter however had a lot of trick or treaters come knocking at her door and she had a good supply of treats for them but ended up running out and had to resort to giving out boxes of

    Oh I have seen the movie Bolt over and over and over again my grandson Blain loved that movie and couldn't get enough of

  9. Lucky girl going on Vacation!!! We don't carve anymore. If I have a pumpkin (one actually grew for us this year!!) it's to be used for baking. Not carving.

  10. I have that same allergy to punkin guts! Weird.

  11. For years Ryan has said he wants to carve pumpkins as a family. And for an equal amount of years that has not happened. Including this year. But if you can carve after Halloween, then so can we. If we get funny looks, I'll send them your way.

  12. Brilliant solution! For the first time ever, I didn't get my act together to buy pumpkins on time.

  13. I haven't carved a pumpkin in years - cause they go bad so much faster (or to be honest-I hate the cleaning of the pumpkin innards).


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