Wednesday, October 17, 2012

rainbows, sparkles and happy thoughts

This is the site of Mr. D's party last Friday.  Every year he throws a party for people he works with, this year was a bonfire party in the corner of the Back 40.  That tent looked pretty impressive from the road.  Over 70 cars were parked from the tree line to the road along the gravel drive that leads to the wetland project further back, Mr. D even rented a porta-potty and a beer wagon.  The weather cooperated and the fire was blazing.  As a bonus, I got a box of leftover white wine to bring home--yum!  The day after the party Mr. D and I returned to the fire to drink beer in the mist.  It really was a splendid fire in that huge pit TB dug for us.  
Speaking of the wetland project, I learned that special seeds are embedded in that mesh to keep them from washing away.  The mesh also prevents the berms from eroding.  The person I talked to thinks we'll see stuff growing in the springtime.


I promised yesterday to quit ranting and return with rainbows, sparkles and happy thoughts.  Bright flowers still bloom in my garden:

All kinds of colors on the clothesline--against a glorious blue sky:

Bright yellow birch leaves:

Lavender still thrives beside the driveway.  I need to harvest some more for drying.

Sparkles, however, are more difficult to come by.  I live with all boys.  People who want "dirt cake" for their birthday,  play with footballs and shoot various guns.  Nothing they own is embellished, bedazzled or sequined.  And I'm not a sparkly kind of woman.  Then I got to thinking about the cleaning and repairing tear I've been on around here and behold:

Windows that sparkle!  Yes, I finally finished that dreadful job yesterday--including washing the screens.  All that's left is making a dirt cake and running a load to the thrift shop tomorrow. 

Other happy thoughts: 
I have book club tomorrow night--we read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and it was amazing, fresh and brilliant.
We have leftovers so I still don't need to make dinner.
Mr. T's cross-country coach sent home each kid's record for the season, so we got to admire how he improved with each race.
Mr. B and Mr. G have their qualification test for their black belts on Saturday--the end is in sight.
We're down to single digits in our countdown to vacation.

Spill it, reader.  What's rainbow-y, sparkly or happy in your world?


  1. Sorry, I'm not at all sparkly this week.

  2. Our book club is reading Gone Girl this month, too. Can't say I liked it as much as you did. It was different, I'll give you that! My youngest and I got to take a gorgeous walk amongst the yellow trees at the park this morning, just the two of us. Very happy. Good luck to the boys!

  3. It isn't terribly sparkly here. I don't think there's a clean window in the house. We do have one tree that I thought was a Norway maple, but looks now like it might actually be the Sugar maple it was advertised as; it's very pretty right now. Your asters are gorgeous.

  4. You did find some sparkles, and that big bonfire party sounds fun.

  5. I read Gone Girl and really liked it. I thought that it really kept the reader guessing. The bonfire party sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. I'm sparkly happy to be on a trip with people I love, doing things that feel like "once in a lifetime"--yet many of them are happening twice or ten times in this lifetime. All my cups runneth over.

    And to throw a party like that every year? The man's a marvel. Oh, and I'm glad to know you liked the Gillian Flynn book, as all the reviews are positive, but I'm still worried I'll get oogied out by it.

  7. Sparkly - after a long dry spell I have a work project!

  8. Loved Gone Girl.

    Sparkly, happy in the Sunshine State? It's ROCKTOBER! 75-80ish temps and no humidity...
    AND my son got a job teaching Kung Fu to the children of students at a Medical Careers college. They run a day care/after school program. $15 /hr pay...Yee Ha!
    AND a long-time blogger friend has moved to Florida and we are hoping to finally meet in person next week.

  9. Oh my bookclub is reading Gone Girl this month too :D

  10. As the mother of a girl, I probably have enough sparkles around my house for both of us. Little girls offgas glitter. Occasionally, it will just turn up somewhere unexpected -I even have some remnants of glitter glue on the dash of my car. Pink of course.

  11. I have Lola, so it's always rainbows and sparkles around here. And I must say that I am impressed with Mr. D's purchasing skills. A party for 70 and only one box of wine left over...

  12. I have a sparkly new tile floor in my kitchen, dining and bathrooms! Yee-Haw I'm a happy girl:))


Spill it, reader.