Thursday, October 25, 2012

team marvel

I'll be honest here:  I never knew the difference before I got married.  My knowledge of comic book heroes came from Saturday morning cartoons.  Marinating in a stew of testosterone for the second half of my life has expanded my knowledge considerably.  I think it started when Mr. D and I used to watch the X-Men on Saturday mornings before we had kids. 

Then along came Batman and Spiderman.  My sons began watching the TV series and movies and reading the books.  Gradually I started to pick up on the subtle differences between actual super powers and being a super hero.  I began to understand the background, evil nemesis (nemesi?), relationships and mythology for various characters.

We took the whole Avengers thing pretty seriously over here, piecing together Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Hulk.  And we've closely followed The X-Men and The Amazing Spiderman.  (I, for one, am eagerly awaiting the Black Widow's movie because she is FIERCE.)  We're speculating what will happen in Avengers 2 and in the next X-Men movie.

Then I saw an announcement this week about a Justice League movie in the works and I guffawed.  Sorry, DC Comics, but you don't have it going on.  You did nice work with The Batman franchise, but other than that, it's been a flop.  If this film ever does come to fruition, I'm not hopeful and here's why:

* You've failed to create the back story for your other characters.  The Avengers worked because Iron Man, Captain America and Thor laid the groundwork.  Each film incorporated the big picture and provided a little bit of connection, luring us from the individual character's stories into the big united front.
* You take yourself too seriously.  Other than The Flash, your superheroes offer no levity or humor.  Batman is a total downer of a dude.  Superman is stern and self-righteous.  Most people don't even know who Aquaman is.  On the flip side, Captain America appreciates the goofiness of his situation (frozen and thawed out 60 years later), Iron Man's a crazy genius and when he's not Hulk, Bruce Banner understands the big picture because he's also a genius.
*  You don't include female characters in a meaningful way.  I'm part of the 52% of the viewing population that likes to see ladies kick ass.  Rogue, Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna (AKA Black Widow) and Storm are pretty fierce. Even the gals who play sidekicks, like Gwen Stacy and Pepper Potts have moxie and ferocity.  In DC-land, the sidekicks are helpless reporter types who sit on the sidelines like Lois Lane and Vicki Vale.  YAWN.
*  You don't include mortals in a meaningful way either.  As a mere mortal, I like the idea of mortals and superheroes working together to save the planet from impending doom.  Bruce Wayne's about the only DC superhero with manmade super powers and even he doesn't put much stock in his fellow human. 

You won't see me standing in line to watch any Justice League movie, I'm firmly on Team Marvel, though I do appreciate the mythic heroes DC has created. 

And yes, reader, the fact that I've even given this so much thought proves I'm a bigger geek than one ever though thought possible.


  1. You lost me at X-men. How I manage to have five boys who aren't really into comics, I'll never know. I'm just going to be grateful.

  2. smalltownme has a HUGE point about Wonder Woman.

    I know who Aquaman is because my sisters and I watched The Justice League on Saturday mornings. He was always my favorite (well, besides Wonder Woman) because of the swimming thing and the sonar-conversation with dolphins thing.

    ...I just realized who the Ambiguously Gay Duo on Saturday Night Live remind me of. Yep, Aquaman.

  3. My brother made a boatload of money selling his comic books when he was in college, and according to his facebook updates is still into the whole comic book movie thing (although I have no idea what he's talking about, so I pay little attention). The only thing I really know about them these days is from what I see on Big Bang Theory. Although I do like the Archies...seriously, Team Betty or Team Veronica?

  4. Kitty is ALL ABOUT spiderman here. Pretty sure she wants her own web powers and we all are NOT allowed to like the Green Goblin. :) We have to like Spiderman best. I acutally just bought her a $5 movie at Target with 4 episodes of the cartoon Spiderman. She'll luv it. :)

  5. My boys are into Marvel too...but Batman does rock! Other than that, Justice League makes a good cartoon. But maybe there'd be a following from those reliving their childhood?

  6. I do not know much about Marvel vs DC but you've explained it pretty well and I share your same feelings. Though I still don't understand why Spiderman was in the Avengers (I kind of gathered that he wasn't an original Marvel or something?).
    Anyway, we are HUGE Avengers fans over here. I love each hero so much I can barely pick a fav (I would be Black Widow of course, but I love Thor, and Iron Man for his sarcastic wit, and then again I love Captain America because he is just so good and gentlemanly, and then of course, who doesn't love HULK?? I don't know that much about Hawkeye). Very exciting stuff. :)

  7. watching Arrow (green arrow) on TV the last couple weeks, holding opinion until I see how it goes. as of right now, looking pretty good. time will tell.

  8. What did I hear...something you said, I dread and fear...?

    Batman a downer dude... how can it be? That's not what I used to see...

    Check this out -- then get back to me...

  9. All these super heroes are real American creations and would not have been able to have been thought of in any other country yet they are somewhat popular here too. There is something very patriotic and patriarchal about them and maybe that appeals less to foreign audiences. They are not beings a foreign kid would easily identify with although as a rule they like anything American because they are bombarded with it.

  10. it is amazing what we learn from our husbands and sons...i can now keep up a reasonable conversation on most boy things that I never knew existed before I got married...

  11. You lost me at the title. I read the words, but none of it made sense to me.

    Ask me about the different historical American Girl dolls. THOSE I know.

  12. I have a friend who is into comics, so I get this completely. I was shocked at how great The Avengers was.

  13. It's as though you downloaded my son's brain and put it into this post.


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