Thursday, October 11, 2012

the beards

Last night Mr. D had his monthly poker night, so after I tucked in the boys I had the TV remote and I could watch whatever I wanted, or not watch TV at all (as is often the case), for as late as I wanted.  After some light reading, I flipped the TV on and began surfing the channels.  Other than Masterpiece (Sunday nights), Mad Men, and Sons of Anarchy (Tuesday nights) I don't really know what is on when on which channel anymore.  The few random sitcoms I still follow (The Middle, HIMYM, Modern Family) I can catch up on by watching online at my leisure.  When I do turn on the TV, it's always a  surprise.

Flip.  Football.  Flip.  Stupid Lifetime movie.  Flip.  Weight loss infomercial.  Flip.  Angry lady on news station.  Flip.  Angry men on news station.  Flip.  Football.  Flip.  Dumb sitcom.  Flip.  Flip.  Flipflipflipflipflip.

And then I found Duck Dynasty and got sucked right in because reader?  That is the most funny and oddly sweet show on TV these days.  In my now second-favorite episode (my first being when they get an RV and get the farts), one of the daughters is learning how to drive and everybody's got an opinion on how to teach her while Grandpa and Grandma take over chaperoning duty with one of the grandsons and his new girlfriend.  The duck obstacle course they set up for the girl to drive through was HILARIOUS.  And dad in the passenger seat with his duck call, warning her every time she screws up--I was laughing out loud.  And their focus on having fun but keeping the grandkids pure was absolutely heartwarming.  But the episode that took the cake involved lawnmower races because I know guys who would totally do this exact thing.  Meanwhile, grandpa is charged with building a princess playhouse for his little granddaughters.  When the building project ends up a two-story fort that looks nothing like the picture on the box, the girls and grandpa turn it into a duck blind.  They're covered in face paint and toting BB guns and grandpa offers them a crisp dollar bill for any decoy they can pick off the picnic table below.

Duck Dynasty.  Pure redneck awesomeness for the whole family to enjoy.

I ask you reader, when you thought about the future and TV when you were a kid watching The Jetsons on one of five available channels, did you ever imagine it would look like this?  Sixty-odd channels and the only thing fit to watch is a show about super-hairy redneck duck-call makers.  Don't know about you, but it's not what I expected.

Si's commentary about "Evil Meneval" and "being wingman" is classic.


  1. Thanks to fellow blogger overholt8, I fell in love with duck dynasty myself. Hilarious! I was in stitches right along with you last night. I can't choose a favorite family member, as they are all so stinkin likeable.

  2. I've never even heard of Duck Dynasty, but it sure sounds funnY!

  3. Duck Dynasty! Oh my gosh Si cracks me up--it was like a train wreck, but she was driving both trains--they sure were lucky that Phil took them fishin' cause he's a great fisherman (awkward! she looked like she was debating between swimmin with the gators and listen to Pa's sex talk)

  4. Duck Dynasty is a favorite of many. We watched through a marathon one Saturday, I was stunned it kept me entertained all afternoon. Speaking of the Jetsons, I was sure we would have the hover car or jet boots by now. Is anyone working on that?!?

  5. That goes to show you that we aren't nearly as futuristic as we thought we'd be in the Jetsons with houses built in the sky and flying cars, but in other ways we are much more advanced and had not even imagined possible.

  6. I have never heard of it, but I think I'll have to look for it now.

    My new obsession is Call the Midwife on Sunday nights on PBS. Oh. My. Love. Such a great show. Color me obsessed.

  7. We don't have cable and I don't generally have time to watch TV these days. Back when we did though, I fell in love with the show about the bike shop with the dad & the sons. Something Choppers. Loved them.


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