Sunday, November 18, 2012

adding to that list

 Once you get rolling, it's easy to keep going on these gratitude lists.  I've thought of at least a hundred things I'm thankful for since Friday, but here's another 20:

21.  imagination
22.  laughter
23.  because of recent events, electricity
24.  which leads one to feel thankful for clean running water, of course
25.  and the ability to flush away dirty water (which I learned not to take for granted, either)
26.  space to garden
27.  swimming in the pool
28.  cross-country skiing in the winter
29.  traditions

30.  telephones
31.  the convenience of drive-up windows
32.  empty spots on our calendar
33.  cheese
34.  the NFL, but mainly the Packers
35.  letting go and watching my faith grow
36.  all the nice things people said to me after reading Whipped, Not Beaten
37.  time to write something new
38.  safety--we live in such a safe place
39.  feeling good about my kids' school
40.  the Momvan, terribly broken in and dented, but paid for and still running well


  1. Electricity and indoor plumbing are always at the top of my list. My mom grew up without, for part of her life.

  2. Except for some geographical differences and the fact I haven't written a book (yet), I feel like our lists are very similar.

  3. Oh yes, after our 8 day outage in the 100* temps of July, I'm MEGA thankful for electricity, pretty much every day.

  4. LOVE the orange! But I have to ask: Is that camo I see *under* the orange? What would be the point? Is it just part of the uniform? And what's in the camo fanny pack?

  5. We all tend to forget to be thankful for every day conveniences like water, heat, shelter, clothing, until they are taken away or are in jeopardy. We should give thanks to God everyday for what we have. Thanks for the gentle reminder. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. I like your list, and feel grateful for many of the same things.

    I think the deer may just fall over laughing at those outfits :-)

  7. Those outfits! My eyes! Retinal burnage!

  8. Mobile phones how did we ever manage without them same can be said for the internet..........

  9. Thankful for a warm day house on a cold rainy day :D

  10. It's a blessing to be so happy in the place where your family has set down roots.

  11. I'm thankful for thankful lists. :)


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