Friday, November 16, 2012

giving thanks (20 at a time)

We aim to cultivate an attitude of gratitude at Chez Green Girl all year long, but especially during November.  The calendar indicates that it's time to start my annual list of what I feel particularly thankful for as we head into Thanksgiving: 

1.  the Bumble Book Club--one of the most kind, supportive, smart and wonderful group of women
2.  my writing group--Marni, Lauren, Nina and Mariana
3.  public radio
4.  the people who sacrifice their time to coach my kids
5.  karate
6.  my karate girlfriends--(and boyfriend)
7.  books (of course)
8. the view from every window of my house
9.  coffee (naturally)
10.  dark beer
11.  bloggy peeps and pals--the funny, the creative, the observant, the witty, the well-read, the kindred spirits and the sweethearts
12.  a room of my own, and, most of the time,
13.  an entire woods of my own
14.  trees
15.  plenty
16.  enough to spare so I can give some away
17.  online shopping
18.  healthy, well-adjusted sons
19.  music
20.  a funny, gentle-hearted dog who comes along with me for long walks


  1. I am in general very happy and thankful for my lot in life, but I envy you the book club. I've looked for one, so far unsuccessfully.

  2. I love your November lists. They help remind me how lucky we are too.

  3. Thankful- grateful - relieved, and maybe more -- I'm very glad that no matter what really happened to me two weeks ago, stroke or otherwise, the affects are purely physical, not cognitive.

  4. It's fun to read how your opinion of Jax has changed over time. Your entire list is inspiring!

  5. Sometimes I am simply grateful for being grateful since there was once a time when I was grateful for nothing, or very little.

  6. Great list and aw shucks, thanks for having me on it! Ditto to you~

  7. That's right, you weren't that keen on the dog at first, were you?

    Life is so much better when you appreciate what you have--practicing gratitude is not hard, but too many people don't do it.

  8. Awww! I love my book club, but we don't have nearly as cool of a name as yours.... ;)


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