Tuesday, November 6, 2012


It's been chaotic here.  Make up homework from our trip.  Basketball.  Football.  Even winter baseball, for crying out loud, because Mr. D's just a guy who can't say no.   Three boys who want some semblance of a social life.  Parent/teacher conferences.  Birthdays, a wedding and church.  Meetings, a home improvement project and work.  Squeezed into this mess are the usual chores like laundry and dishes and cooking and that poor, poor dog.  So it's NO surprise that everyone's coming down with a variation of the Standard Head Cold.

Mr. T goes with pure stuffiness, scratchy throat and fogged-up ears.
Mr. D prefers the classic raw throat and sneezing.
Mr. B's a mucusy mess with a seal's barking cough.
Mr. G sniffles and feels warm to the touch.
I take a hit off the ol' asthma meds and limit the suffering to my nasal passages.

Time to slow down, say no, limit what we've piled on our plates.  I started today when getting an email asking me to sub at church on Sunday.  Well, that one was easy since I'll be out of town.  

Mr. B and Mr. G got their black belts Sunday night.  No more karate class after school for Mr. G.  We're all in the same time slot now, reducing my trips to town and taking the edge off the supper/homework crunch twice a week.

Gratuitous photo of Mr. B (2nd degree) and Mr. G (1st degree) with their instructors at their graduation celebration.

I'll set aside the home improvement projects until deer hunting season.  That's when I'll have some time to tackle those jobs and they'll still get done before the holidays and any significant snowfall.

That's all low-hanging fruit.  The next level of cuts will hurt.  I guarantee we'll feel some suffering.  But in order to keep our family unit strong and healthy we need to make some tough choices.  That means clarifying our priorities and keeping focus. 

I solemnly swear not to take on any further responsibilities until our schedule clears.  Read my lips:  NO NEW ACTIVITIES OR COMMITMENTS.  We're adhering to austerity, a policy of isolationism to preserve our sanity.  We will have a better tomorrow, tomorrow. We hold onto hope that things will change as we set aside our different schedules and begin to work together. 

A new start this November--a choice for the future--united we stand.

But first?  I have to get to the polls.

Happy Election Day!


  1. happy election day 2 u 2

    be calm and well

  2. I hope you all feel better soon! We're coming off the tail end of a long-running cold. Reid is the only one who's still pretty snotty.

  3. Breathe, take time to breathe. Your schedules sound like my son's family.
    Blessings and Breathe

  4. Woah. There is so much on your plate right now! Whew!
    Congrats to Mr. B and Mr. G! So exciting!

  5. That there speech is a good start on your next run for public office!

    Just planning to stop the madness makes you feel better, doesn't it?

  6. Everything sounds overwhelming. I hope you all feel better very soon! Happy election day!

  7. wow! look at all those black belts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very impressive. I need to chill out a little too here!

  8. I cannot imagine trying to keep up with your schedule. I couldn't, but I admire you for doing it all.
    Have they called the election yet? I can't watch.

  9. and it doesn't stop...it just gets busier and busier!!
    congrats on your belts...wow!!

  10. Hilarious. I am there with you. Learning to say no, slowly over here.


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