Monday, November 26, 2012

raves & rants

rave:  we had one of the nicest Thanksgivings ever at my MIL's.  All the kids played together and they're all old enough to be out of diapers, through with naps and disinclined to melt down in tantrums.  Everyone enjoyed each other's company without any drama, plenty of beer and lots of laughs.

rant:  the shoppers who bought into Black Friday extending into Thursday.  This woman expressed my thoughts very well. 

rave:  Nobody in Mr. D's family put materialism and greed before family tradition.

rave:  last night we put up a beautiful tree in our living room.  It smells great, looks gorgeous, and we enjoyed decorating it together as is our tradition.  (Bonus rave:  it's still standing upright)

rave:  the decorating scheme I conceived for my house this year turned out perfectly.  (Shiny!  Fresh!  Bright!)

rant:  fingers cramped while tying knots in the fishing line all morning long as brilliant idea took much more effort and time than anticipated.

rave:  Mr. T's basketball team won yesterday!  It was a tough team, both teams played well, the officiating was solid and Mr. T poured. it. on.

rant:  @@##(!@#!!!! outdoor Christmas lights won't light even though they're plugged in and each set lit up FINE when I tested them before hanging them up.

rave:  enjoyed watching football after tree decorating with Team Testosterone.  Especially entertained by Mr. G's passion for football and all the questions he asks.  That kid is keeping Mr. D on his toes.

rant:  the Pack's performance against the Giants was UGLY.

rave:  we got some flurries, which really puts people in a happy mood around here.

Spill it, reader--what's got you ranting and/or raving this Monday morning?


  1. Oh, the Thanksgiving start to Black Friday is maddening. I don't care about the shoppers who choose to miss their feast, but the workers shouldn't have to. And for the people who go to these shopping events, who push and shove and act worse than animals, they make me sick. Our hometown wal-mart had to be shut down within an hour of opening because so many people were fighting and stealing.
    For a rave, I'm thrilled that we had such beautiful weather for Thanksgiving, giving the kids hours of football time with their cousins.
    I'm glad your decorations came out exactly as you envisioned.

  2. RAVE: Had a wonderful weekend. The kids were all here for the holiday :D
    RANT: My pumpkin pie was a PPFAIL. I try new things all the time...sometimes they don't work out :(
    RAVE: I'm almost finished with my Grinch quilt :D and I am NOT a good quilter.
    RANT: Didn't get my tree up yet - next weekend. Our tradition has always been the day after TGiving - oh well...nothing's perfect.
    RAVE: Our house Christmas lights all worked after we put them up-I think this is the first time in years where some little section hasn't gone out AFTER we put them up-so I know how you feel.
    RAVE: The holidays are rolling in :D

  3. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

    RANT: The twins seem to have stopped napping. Boo.

  4. rave: SUCH a relaxing long weekend. I actually went to church this Sunday for the first time in several months because I felt that I had the luxury of that time.

    rant: not sleeping. Really, how is it fair at this time of life, to not be able to sleep?!

  5. RANT,RANT,RANT: My printer will NOT print. Have tried everything I can think of.

    RAVE: My computer guy said he can come this afternoon. Yea!!!

    I see you have had a book published. That's what I've been doing the past year... writing. I finished a cozy mystery and am now working on a middle grade novel. The mystery is sitting with an agent in NYC.

  6. Rants: the cold that has hit my entire family and is stalling my holiday baking efforts, and "free" Blogger making me buy storage space for photos

    Raves: Wreck It Ralph, the Christmas tree is up and looking lovely, my daughters are napping, Thanksgiving was fun and delicious, the family we buy our CSA share from, and friends who offer to go out of their way for us, my in-laws FINALLY agreeing to celebrate Christmas the weekend before the holiday

    Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Rave: Turkey, stuffing,cranberry sauce, mayo sandwich

    Rant: it's WAYYYY too cold in FL for me this week. My feet have been cold for 4 days now and I can't seem to get warm enough. I moved here to be warm. It's very important to my physical and mental health. I completely wuss out when it gets below 70 degrees.

  8. Rave: We went out to eat for Thanksgiving and it was really nice.
    Rant: They seem to have charged my credit card for the full amount, rather than the 1/3 that I signed for. And of course their accountant is still on vacation. My bank shows the full amount charged on-line, but on the phone they say the lesser amount was charged. "Check again tomorrow." Hmmmph.

  9. Rave: had a wonderful Thanksgiving get together on Saturday with children and grandkids... 22 of us. missing 1 son-in-law who had to work and 1 daughter and her dh in Tx cuz the new grandbaby was due this past Saturday, still waiting....

    Rant: The Vikings game was bad though the score wasn't quite as bad as the Packers.

  10. I hear you about the Thanksgiving shopping. So unnecessary.

    Rave: Holiday party invitations!

    Rant: The usual office BS. I like what I do for a living, but I could do without a coworker or two.

  11. I can't think of any rants or raves right now because I'm too hung up on wondering what your fabulous new decorating idea is.

  12. Rave: Enjoyed a bountiful feast with family and two new friends. (Bonus rave : they make an awesome sweet potato pie AND like board games)

    Rave: Watching my Alma mater clobber Mizzou. (Bonus rave: With our fresman QB Heisman candidate.Whoop!)

    Rant: Black Thursday sucks and I commit to forever boycott!

  13. Do tell about the decorating idea!

  14. Huzzah! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful holiday.

    Rave: Somehow, my husband is in love with both of the new recipes I tried this week. I don't want to question this too much ... let's just say that miracles do happen.

  15. Raves to the amazing food I'm being cooked for dinner by my daughter and her fiance. Daily rant to the idiot drivers driving slow in the fast lane during the morning commute.

  16. My rant is tied into a rave:

    Ummm, I'm going to rant that one of my favorite bloggers needs to switch up her Halloween header on her blog because she's clearly crazy for the holidays, and if she successfully implemented the best decoration scheme of all time, why are we readers stuck still admiring her awesome Halloween header? I mean, how dare she not share her Christmas fun with us, visually, say, on her blog header?

  17. I'm reading this a week, but here goes. Rant: Chuck's employer may have been hit by a hacker, forcing the already-shorthanded engineering staff to work over, over, and overtime. I worry. It's not worth a heart attack or other health problem to earn a large overtime check.
    Deep breath. I'm making extra kitchen goodies for gifts this year. Cash flow is a wee bit tight, and sometimes that's a blessing as far as gift shopping goes.


Spill it, reader.