Friday, November 2, 2012

silver fox

I'm kind of careful around here when writing about my family, I want to protect their privacy.  That said, yesterday was Mr. D's birthday and he didn't want to make much of it, but today I'm going to make a bit of a fuss here on the ol' blog (because it's my space here and I can write what I want).  Since he's an adult, we'll stick with a good even number to celebrate some of his attributes:

1.  Mr. D's a natural athlete, but he's also a really good coach (and this doesn't always go together, trust me).  His players adore him.  Turns out he's quite good at breaking down information for them and he's really passionate about both his team's success, but also individual players.  If the steady stream of young men visiting during holiday break is any indication (and I believe it is), Mr. D has impacted his players' lives related to their personal and baseball success.  He spends a lot of time on coaching, digging into the details, learning new drills, asking other coaches for advice and scrutinizing his players and program.

2.  Honest.  Even sometimes when I don't want him to be, but there you have it.  The upshot of a guy who won't cheat on you is that he'll also tell you when he thinks an outfit looks ugly (FYI, that black dress from the Gap is cute on me)  or your cooking blows (okay, just because I don't deep fry everything in Bisquick and slather it with melted Velveeta doesn't mean it won't taste good).  He's not being mean, he's just that direct.  No head games.  You always know exactly where you stand with Mr. D.

3.  Strong.  He carries the full financial burden of our family.  Many people depend on him for their jobs.  He'll lift boxes into your house if you're moving, he'll listen to your personal problems behind the closed door of his office, he'll boost your kid into the air to get the giggles out of them. 

4.  Funny.  Okay, I'm really the funnier person here, but Mr. D has an excellent sense of humor and makes me laugh almost every day.

5.  Reasonable.  True story:  we're on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but we can discuss this without too much drama most of the time, and actually find a LOT of common ground.  Mr. D can see both sides of an issue, understand the finer points of the big picture and asks really good questions.  Break open a Sunday paper and brew some coffee and we can sit for an hour dissecting the world's problems and even get around to solving them.  (But honey, I'm still not casting a vote for Mitt on Tuesday.)

6.  Understanding.  Best example of this would be last night when I drove into the garage door.  He didn't ask for details.  He just nodded his head when I said, "I don't want to talk about it.  Don't worry.  I'll fix it."  And that was that.  A lot of men hound the crap out of their wives, but Mr. D leaves me alone and I really appreciate that about him.

7.  Generous.  His hands are always open, all you have to do is ask.  He takes care of so many people in spontaneous ways.  What he pours out to others--in time, money, references, advice and other resources is pretty amazing.

8.  Speaking of spontaneous, Mr. D is very comfortable flying by the seat of his pants.  I'm a planner and organizer, so sometimes this quality makes me nuts.  Like the mess he leaves on his side of the room.  Or the last-minute changes to what I've put on the calendar.  But you know what?  Often the best fun comes when you just go with the flow and stay open to the unexpected. 

9.  Mr. D's got a BIG personality.  Consequently, he's a salesman and he's exceptional at his work.  He's that guy who fills a room with his presence.  He's loud, he's grinning, he's boisterous, he's calling everyone out and engaging everyone around him.  Old ladies are charmed by him.  Little kids love him.  Men buy him drinks and tell stories about him.  Dogs wag their tails and come running when they hear his voice.  Strangers give him free swag everywhere he goes.  I know I'm making him sound like "The Most Interesting Man in the World," but if you met him, you'd agree. 

10.  Big-hearted.  He's a lover, not a fighter.  He wants others to be happy and he wants the best for people.  He's forgiving and caring and kind.  He really loves his family and we really love him.

Happy Birthday, Mr. D. 


  1. He is quite a catch. What amazing and wonderful traits to have. You are a very lucky lady (and I'm sure he'd be the first to say he is a lucky man, too) and the boys are super lucky too.
    If only the whole country (world) could talk rationally and passionately and reasonably as you and your Mr. do about politics. Ahhhh. What a lovely world it would be.
    That family picture is gorgeous. You should blow it up to the extra large size on this post. Just too perfect. Love it.

    I hope your fabulous man has a wonderful birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Mr D.
    lucky you and the boys, what an awesome mentor and example he is to the boys he raises and trains.
    there will be many, many better men in the years to come because they have been around him.

    Awesome MR D.

  3. And he's good-lookin', too! Happy birthday, Mr. D!

  4. Happy birthday, Mr. D. I love the photo!

  5. Your husband is an incredible blessing.

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mr D! He sounds like my Mr T!
    We got a couple of the good ones!

  7. Happy Birthday! That's a great family portrait.

  8. Happy Birthday to your Love :)

  9. Happy Birthday, Mr. D!

    (So, how did you happen to drive into the garage door?)

  10. I hope Mr D had the best birthday, I love my birthday and look forward to it each is good when they don't carry on when we do something silly like driving into the garage door.......

  11. Except for the whole Mitt thing..... he sounds awesome!!! ;)

  12. If only there were more Mr. D's in the world.
    Happy birthday to Mr. D!

  13. What a guy! Happy day after to him too

  14. I feel the same way about my husband. We are lucky to have them. I like to think we do a thing or two for them as well :)

  15. What a good guy - what a lucky woman.
    Happy day!

  16. Happy birthday to him! I love #2 and #6 especially!

  17. All are quite true about Mr. D. Two little girls up here are besotted with him. :) The big girl kind of likes him too. :) Happy Birthday Mr. D!

    And...for the next blog post? How and why you drove into the garage door.

  18. I'm behind on reading your posts but wanted to wish a Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. D! Hope he had an awesome day!

  19. I'm behind on reading your posts but wanted to wish a Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. D! Hope he had an awesome day!

  20. Ohh ...

    What a lovely post. Green Girl, you obviously hit the jackpot with Mr. D. What a nice Iowa boy! I hope he had a great birthday. Thanks for sharing - and for posting that family pic. You guys are the absolute cutest!


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