Wednesday, November 21, 2012

still counting

61.  really wonderful neighbors
62.  people who are enthusiastic about what they do
63.  exceptional customer service
64.  expert advice
65. grandparents who make the effort to connect with Team Testosterone
66.  fresh air
67.  Jesus
68.  a good night's sleep
69.  a comfy chair, a soft blanket, a reading lamp, interesting reading material
70.  a healthy compost pile
71.  every time I spend time in nature I discover something new that amazes me a little
72.  travel
73.  history
74.  architecture--especially the old buildings
75.  blacktop (we used to have a gravel driveway)
76.  bicycles
77.  fresh bread
78.  quirky locally owned places
79.  affordable health care & a doctor with common sense (true story:  When I asked for a prescription refill for my asthma meds, the nurse said I needed to visit the office.  After I explained that I've been on the same stuff for decades and I preferred to skip the visit, she said she'd talk to the doctor.  Two days later I had a message that my prescriptions were refilled, no office visit required.  Lovely!)
80.  girlfriends--the ones I can be real with whether we're drinking tea or wine

Travel safe if you're headed out today or tonight.


  1. Hey! Wait!
    Standby for one of those comments you might hate...Asthma medicine has changed dramatically in the past five years...unless what you have works perfectly.

    Just sayin.
    Backing away slowly now as I have complete and total respect.

  2. Grandparents who make the effort to connect are priceless. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Logan made it in from school last night at 10pm. We were up until 12:30 am yakking away. I can't get enough of that boy once he's within my reach. I'm so excited to have 4 whole days with him. Our gathering on Thursday will be small but enjoyable. Cheers!

  4. I like the part about great neighbors. We have some real (ahem) doozies to our left.

  5. I just got done reading your whole list (thus far). It's wonderful. It is so important to be grateful for the big and the small in our lives. Taking what we have for granted is a great way to live an unhappy life. Your family is lucky to have you leading them along a path of gratitude.

  6. I was grumbling about the elevator being out of order at work, but I held the railng firmly and made it out the door. I'm grateful that I could handle the stairs, though not comfortably.

  7. How come Jesus came in at number 67 thought he would have been higher on the

  8. This is a fabulous idea and a great group of posts to celebrate Thanksgiving and remind us all what we're grateful for. I love it.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is turkey-filled with someone else doing the dishes! Happy Thanksgiving! xo jj

  9. all are great but just related to #79 a few days ago...stick to what you know works no matter what anyone else tri-ed to tellya.


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