Thursday, November 8, 2012

the good things

Finally some sunshine today--it's been the grumpiest weather lately.

A new haircut.  Kristy is a master.  We tried a blunt cut this time--she never cuts my hair the same way twice--and it's fresh and clean looking for the holiday season.  She also styled it with a flat iron device.  I've always wondered...and now having done this, it's not for me, but curiosity is satisfied.  (Now watch, everyone who sees me will complement me on my straightened hair and I'll feel compelled to go get me a flat iron device.)

Standing in Target debating on a new dryer rack since my old wooden one (that I owned for 20 years!) finally rotted through and died.  I finally grabbed the box and tried to open it when the woman standing next to me in the aisle said, "I have that one--it's good."  "How long have you owned it?" I asked.  "For years now.  I like it."  It was nice hearing her endorsement, so I bought it and I think I'll like it, too.

I never can remember the chocolate bar I like the best, but yesterday I remembered:

I only need a little nibble and it's satisfying enough.  A bar will last me 2 weeks.

Finding those stretchy gloves the boys like for $1 a pair.  (Notice the theme here?  Yes, I did go to market--my monthly shopping trip to Target.)  Naturally I stocked up.

Seeing the boys practice their karate.

Reading out loud and noticing the boys settling in and listening to the book.

A long, chatty phone call from a friend I haven't heard from in a while.

The bill from the garage door repair guy--it cost much less than I'd feared.  Not that I plan to drive into the garage door again anytime soon, but I was prepared to replace the entire door, so you might imagine my concern.

 Making and sticking to a meal plan for the week.  Our family meals have been QUALITY.  And I hatehatehate to cook (I know--I wrote a book about a woman who sells kitchen products--no sense at all), but everyone is eating, I'm making the boys pitch in and I'm forcing them to clear and help clean up.  Last night Mr. G helped me make meatballs and it was even--dare I say--pleasant standing at the stove smashing the meat into balls with his help.  I almost didn't let him help, wouldn't that have been stupid?  The job took half as much time and he was proud of all he did to contribute. 

Finding free straw for mulching my gardens over the winter months. 

Spill it, reader.  The good things.


  1. I need your haircutter. Bad.

    Good things? 90% off Halloween clearance! The boys now have TONS of new dress up clothes, costumes for $1 or $2 a piece. They are having so much fun :-)

  2. Lindt sea salt is delicious!

    Currently thankful for Tuesday's results, for a new choir I've just joined, and for the chance to go to bed early tonight!

  3. I think I could use your haircut lady. My four year old drew a picture of me today getting a haircut. My hair was a rat's nest. So insightful.
    I can't believe you can take a whole 2 weeks to eat a candy bar. Wow.
    I'm thankful for the two hours that the little boys were happy and enjoying each other's company. I love little boy giggles.

  4. Hmmm...
    I am hard pressed to find some good things around here lately. It has been a rough couple of days.
    No sun was had today. It was yet another damp, dreary day. And I'm tired. And not feeling so hot. And blahhhhhh...

    So. That's me and my cheeriness. ;)

  5. That's a long list of good things! Nice work with the cooking! I love cooking so much, that it's hard for me to fathom anybody not liking it.

    One of my good things this week was a trip to Target, too. I stopped at Starbucks on my way and I enjoyed it, while browsing the store. I found V a winter coat for just $18. It was a pretty great trip.

  6. Looking for good things is a great exercise for me right now, having just come back from the Old Folks' Home. Good things - we made it back safely, in time to vote, my team won the presidency at least. I'm always thankful for indoor plumbing.

  7. A new haircut here too. Rather short and will require ZERO effort on my part. I won't even have to dry it.

    Also, a boatload of new moisturizers. Now that it's chilly, I'm having my annual skin hydration issues.

    A new heart for the heart wall in my kitchen. Adorable.

    Knocking off name after name on my Christmas gift list.

    Goodies for Christmas -- a gingerbread house kit, Christmas crackers, etc. Nothing is needed for a few weeks, but it's nice to have what I need on hand.

  8. Warm sunshine.

    Stimulating interactions with classmates.

    Realizing my judgment of one of those classmates as a scattered, fratboy-ish sort at the beginning of the semester was wrong (well, that part's not so good) and enjoying seeing his layers peel back. He's a neat kid.

    Being ok with calling someone half my age a "neat kid." :D

    The opportunity to quit working to return to college and the gratitude for everyone who encouraged me and helped make it possible.

    Comfortable shoes.

    Bloggy friends who remind me to pull out the silver lining.

  9. I am in awe that you can make a bar of chocolate last that long! I'm a hog when it comes to chocolate. I love the Lindt filled bars, the orange and the raspberry!

  10. The tree on my street that is ablaze with gold and red and orange leaves.
    A husband who lets me vent without trying to fix the problem. At least tonight, anyway.
    Your blog!

  11. Thankful: A sunny day with less arthritis pain. Emma's day off school tomorrow, so I get to sleep in. A job I love.

  12. Finding a 6 foot inflatable turkey at the store for the front yard. We're turning into the Grizwolds. :)

    Baby Boy's MRSA ear infection clearing up nicely.

    Dinner out tomorrow night with my cousins.

    The holidays right around the corner.

    Hilarious conversations with my sister lately.

    All good things.

  13. pale blue fingernails
    my son calling and talking with his new girl for the first time
    roses that are still blooming at my front door
    new shoes

  14. Clean sheets, good friends, opportunities popping up when I throw it all up to the universe, my girl being downright delightful again and sanity prevailing in my adopted home state of Virginia.

  15. Cape Cod Kid has found a serious need in Florida...teaching Martial Arts for after school programs. Schools #1 and #2 are paying $15/hr and school #3 is paying $30/hr. He is soooo happy!

    Sorority Girl's teacher from the Univ observed her teaching a reading class to a group of 3rd graders that are 1 to 2 years behind their class. She said it is a JOY to watch her teach and that she'll make a great teacher!! Only 5 more weeks until GRADUATION.

    When my kids are happy, I'm happy.

  16. Chocolate with sea salt...

    That's now all I can think about.



Spill it, reader.