Monday, November 12, 2012

we CAN all just get along

Except for the box elder bugs.  They have to go because they don't belong in here with me.

So, this weekend I took part of my tribe to visit my folks in the Twin Cities.  My youngest sister was in her high school musical, so we enjoyed some live entertainment and I got to cross off "take boys to 4 cultural events in 2012" at long last.  Really, the show was great.  High-caliber for high school, inventive staging and sets, and quality performances almost across the board.  The youngest sister totally belongs working on stage somewhere, she has talent.  She'd make an excellent performer at Disney World and she's gorgeous enough to even star as one of the princesses. 

Generally speaking, the boys did not embarrass me.  My dad brought us to the Lego Store at MOA and later that evening showed them his gun collection.  My folks are pretty red as politics run, so you can imagine my delight when my dad and I engaged in some political discourse where we saw eye to eye on almost every point.

You see, that's where we can really begin to fix America's problems, isn't it?  Instead of focusing on where we part ways, start with where we agree.  Identify the problem, work out a solution.  Heck, my kids can do this all day long, why can't grown-ups?

I know you're wondering where a liberal and a conservative find common ground.  (It almost sounds like the beginning of a bad joke:  "A liberal, a conservative and a polar bear walk into a bar...")  Check it out:

* the ethanol subsidy needs to GO AWAY
* the tax code needs reforming  (Dad believes in a flat tax, I believe in a consumption tax, but our philosophy is essentially the same.)
* Citizens United must be overturned

I bet if we kept at it, we could come up with a pretty long list of fixes we agree on.  The trick is to be respectful and open to other perspectives.

For fun, spill it, reader.  What obvious fix do you think all colors would agree on?  Or, if you're stumped, finish that bad joke.


  1. Funny, I haven't seen any box elder bugs in ages. I guess they all moved from Virginia to Wisconsin.

    It's been a long, crappy, day and I can't think of any specific fix that we can all agree on, although it would be nice if those in government could behave like you and your father.

  2. I really think we need to get religion out of our politics to agree on anything. I think fiscal policy could be settled because I think many of us want the same result but see different paths as the best way to get there. But things like marriage equality and a woman's right to decide whether and when she gets pregnant are issues where the two sides are not looking to reach the same goal.

  3. I loathe box elder bugs!!! I think that the major issue dividing parties is each one looking out for their own selfish agenda (not red or blue, but green). doesn't matter which side their on, it's not really for the people anymore...

  4. I used to love the school plays, where the talent seems to bloom.
    As for politics, the fight needs to stop. Agree to disagree and start to fix the deficit before we no longer rule as a nation. It's sad that EVERY VOTE does NOT count. So many of our military who are fighting every day to save us, have not even been given that right...and they are citizens.
    So happy you and your Dad can at least talk politics without bashing one's become a necessity to help us remember that the Lord is Still the King of our Salvation.

  5. I had no idea you had a sister than young.

    It's pretty wonderful to hear about a Republican that disagrees with Citizens United.

  6. Hmmm, I have no idea what a box elder bug is.

    I agree with Cassi Renee that we could probably come to an agreement about financial stuff but little else. The only way we will make any headway with any issue is to start putting ourselves in the other guy's shoes. It's difficult to keep your walls up when you can appreciate where the other person is coming from. That's what makes me sad about our political system - it's becoming so Us and Them.

  7. We can also agree on great swaths of foreign policy.

  8. I have found myself agreeing with my cousin's bff from 6th grade, who is ultra-conservative (okay, he's a tea party guy) on things like getting the government out of our food supply, cleaning up the entitlements and more - as he says, we want the same things, we just have different ways of getting there.


Spill it, reader.