Tuesday, December 4, 2012

all is bright

At last!  The sun shines!  We've had days of fog, just the grumpiest, gloomiest weather you might possibly imagine.  What a blessing to see across the field and feel awake today! 

That bird feeder sees a LOT of action practically minutes after I start filling it for the season.  All those visitors provide plenty of entertainment. I pause several times a day to watch what's going on out there.

Meanwhile, I used these dark days to catch up on the loads of wash, the ironing, the grocery shopping, the cleaning and even convinced Team Testosterone to tidy up.  Mr. B and Mr. G have started a pretty decent pile of toys they want to donate to the local thrift shop.  We've decorated inside and out and made a list of what we want to DO this month for fun.  I even baked the first batch of Christmas cookies (gone within 2 days) but I still haven't faced the biggest chore of the season:  writing my annual Christmas letter.

Reader, my annual letter is epic.  It might sound like I'm bragging, but I'm not.  There are people who look forward to it all year long.  I've used clever themes, written lovely prose and included gimmicks like last year's which was set up like a Facebook page.  Each year I raise the bar a notch higher and each year I succeed in knocking it out of the park

The sun is shining on this day, a day that happens every December.  The day when I sit down at the 'ol laptop and grind out the NEW!  BEST EVER!  GENIUS! Christmas letter for the year.  There will be gnashing of teeth, wailing and tears.  There will be phone calls to Mr. D asking for moral support and fact-checking.  There will be failed drafts.  But mark my words, reader:  There will be success.  For today I will write a letter that will go down in the annals of Christmas Letter Writing History as legen (wait for it) dary.

All I need is one bright idea to get it started.


  1. Hmm... your work in karate as metaphor for the year?

  2. Your letter will be sure to bring many smiles, no doubt!

    I need to do a toy weedout. Must make the hubby remove the children for a couple of hours so I can do so ;-)

  3. I'm sure that idea will hit you!

    I did epic letters twice. One year it was formatted like Entertainment Weekly, the next Car and Driver (this was before Facebook).

  4. I agree that the sun is lovely today. I wish I hadn't started baking cookies, because now I'm tied up and can't get the girls outside to enjoy the day.

    I would love to read a good Christmas letter. Every one I have ever read has been a laundry list of illnesses, lost jobs, and death. Oh, except for the year that my MIL sent out a Christmas letter saying that my husband and I had gotten married. Except the sent it the year after we got married (we'd been married over a year and a half). Ugh.

    Good luck with your writing today!

  5. Yeah for epic Christmas letters! I got ours to the post office today, thank heavens. Good luck! I can't wait to see it posted...

  6. We've never written Christmas letters, although I usually enjoy reading the ones we get. We have one friend in Edinburgh who writes the best Christmas letters --she has such a fabulous writing style, she can make anything amusing.

  7. I try to do something different that a straight forward letter each year too. Last year I did 'our year A-Z' and did a line that started with each letter of the alphabet to describe an event from the year. This year I gave them a Christmas quiz and had multiple choice questions. One answer was correct, the other two were close and then the other one was just silly. I just sent them out but so far 3 people told me they liked it. I gave them an answer key way down at the bottom of the page.

    Good luck with yours, I'm sure you'll think of something fabulous!

  8. Your letter last year was pretty epic. I will also never forget the year of the karate photo.

    We gave up Christmas letters years ago, as Facebook eliminated much of my need to brag. Instead, I tell our year's story through photos, which is its own form of bragging.

    Speaking of which, I really need to get busy with our cards.

  9. I used to write an epic letter. I know the year my letter included the story of one of our plumbing disasters, my brother-in-law told me he read it out loud at the dinner table and laughed until he cried. It's pretty hard to top that, so I've had to stop.

    Good luck with yours!

  10. I hope you had success. I love reading Christmas letter but I just send out the typical photo cards. :)

  11. Your Christmas letters sound awesome! I've only done one once, I think, and that was when we moved from CA to MT.


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