Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I snaked and unclogged two horribly stopped-up drains.
I made a few lists and checked prices online.
I helped Mr. T with his iPod.
I didn't swear when I learned I was down 4 of my 5 Cubbie leaders last night.
I helped the boys clean out some more toys.
I made dinner.
I breathed a giant sigh of relief that Tig didn't die last night.
I freaked out when Otto did that awful, awful thing. 
I went to bed really mad at Gemma and rooting harder than ever for Tara.
I like Chucky speaking French.  It's charming.  In Charming.  Ha.  
I spent 5 hours on a draft of my epic Christmas letter and it's not epic AT ALL.  It's so mediocre that I could weep.
I called Mr. D.
He doesn't like it either.  I was hoping he would because I could've talked myself into sticking with it if somebody else liked it.
I cannot waste another day on this, so something brilliant better come to mind today.


  1. i'm behind. again. i hate clogged drains. don't know how you have the stomach to do the snaking of them. brave, brave woman!

  2. I was so engrossed in SOA that I couldn't go to the kitchen (we watched on no commercials). I had made Chocolate Peppermint Truffles yesterday but I waited until after the show to go get one!

    I decided decorating will happen this weekend. We have Alli's graduation on the 15th so I would like it done before guests arrive for the weekend.

  3. Oh, I'm having trouble with "drat" today. The last few days have been bad because of the strange relationship between pain and low pressure. Today it's cold, crisp, and sunny. Those things mean much less pain, and a car that doesn't smell so badly --decomp moves slowly when it goes below freezing at night :-)

    I'll send positive thoughts for your letter. And then, I think I'll send you my address so you can send me a copy!

  4. Sorry for double commenting, but I forgot to say that I just love your banner picture. Each time I see it it makes me smile (hey! one of the double word times!) because it looks so like that moment when you've just pulled all the decorations out and it's chaos for a while. You did a great staging job :-)

  5. I suggest stepping away from the Christmas letter and not working on it at all. Inspiration will hit when it hits and cannot be bludgeoned with a sledgehammer. :-)

  6. Don't give up on your letter. It will come to you.

  7. I used to do Christmas letters. Critical word(s): used to. I love to get 'em 'tho. I just don't like drafting them, to much work deciphering what's important and what's not. I figure my friends and family know what we've done if they read my blog or fb

  8. I started outsourcing the Christmas postcard to the mini-me a few years ago when she expressed interest. We skipped it last year, as we were traveling the week before Christmas and it was too much to fit in. It felt so good we're skipping it again this year.

  9. My Christmas cards have been sitting on my desk for 5 days now. All I have to do is address them. For some reason, I just CAN'T. Ugh.
    I have had a combined total of 10 hours of sleep in 4 days. Good grief.
    My head hurts.

  10. Oh dear, I hope you're able to come up with something epic tomorrow.


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