Thursday, December 20, 2012

hunkered down

The cancellation call came last night, shattering any plans I had for the day.  No school.  A blizzard will keep us shut in for at least a day.  Consequently, Team Testosterone stayed up late and woke up early because they only require a lot of sleep when I need them to get up in the morning.  Left to their own devices, 5:30 a.m. seems perfectly reasonable to start fighting and making a lot of noise.  Ah, children.  Plus sugar and Christmas coming and the magic of the season and a big, hairy dog fighting to drag his shaggy wet ass across my clean floor each time we open the door.  All we need is Cousin Eddie to show up on my front porch in his RV and we'll be set.

While I get ready for the Holiday Homes Tour tomorrow, I'll leave you with this year's Christmas letter.  Get some coffee or cocoa and enjoy the read.

The London Olympics inspired and amazed us.  Everything remarkable about the human race was represented in those events—our struggles, our achievements, our passion and our heroism.  Maybe we didn’t earn official spots on Team USA, but we each had our own gold medal victories and record-breaking moments in 2012.  Let’s see how Team Green Girl performed this year:

Mr. D went for the Gold medal in Events, a team event involving grand-scale planning and execution, he successfully hosted an enormous party for 175 of his employees on the Back Forty.  Logistics included parking cars along the entire length of the quarter-mile driveway, coordinating food and drinks, and digging a fire pit that measured 10 X 10 X 2.  Mr. D used a chainsaw to fell an enormous tree that fueled the bonfire providing ambiance for the party.  He got silver in Baseball, coaching the Happyland High's Varsity team in a historic season record for most wins.  This feat involved hours spent inside batting cages, gyms, dugouts and the pages of The Mental Game of Baseball.  Finally, Mr. D earned bronze medal in Construction.  His company’s latest expansion is complete.

The Gold medal in Construction went to Green Girl.  She got most of the first floor of the house repainted; oversaw the emergency installation of a new boiler system; and she keeps appliances, drains and the pool running.  Green Girl was runner-up in Events for planning Mr. B’s 10th birthday party (huge points for difficulty as it was a surprise and style points since he cut his cake with a samurai sword).  Following her record-breaking Publishing debut (Whipped, Not Beaten received rave reviews), Green Girl made an attempt at setting a Political record by running for school board.  She lost the election, but she gained an unquestionably more fulfilling spot on the  Kornerstone Charter School’s board of directors.  Green Girl had a personal best this year in Gardening, earning Gold with a huge harvest despite the drought.

Mr. B’s Academic Achievement award last spring is the story of sweat and tears since he fights against procrastination and perfectionism in his quest for academic glory and a gold medal.  Mr. B’s also an emerging superstar in Lego Construction (his patience is amazing), Awana Verse Memorization and Flag Football—winning silver medals in all three categories.  He took Bronze in Baseball and Basketball.

Team Testosterone collectively dominates Karate, with Mr. G getting the Gold and Mr B getting the Silver this year.  Mr. B’s 2nd degree Black Belt and Mr. G’s 1st degree Black Belt were impressive accomplishments.  As part of their qualification testing, the boys ran 3 miles each week, improving their time with every run.  Mr. G’s final run time was 23:47 and Mr. B’s was 24:14.  In related news, Mr. G taught himself how to execute a kip-up. 

Not one to fall behind his brothers’ success, Mr. T participated in various individual and team events.  He broke his own records in Cross Country, earned a Rock Climbing merit badge at Boy Scout camp this summer, was named MVP of his team’s Softball tournament (they took 1st place) and played Basketball for his school (Go Rockets!).  Judges agreed that Mr. T was the hands-down gold medalist in Texting and Minecraft, employing his remarkable dexterity and technical aptitude.

As a team we enjoyed lots of training in the pool, and an abundance of wasps and bees due to a dry spring and summer.  Mr. G holds the household record for Most Stings. He also took Gold in Baseball (the kid can hit), Silver in Basketball (the kid can hustle) and Bronze in Lego Construction and Awana Verse Memorization. 

As we close out a BIG year, we recognize the friends and family who support us and love us.  We’re thankful for the faith, humour and goodness in our lives that make our gold medal moments possible.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Love, Green Girl & Team Testosterone


  1. Gold Medal goes to Green Girl for Best Christmas Letter!
    Love the photo!

  2. Love the letter!! Good luck with the storm and hope you guys don't get cabin fever too fast!

  3. Haha!!! I love that letter! So perfect. And the picture is awesome! Well done!

    We are so disappointed over here. School was cancelled today and all we have is RAIN. We aren't even really supposed to get that much snow until tonight, if at all. They cancel for the threat of a storm now? Wasn't that way when I was a kid. And the kids are missing out on their Christmas parites, jammie day, and Grace is missing out on her class performace and gingerbread house making. Major bummer. :(

    Snow days are much less fun without the snow.

  4. A perfect 10 for the execution of a Christmas Letter format.
    cute picture
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Blessed New Year to you all

  5. We loved your Christmas letter and photo.

    My girls are going to be so jealous of your snow. They've been studying the weather forecast, but their hopes have been dashed day after day.

  6. What a fun letter, and I adore the photo!

  7. Very nice Christmas letter! Its a snow day for me and my boys too. I got the whole house cleaned really good. They played outside. Now we have no TV because the dish is covred in snow.

  8. Best Christmas letter I've seen all year!!! Awesome job everyone!!

  9. The creative process is painful but it produces good stuff! High scores, even from the Russian judge.

  10. Have a cozy blizzard time! I had a conference call yesterday with someone in Madison, WI who said they were mid-blizzard.

  11. Loved your creative letter. Sounds like you've have a full year! Congrats on your book! I also love the photo :) Merry Christmas!!


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