Wednesday, December 26, 2012

partying like rock stars (again)

 It's been a thrilling time here over the weekend--Mr. G's indoor winter baseball team won the league championship!  Mr. T made a basket during his game!  Mr. B mastered the fine art of setting a pick during a game!  Grandparents were present to watch all of these wonderful moments!  Back at the ranch, we exchanged gifts.  My folks knocked it out of the park with monogrammed Packer pillowcases for Team Testosterone and vouchers for an outing to an amusement park during our next visit.  Three monkeys all in a row opened their gifts and grinned.

The following night we had chili, old neighbors, a bonfire, beer and fireworks.  Oh what a sound to hear the fireworks reverb through the woods, across the frozen creek and rip over the barren snow-covered fields!  Many people enjoyed the show, I later learned on Facebook.  Maybe this should become an annual tradition.  Our only error in judgement was to have the kids collect the shells and toss them in the fire.  One little whistler hissed past my right shoulder and gave us enough of a scare to head back in to the house.  Imagine my horror and joy when later that night, as I closed the blinds, I watched a Roman Candle explode brilliantly from the bonfire.  Red! Green! Red! Green! balls of fire soared into the air and white sparks shot in every direction.  A Christmas miracle that we manage to survive my stupid suggestions.

Christmas Eve we dialed it down a notch--went to church, made our homemade pizzas and enjoyed a silent night.

Until the monkeys woke up and tore into their gifts--such delight!  The airsoft guns, while making me a bit queasy, seem to be okay so far.  In any event, it got the gang outside for a while.

Santa brought the family one of those new-fangled iPads!  I've yet to actually play with it myself, though Team Testosterone does allow me to type in my password so they can install apps like Angry Birds Star Wars...

But the most awesome moment of all was my gift to Mr. D.  After MONTHS of logistical coordination, I called him downstairs to help me with one final gift of the day...

As he reached the bottom of the steps, I flipped the switch and the The. Most. Epic. Christmas. Present. Ever. lit up and made marvelous electronic noises.  Yes, The Best Woman in the World (for the moment, anyway) shocked Mr. D by presenting him with a mint-condition 1988 Secret Service pinball machine.  The story of acquiring this gift is pretty good, but seeing Mr. D's reaction was a thousand times better.
What a moment.

It all went exactly as I planned, thanks to a lot of help from my friends.

He had no idea and was thrilled by the surprise.  Mr. G exclaimed, "This is better than an Xbox!"

While the boys glutted themselves on Christmas chocolates and games, Jax and I hit the trail, he on foot, me on skis.   The air was cold and still and silent.  We saw some deer, rabbits and a few birds.  I counted my blessings and enjoyed the peace.


  1. Sounds wonderful! I wish we'd had snow so I could go out on skis. But I did go for a couple of runs. And, I needed to after so much food, feasting and frenzied activities. I'm just this morning winding down a notch. My house is CRAAAAZY at the holidays. Guess that's what happens when you have a HUGE family.

  2. Pinball! I love you! But good luck getting your hands on that iPad.

  3. Awesome! Looks like everyone had a great Christmas. Your boys are so cute!

  4. My husband is now antsy to head up your way and challenge D to a match.

    How did your boys react to the gift?

  5. Love thie pics sounds like a great Christmas was had

  6. Pinball remains one of my perennial favorites pastimes. I played thousands of games while a young adult in so many different places...

    Happy holidays to you and the Team, May 2013 bring peace and joy to all of you.

  7. You snuck a full-sized pinball machine into your house without your husband having any clue? My dear, I am so, so impressed!

    So glad to hear that you guys had a wonderful holiday. What a great crew!

  8. You. Are. Awesome. That is the best present ever! How in the WORLD did you manage to surprise him? How did you get it into the house? How did you keep him out of the basement? I am blown away!!!

    So glad to hear you had such a fabulous Christmas. It sounds EPIC! Fireworks and bonfires and Packers stuff and pinball machines and homemade pizzas! WOW! :)


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