Wednesday, December 19, 2012


A big blizzard is due our way tonight--just in time to disrupt the last day of school before Christmas break.  I've wrapped and stashed everything because I'm certain I'll lose a day--I'll count it a blessing if I don't. 
I filled the bird feeder.
I emptied the compost into the bin outside.
I ran the last errands across town.
I put the snow shovel in a good spot.
I filled the Momvan with gas.
I began a shopping list that should carry us through:
* snacks for a sledding party on Friday
* the last of the Christmas baking
* the dish I'll bring to pass at bowling on Friday night
* a family gathering on Saturday night
* a party on Sunday night with friends (fireworks over the snow and a bonfire at Chez Green Girl!  do drop by, but be sure to bundle up.  We'll provide the beer, chili, hot dogs and s'mores.)
* Christmas Eve dinner
* Christmas morning breakfast
I imagine this will be a doozy of a grocery run.

We'll have a white Christmas, what a blessing.  And this year will be a quieter kind of Christmas it seems.  I'm already drawn to the more mellow songs on the radio and feel more reflective, less frantic.  Everything in the past week makes me want to light a candle, hunker down and pray a little more for peace.

But being around these goofballs keeps me from becoming TOO somber.

 Mr. B decorated 9 reindeer cookies to leave Santa's team on Christmas night.  Each one looks unique.

Mr. B went to the Bethlehem Bash at church last night dressed as a shepherd because I didn't have the patience to make him a star costume.  When I told him his bo staff from karate could be his staff, he was sold.

My arms are full, I know we are mighty blessed.  Recognizing all these blessings makes my heart break a little more in a bittersweet way.

Spill it, reader.  Are you prepared?


  1. I am ready--and hoping for a snow day tomorrow!

  2. Ha, you might be one of those folks that needs two grocery carts with that list! ;-)

  3. Emma is very disappointed with the timing --she just started a Kempo self-defense class Monday evening, and Thursday evening is supposed to be her second class. It's likely to be canceled. I don't know if we'll have a snow day tomorrow, but Rob is doing the last minute Christmas shopping and I have done the grocery shopping today just in case.

    Now I'm going to head out and fill the bird feeders and empty the compost --thanks for the reminders!

  4. I am not completely prepared, but mostly. We will travel for Christmas, so I don't need to worry about grocery shopping or preparing any food. Sounds like you're doing enough cooking and entertaining for the both of us! Enjoy! Happy snow!

  5. Oh yes. I'm done. I have wrapped every single last item that needs to be wrapped (including FORTY small gag gifts- some are good gifts- for a game we always play on Christmas and Christmas Eve with both sides of the family). I've purchased all the teachers gifts, wrapped them, the kids' kris kringle gifts, wrapped then. I bought snacks for the each kids' class parties. We even managed to get the kids to see Santa last night, which we had almost forgotten about. And I think I have everything ready in case we decide to go skiing up north this weekend. Whew! I just want to sit and relax. But, alas, it is the kids' Christmas concert at church tonight.

    Enjoy the blizzard! :)

  6. good luck with the weather.
    we actually had some sun today for the first time in almost a week.
    we had the rain and snow saturday and sunday for the 2nd weekend in a row. roads were terrible.
    that sounds like my grocery list when the kidlets still lived at home.

    am I prepared? no, it shouldn't be Christmas yet. This year has gone so fast, but "what will be will be".

  7. I am getting there. I have finished shopping and wrapping. Still decorating, though. J3 is working off his debt by cleaning up the yard and always helpful J2 came today and put up more Christmas trees. She'll be back on Friday and Saturday to help me get ready for DOTR's family Christmas on Sunday (somewhere around 33 of us, depending on who brings SOs and so on). I've made a big grocery list and will do that tomorrow morning, early. I made Chex mix and fudge today.

    I'm getting there. No snow for us.

  8. I hear you. We did that super shopping trip last night. We're expecting some snow also, but no big storms yet. Still have quite a bit on the ground, and with our temps, doubt it's going anywhere. It's been a hard week. In such a funk. Nothing seems all that important right now -- just family.

  9. I am not anywhere near done. This year it's been a constant adjustment of expectations of self, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The storm will not likely hit us until Friday or Saturday, so I have a false sense that I have oodles of time.

  10. Oh gosh, I thought you were asking if we were prepared for the weather but it looks like you meant prepared for Christmas. And so, my response is no, on both counts. My family quit buying gifts awhile back except for the little ones and so I'm good there, but I still have too much baking to do.

    What cutie pies these guys of yours are!

  11. I'm not quite ready for Christmas, but we are set for hunkering down for this snow storm. It sounds like if we get just half of what they are predicting, we're still in for quite the snowfall. I can't wait to get the girls out in it!

  12. Noooo! But we're not getting any snow, so I've got time. We have NOTHING on the calendar until Monday, so I'll pull the trigger on the last Amazon order before I go to bed tonight and then we'll wade in, starting tomorrow. First cleaning, laundry, groceries. Then shopping, wrapping, cooking. Easy-peasy, right? (If you listen closely, you can hear God laugh!)

  13. There's a particular feeling that comes before a snow day...and your post sums it up: anticipation, preparation, bonus vacation.

    I'd like to come for chili and beer chez vous!

  14. I love being hunkered down!

    Part of me thinks I'm ready for the holiday, the other part of me is frantic. I still have several inches of knitting to go on one project (and I seem to have lost my urge to knit!!), I have yet to mail any presents to extended family. Okay, I haven't made them yet, working on that today.....


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