Friday, December 14, 2012


Last night the boys had their school Christmas program.  I cannot express to you how quaint this Catholic church is to me, the lavish old-fashionedness of it.  I tried to take a picture--to give you perspective, Mr. D and I were about halfway back on the far left side in one of the small pews.  It's always funny to me how people don't really "pack in" pews, they leave a lot of space between each other.  Mr. D and I were probably in a pew designed to seat 4, but no one asked to sit beside us so we had plenty of room.

The program always begins with little kids and moves up through the grades.  The small ones sing loud, enthusiastically and off-key.  Mr. G is looking serious as a snowman, isn't he?

Mr. B told me he had a solo--a big surprise!  I had NO idea he knew how to play the bells!  Yes, he's wearing his suit from Halloween.  My middle boy is a dandy.  His performance was perfect in front of all those people.

The program wrapped up with middle school kids--the girls self-important and the boys loathing the experience.  I must say, it was one of the best shows I've seen.  The final procession of the Nativity was nice.  There's something kind of sweet about seeing the same costumes worn by the angels, wisemen, shepherds and holy family year after year.  The 8th grade boys gave one of the best shows I've ever seen, the teacher let them "rock around the Christmas tree" dressed up like KISS. 

Afterward we had cookies and juice in the basement and admired the children's artwork.  Above is Mr. G's fine snowmen.  Below is the most hysterical picture of a cardinal I've ever seen.  No idea whose work it is, but it charmed me.

Tonight we rest from a week of too many late nights.  I've got a head cold and the boys are cashed.  We're breaking out the cookie cutters and a Christmas movie.  The Momvan is back in our garage with a brand new battery and all is mostly right in our little corner of the world.

Stay safe this weekend--and pray for those poor families in Connecticut. 


  1. Sounds like a fun family evening. I loved going to my kids school programs.

    I love that cardinal drawing. So cute!

    Hard to believe there is another shooting. I can't imagine what the parents and loved ones are going through right now.

  2. That is a charming church. I think it is the arched ceiling that does it for me. I love that.
    That cardinal is hilarious! Love the belly. He looks how I feel. ;)

    Hope you get to watch The Family Stone sometime soon (it probably wouldn't really be the boys' cup of tea). It's a good one. Snuggle up with your lovely family and have a wonderful weekend.

    And of course prayers for all those affected by yet ANOTHER (WTH IS HAPPENING????) horrible tragedy.

  3. That cardinal is hysterical! It looks so very weary.

    I grew up Catholic, and the churches are so beautiful. I was rather stunned the first time I was in a protestant church --in comparison it seemed so stark and stern. Now our tiny UU congregation meets in an old school :-)

    There are just no words for what happened in Connecticut. Our country and culture is so very saturated with guns that were manufactured for the sole purpose of killing people.

  4. I've always loved stuff like this -- the kids in Christmas shows and strutting their stuff rather like the cardinal.
    Come to church out here, the pews are packed solid. That's only a guess on my part since I haven't been in a church in years but they always used to be packed anyway. Ha. What'd I know?

  5. I went to my 5th grader's concert this past week. I noticed they don't sing that enthusiastically anymore. We have their church program Sunday and my younger one is Joseph. We have to get there an hour early to get good seats and the pews will be packed.

  6. I used to love those type of events, but miss them not at all now. To everything there is a season . . .

    I am so sad today.

  7. I really loved being taken to this program; your lad is an amazingly cute snowman, and THE BELLS!!!

    The love we feel for our kids can never be taken for granted, eh?

  8. Noone prepared me for how emotional I'd be seeing my kids' programs. All those earnest faces.

  9. I don't want to turn away from the awful news. I feel like we have the obligation to grieve, too. Those parents and families don't the choice to pretend that nothing happened. All that said, this bit of joy and humor is just what I needed to read this morning. Seriously, Mr. G's snowman hat, a surprise and beautiful solo, and that cardinal! Perfection.

    Today my little family of four will be staying home, doing nothing but watching tv, reading books, and snuggling (and maybe baking cookies, while the girls nap). I feel like I can't possibly be close enough to my loved ones right now!

  10. We went to our first orchestra Winter concert this year, the first of many as I was told. I think my favorite part was seeing how some of the kids she's been in school with since kindergarten have grown.

    Wouldn't you know it, mine picked yesterday of all days to decide she didn't want to be hugged?

  11. Thank you for showing us a little of the school program. I love seeing that kind of stuff, even if my kid is not in it. I will be missing the little children's presentation at my church this Sunday to go pick up my college student daughter.

    I love the cardinal - looks like he overindulged at Thanksgiving and now regrets it.

  12. I LOVE kids' Christmas programs - they are soooooo sweet. And I LOVE that well-fed cardinal :D

  13. Kid's programs never get old. There is the break between children and grandchildren but I see that as a period of rest in anticipation for the next course. Merry, merry Christmas.

  14. When Kitty saw Mr. B up on stage in his suit she said to me with great big eyes..."Mom! He's looking SO HANDSOME!" She couldn't take her eyes off of him.

    It's now Sunday and I'm still hurting over the tragedy in Connecticut. So senseless. I choke up every time I see it on the news.

  15. Mr G was a cute and serious snow man! The program sounds like great fun.

  16. How lovely! It's so sweet that your son surprised you with his solo.

  17. Looks adorable!! I canceled all my plans for Fri evening. I just couldn't leave the house. Too depressed. :(

  18. What a pretty church. Sounds like a fun event.

    LOVE the cardinal!


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