Monday, January 28, 2013

and then what happened

Well, it's Monday and we've got even more fresh snow on the ground.
The WINNER of She Wouldn't Sing at My Wedding is Kat from Seeking Sanity!  Yay, Kat!  Email me your mailing address!  Hope you enjoy the collection.
As it happens, Mr. G is gifted at wrestling, too.  I'd hoped at least one kid would knock him down a peg, but the little animal went out there and won all 3 of his matches.  Turns out having 2 older brothers makes a kid fearless, tenacious and strong.  Observe his final round:

A wrestling tournament (meet? thingy?) is an emotional place.  LOTS of yelling and crying.  It's all a bit foreign for me, I'm much more at home at a basketball game.  But the kid had fun and wants to do it again.  For the record, the Happyland coaches do a great job of emphasizing FUN and good technique over competition.  I wish Mr. T had stuck with it, but it takes a certain kind of kid to wrestle.  Much like beauty pageants and coin collecting, it's certainly not an activity for everybody.

Mr. B's team took 4th at their tournament.  The 1st and 2nd place teams were in a league of their own.  It was a proud day for him, but I only got to see the first of his four games of the day because his father and I had to go to a zone defense.  Mr. D helped coach and he was very proud, too.  Especially as they won their last game in double-overtime.
The wedding went well--another ridiculously cute and happy couple made legal.
Italian Beef Sandwiches are DELICIOUS and EASY to make.  Here's how:  put 1 chuck roast, 1 chopped onion, 1 minced clove of garlic, 2 cans beef consomme and 1 cup red wine in a pot.  Do not cover.   Bake at 325 in your oven for about 4 hours.  Shred and serve on buns.  Now go buy a chuck roast so you can make these sandwiches this weekend when you feel lazy.  (This recipe is brought to you from a lady named Gerry from Chisholm, Minnesota.)
I have no words for Julianne Moore's gown last night.  Mr. B deemed it "too wrinkly and too big."  When a 10 year old boy weighs in like that, one must wonder WTF her stylist was thinking.  Oy.
And Sybil.  Julian Fellowes, you cad.  You took the best and most interesting sister and offed her.  Not sure if I mentioned that Mr. T watches Downton Abbey with me.  We had a great discussion about the risks of childbirth following Sybil's tragic demise.  It's a gift that despite having 3 sons, one watches Upstairs, Downstairs  and Downton Abbey.  He confesses that it's hard to keep all the characters straight and I suspect he watches only to prolong bedtime on Sunday night, but it's our thing and I like not watching alone so there you go.
 The cookie cake at school was good.  Chock full of chips.  And the kids were angelic--subbing for those middle school kids is some easy money.
Today the children do not have school.  Mr. G went to a buddy's house and Mr. B has a buddy over and they're in a place I like to call "Minecraft Nirvana."
What to do while the children play? 

Spill it, reader.  Did you see Downton Abbey?  Were you outraged?


  1. Congrats on a great tournament!

  2. Watching that wrestling match was fun. My late son used to wrestle when he was a kid and loved it.

  3. I recently watched Call the Midwife so the moment the doctor mentioned pre-eclampsia I knew what was going to happen. (In CtM a character spent half the episode dying of it.)

  4. I don't watch DA. I never knew about it until Season 2 and didn't want to play catch-up.

    I usually do BBQ pork in the crock pot but today I'm mixing it up. I covered the pork roast with garlic, ginger and curry powder. It will cook for 6 hours with onions that I cooked with a little soy sauce. Later I'll make some fried rice.

  5. I had the heaving sobs last night watching DA. And then I had the post cry headache, which is much worse than the sobs.

    Poor Kitty had no idea why I was crying...She likes to cuddle and watch with me, but only for the pretty dresses and all the "princes" in tuxedos....she has no clue what's going on, but Sybil's seizures scared her last night.

  6. I too cried for Sybil.
    I knew what was coming when she talked about the headache, feeling off and the swollen ankles and then the fancy baby doc was at odds with the tried and true local one. grrrr men and their pride.
    What's in store for Tom and the baby? ... what will happen with Bates? ... poor Daisy she still doesn't get it... and Matthew, still bumping up against Mary.

    congrats to the wrestler, and yes, older brothers are good training.

  7. LOVED the video of Mr. G. It was like watching a wild animal attack. His moves starting at 0:42 were outstanding.

  8. I have 3 sons that are wrestlers....we parents are finally learning the sport. My husband played football and basketball in college and the 4 oldest kids played wrestling was foreign. getting the hang of it, and actually it is becoming my favorite sport! guess cause the kids learn it's up to them what their record is....
    I started watching Downtown Abby. was kind of disappointed they are going the way of the liberal media and slyly including the battle cry of woman activists that abortion is safer than childbirth.

  9. Never watched Downton Abbey.

    Good for Mr. B!

  10. Tenacious is definitely the word. I'm happy for Mr. B but watching that video leaves me relieved Emma was not born a boy :-)

    I've only just started Season 2 of DA, so I hadn't seen last night's episode. However, I have to admit that Sybil is a bit boring to me, so if one of the sisters had to go, well . . .

  11. Woohoo!!!!! I won!!! That is so freaking exciting! Thank you! I'll get my address to you right away. hehe!

    Okay, wrestling is intense! Just watching that clip my whole body was locked up. Whew! Congrats to Mr. G! That is pretty cool!

    Just started watching Downtown Abbey this season and missed last night's show because the snow knocked our satellite out for a while. I'll have to catch it later this week. I hear it was a killer.

  12. Just started watching DA after catching an episode mid-Season 2 in PBS reruns last July....didn't plan on falling so hard for it, but whoopsie, I fell down the rabbit hole almost immediately...funny, I had no desire to start watching it, until I saw just a snippet of it quite by chance...rented seasons 1 & 2 and promptly felt gluttonous, but sated. And happy. Ready to watch it live, and boy oh boy, I am just relishing every Sunday night. Except I usually save it until Monday during the day, when I"m alone.

    I did see Jen's ranty bit on her FB post about spoilers, but felt I wasn't really going to catch any (spoilers) until I read your blog post right before I was getting ready to watch last night's episode just now! I kinda knew something must be big in the offing from Jen's post, so you missy, were my spoiler...but that's ok. I love this show so much, I can't get upset.

    I did the big sob, too. Once preeclampsia was mentioned, I knew what was coming....can't quite figure if we are just going to be hit with big changes every couple episodes? it moves pretty fast. Not complaining. Just suspect when I get comfortable with a story line/plot, it will all the sudden take a zig or a zag turn...

  13. Oh...I hated to see her die...but more than that, I hated that it "was the Dad's fault". At least that's what's going to be said for episodes to come...yep, I'm sure of it.

    Not saying I wouldn't have blamed him. I would have. I'm no saint. But it's going to be a huge plot point for weeks to come and I think I might get tired of that. She could have died at the hospital too. Who knows?

    And congrats to the little wrestling GG team! It's always nice to win!


Spill it, reader.