Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I really believe in backyard bird feeders.  The sound of birds makes a place cheerful and our feeder is BUSY!  If you don't feed birds in your back yard, click on the link and get going.  Enviro Girl is big on promoting diversity.

Speaking of diversity, I don't care nor am I surprised to hear that Jodie Foster is a lesbian.  That's old news, really.  I do, however, think if you're going to receive an award for a lifetime of work you knew about it beforehand and had plenty of time to write a clear, organized and eloquent speech.  Jodie, you also had time to consult with a speechwriter.  Shame on you and every other lifetime achievement awards recipient who gets up on the stage and blathers incoherently.  It's insulting to your audience and reflects poorly on you as a professional.  There.  I said it.  I've read other people's views on her speech--how moving it was, how touched they were--but I am the straight-talking Midwestern gal saying "The emperor isn't wearing clothes!" 

You want to see diversity, step into a 4K classroom and watch the little nippers draw pictures.  It's adorable.  And it demonstrates a range of ability and interests.  One kid draws a picture, but it's really about the whole narrative around the picture and he starts giving me the whole back story--the drawing itself is a vehicle for storytelling.  I have 3 kids at home who do the same thing.  One girl draws a person, adds grass at the bottom of the page, sun at the top.  Classic.  Another girl uncaps a marker, scribbles a tiny bit, caps the marker, selects a new marker, uncaps the marker, scribbles a tiny bit, caps the marker...and so on.  She's not sure what to do, but she sure likes the smell of markers. One kid draws a football field, complete with goal posts and yardage lines.  Another kid draws a zombie, so the kid next to him tries to draw a zombie.   Each kid takes their own approach with the same tools in hand and it's fun to watch.  Parents, your kids don't need a Leapster or educational CDs or games.  They need TIME and PAPER and MARKERS OR CRAYONS.  That's where the magic really happens and their imagination and creativity and small motor skills develop. (And also where the marker sniffing starts--parents, if your kid comes home with a rainbow of colors between their nose and upper lip, you might want to stage an intervention.  KIDDING!  They were smelly markers.  Totally safe and nontoxic way to get your huff on, yo.)

My new smart phone is very different from my old flip phone.  The battery lasts a fraction as long, for one thing.  I've figured out how to answer calls (good) and tried using the phone camera at Mr. G's basketball game.  I was all Oooooh!  Video camera!  Let's do that!  Then I can show my bloggy friends how great he is with ball handling and stuff--give them photographic evidence of his athletic prowess.  You know what's coming.  I get it to work and start filming.  His buddy makes a basket a couple seconds later while Mr. G stands watching.  I say as much to his buddy's mother (sitting next to me) and she's all "Oh!  I missed it!" so I tell her she can watch the video feed of instant replay that I'm holding in my hand.  I wait a beat and set up the camera again.  Mr. G stands watching as his buddy makes another basket.  The third time, after the exact same thing happens again, I draw two conclusions:
1.  This is what I get for being proud and braggy--my intentions SMITED.
2.  If our basketball team's ever in a cold streak and we need to score, I should bring out the smart phone video camera and start filming.  Then Mr. G's buddy will start racking up points while he watches.

It's January and we're on the cusp of shutting down one freezer.   As part of our whole "grow our own food" and "eat local" and "save money" regimen here at Chez Green Girl, our two basement freezers are chock-full in the fall.  We have a quarter beef, bags and bags of tomatoes and stuff from our garden, and various containers of frozen soups and casseroles.  Once a month I try to get by with a minimal shopping list and really hit the freezer hard so food doesn't get lost, forgotten and (inevitably) wasted.  A few years of practice have made me better at managing this.  I know by January we should be down to about 7 jars of jam, 10 jars of applesauce, 7 bags of tomatoes and so forth.  If we aren't, then we haven't been making the most of our resources and we're also not eating as healthy.  In another week I should be able to go down and consolidate food into one freezer and unplug the other.  I should see more clean, empty canning jars than jars full of preserved fruit.  We'll from one "meat" freezer" and one "produce" freezer to one freezer for all the food, tenderloins to blueberries and everything in between.  No more segregation of the food groups, one freezer to rule them all and encase their nutritional diversity at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Spill it, reader.  Any kind of commentary on wild birds, frozen food, braggy moms, poor speechifyin'.  We're open to all kind of comments here at Green Girl in Wisconsin, Inc.


  1. I am confused... I read this twice about the camera and so you need to clear this up for me since I can't read properly. Are you saying the camera didn't work and you did not get the video you wanted??

  2. I agree about the speeching...it's not like they surprised her with the award. I am really tired about the to-do over everyone's sexual orientation. Frankly, I don't give a damn.

  3. I agree. She knew she would be making a speech!

    And everyone here in the Minneapolis branch of Acme Grommets and Gravel agrees: Love Jodie Foster, but the woman rambled...


  4. I did notice some space opening up on the canning shelves, but I'm still not at all close to being able to consolidate to one freezer. Perhaps in a few weeks....

    I liked the rambling slightly crazy pants speech. She's been in the public eye since she was three and she hangs out with Mel Gibson - which I think speaks volumes as to what she considers 'normal'. She looked fabulous though.

  5. We aren't up to the 2-freezer level yet. Our pork products are thinning out, so I can now have a day of cooking and freezing to get it full of prepared dinners.
    I'm missing our canned green beans something fierce. The drought did them in this summer. We have been enjoying the peppers, tomatoes, apples, and potatoes, though.
    I didn't hear the speech, so no opinion on that.
    No bird feeders, but enough trees to house a plethora of birds. Love them.

  6. We have been really slacking on filling the bird feeders. I never realized I was the one doing it until I stopped :-)

    I didn't see the speech. But I think she waited too long to come out. Anticlimactic and lacking in courage. I expect more of her.

    I don't have freezers or pantry stocked with homemade goods. Heck I didn't even get my tomato bed cleaned up this year --it mocks me from the window. And I'm not impressed with my tomato-growing skills. Or maybe I can blame it on the weather?

  7. Why does anyone have to come out? What does it matter? Is it a disability? Does it cause difficulty in getting your work done? Do you need special consideration? Are you a victim?
    It is no ones business what you do in your own bedroom. I didn't see the speech, but have heard about it.

    1. Amen, amen, amen, amennnnnnnnnnnn!!

  8. You need to come take video with your smart phone at my son's basketball games. They have nothing to brag about there. They've been to three tournaments so far and only won two games. I keep suggesting he go back to wrestling but he says all his friends play basketball.

  9. I am a home daycare provider. I have only 2 kids right now. One baby and one three year old. You are so right. Get her paper, crayons, scissors, and a glue stick and she is as happy as a lark. When I am making cards, I save the flowers, leaves etc. She has a plastic shoebox with her art supplies. She will sit at the table by the hour, creating. And she is very creative. I am amazed at what she comes up with.

  10. 1) Brag more. You have endless material for it.
    2) Which is to say: agreed on Foster's speech (the one place it got coherent was in regards to her incoherent mother, at which point I cried), admiring your dissection of kids at "work," and kudos on the freezer and eating like people actually should.
    3) I always like you so much.

  11. Btw, now that I've said my nice things: don't make me get down and dirty until you put up some sort of MLK header for this blog...or a Presidents' Day header...or, thinking ahead, some leprechauns.

  12. I have bird feeder(s) in my yard. I watched Jodi. Thought the speech was odd but moving, especially when she talked about her mom.

    And, isn't it a mother job to brag, at least a bit?

    Food never lasts long in my house, no matter how much we have - no joke.

  13. We have a bird feeder on our balcony, and each time we fill it we get to watch the chickadee family who have claimed it as their own work it over thoroughly. They are extremely methodical and yet (because they are so cute) incredibly charming.

  14. I only watch part of the award shows. I get so uncomfortable during bad speeches and poorly written jokes/intros that I keep switching it off. Then I end up watching highlights of the show the next day. Keeps me from sweating unnecessarily. So, I didn't hear Foster's speech.
    I will say that I think it is kind of ridiculous to give such a young actor a Lifetime Achievement award when there are so many amazing older actors/directors that have yet to receive the award. As far as her being a lesbian, does anyone care? I don't see why this is an issue at all anymore. How is this anyone's business? Gah!

    I think you already know that I'm obsessed with feeding my birds. My hubby bought me a birdbath warmer for Christmas so that the water doesn't freeze in winter. He was so excited to hook it up and it worked great but NOT ONE bird has used the birdbath since. I think the birds think that the coil looks like a snake and are staying far away from it. I'm just gonna take it out. ;)

  15. Watching the awards shows with my Mom is a hoot. She thinks everybody is high or drunk. She makes remarks like "Maybe that one should have waited to start drinking until AFTER the show". "oh geez, another one is high".

    I worry about the bunnies. For 9 months of the year her backyard is a bunny buffet. I never saw a single bunny in Dec or Jan.

  16. I missed the golden globes and Jodie's speech. There's was a time I watched that stuff faithfully but somewhere along the lines I lost interest.

    I really need to fill my bird feeders. It's dark out. Remind me tomorrow morning before I go to work!

  17. I so admire you for your freezer technique and eating healthy and whole foods and homemade .... I'm doing the same thing! Got a bit of moose left in our freezer and making our own bread and growing as much as I can of our own. I think I'm going to write more on that in the future... :)

  18. Well, I have birdfeeders and love them. But I have accumulated a kestrel who I think may be hunting my birdfeeder....haven't seen a chipmunk in a long time, though....which, sad to say, makes me happy. As far as the bunnies, I see them in the morning, eating the birdseed that fell to the ground....circle of life


  19. The idea of getting a bread maker is becoming more attractive all the time. My preferred bread has twenty slices in it and cost nearly $5 a loaf. WTH is that about ?~! Fifty cents a sandwich or round of toast !~!

    I love your being able to unplug one freezer-smart eating and smart electricity use as well. Do you freeze tomatoes whole or must they be prepped in some fashion?


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