Wednesday, January 9, 2013

exceptionally pleasing

*Carpools--win-win in my book, I'm always game to share the driving and I'm thankful to know other parents feeling the same way.

*Snowmen--we had the perfect snow for building them and people built some really clever ones in their yards--including a cowboy, a quarterback and a loch ness monster.  Every time I see a snowman in a yard, I smile.

*Mr. G ditching his backpack in a snowbank so he can shoot baskets in the driveway every day after school for a half hour.

*Mr. B advancing in the school spelling bee!

*Forty degrees outside!

*Running outside!  In fresh air!  On pavement!

*A productive afternoon revising and rewriting a new project.

Spill it, reader.  What's exceptionally pleasing in your world these days?


  1. My desk is still clean. My oldest daughter has been doing many of the taxi-mom tasks while she is home from college. We got in 15 minutes of sledding last night - the snow is going to melt today, so it was our last chance.

  2. This is an awesome list!! Doing really well on my new products and having it literally cover the cost of repair work we had recently done the home (floor was collapsing!!) is exceptionally pleasing to me right now!

  3. We have two extra middle schoolers here for 10 days while their parents are away and that has turned out to be great fun.

    One of my girls made me smile with her crazy water/snorkeling skills last week, while the other one got to briefly pilot a small airplane. AWESOME.

    The weather here is sunny and pleasant -- highs in the 50s -- which is nice, and I'm trying to enjoy it, but I would like some snow.

    And I'm very pleased by a certain friend's upcoming visit to my house.

  4. Getting lots of prep done in the mornings these last few days, after dropping Emma off at school. I love my job.

    Taking a personal day for our Friday faculty (un)development day --missing that day makes me enjoy my job even more :-)

    Emma being so thrilled with her Kempo class.

  5. Some great new projects and great new inspiration for more!

  6. Playing the "I have to get caught up game" . . . and actually beginning to get caught up!

  7. Joey just advanced to his school spelling bee yesterday too! Very exciting! And nerve wracking. ;)
    I love snowmen. But I love seeing the grass even more. :)

  8. Sewing tons of cute owl pillows. On my brand spanking new sewing machine. It's such a delight!

  9. It was in the 40s here too today. Talk about a meltdown! It's going back down to 9 tomorrow night, so I imagine it will be pretty icy. I love driving by one of the elementary schools in Kalispell this time of year. There are either tons of snowmen in the playground, or just snowman carcasses. It always makes me smile.

  10. Hum...warm house on a cold day.

    Having my kids near.

    Having a husband who supports me - in so many ways :D


Spill it, reader.