Monday, January 21, 2013


It's a big day today.  Swearing in the President.  First book giveaway of 2013 here at Green Girl in Wisconsin.  It's the first day of a wicket arctic cold blast and I'm celebrating by wearing socks and a wool sweater while sitting in a patch of sunshine typing this post.

My gifted and talented writing partner Nina Romano has a new collection of poetry hot off the presses:

Gorgeous cover design, isn't it?

Here's the skinny:  Nina plays with words like Padma Lakshmi plays with food.  She teases out the finer nuances, she mixes together concepts in imaginative ways, she creates amazing imagery.  This entire collection is about mothers and a celebration of Nina's mother.

One of Nina's poems, "Ode to the Name," presents an exhaustive and wonderful list of all the things her mother was.  Here are some from Nina's poem:  skater, avid reader, ex-smoker, mother-in-law sufferer, juror, babysitter, bottlewasher, breast cancer survivor, practitioner of sacramentals, sufferer of equilibrium...  This particular poem got me thinking about all the things my own mother is and has been.  The best poets get you thinking in a particular vein and I'm not poetic like Nina, but "Ode to the Name" made me give it a shot.

"Ode to Sandra":  welder's daughter, baton twirler, clutter buster, seamstress, designer of doll's clothes, dollmaker, cake decorator, walker, reader, church-goer, conservative, dessert enthusiast, Weight Watcher, college graduate, whip-cracker, knitter, scrapbooker, home permanent-giver, hair roller, sometimes a Holy Roller, Broadway song-lover, clipper of articles, dental hygienist, wife, tea-drinker, mover, packer.

Reader, you can buy She Wouldn't Sing at My Wedding from Bridle Path Press or Amazon OR you can get a chance to win it RIGHT HERE!  All you have to do is leave a list of at least 10 things your mother is/was in the comment box.  Each day you can leave a new comment, each comment is a chance to win, this contest runs through Saturday.

Spill it, reader.  An ode to your mother's name.


  1. ...Watching the inauguration right now! I feel so patriotic listening to his speech. I'm behind you, Mr President!

    And I appreciate that his mother-in-law got to sit in the first row.

  2. It's a good weekend for reading - brrr!

  3. Ode to Carol: Fighter, struggler, mama bear, smoker, beauty, dancer, agnostic, firebrand, intellectual, gourmet cook.

    Loved the inaugural address--as Carol would have if she were still here.

  4. Nancy can be described in one word...Awesome!

  5. I found the inauguration truly inspiring. It's a nice feeling.

  6. Jamie ( 22, 2013 at 2:14 PM

    Ode to Jean - marcher, scrapbooker, worker, helper, church-goer, cancer-sufferer, laugher, movie-lover, grandkid-spoiler, reader, tricker

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Spill it, reader.