Friday, January 11, 2013

mom's got balls

Because we're a sporting people at Chez Green Girl, there are always lots of balls at my house.  Today I want to brag about my new ball.  Not the fancy, black tie type.

Not bowling, though you are an exceptionally fine ball, Jan.

I'm not even referring to the king of balls at this house.

Nope, I'm talking about one of these:

Fun fact:  I've never tried to impale my new fitness ball with a scissors nor have I sat on it wearing a swimsuit and tennis shoes because who wears shoes in the house? 
I've been reading about core fitness and how some people use these instead of chairs to do desk work because balancing on them strengthens their core.  Evidently there are tons of strength building exercise one can do while balanced on a big-ass ball, push ups, sit ups, and so forth.  While at Target last week I saw the fitness balls on sale for $15 and figured that was cheap enough to give one a whirl.  The ball I bought is almost the same height as my desk chair and Team Testosterone thinks it's the cat's ass that mama has a big-ass ball in the library.

Not sure if my abs are sore from sitting on the big ball for a couple days now while working on the computer or from all the nasty stance work we're doing in the dojo, but there's a certain roly kind of fun to be had in using a ball instead of a desk chair.  But if abs of steel is the price I have to pay for rolling and bouncing in place while I type this, I'm willing to make that concession.  I find that if I brace my feet and legs against the base of the ball, I sit up a little taller, too, so my posture might benefit from this lifestyle change.  The only disadvantage is never finding my new ball-chair in the same spot after I get up to answer the phone or refill my coffee.

Spill it, reader.  What fitness fad have you bought in to?


  1. Those fitness balls are great for core strengthening. I can't imagine being able to concentrate on my work while sitting on one, though. It's all I can do to stay upright! When my son was in 9th grade, we went to Parents' Night. In the health class, all the chairs had been removed and replaced with fitness balls. I'm sure the teacher (who was standing the whole time) had fun watching us parents trying not to fall over.

    I think that lady in the picture has it in for her fitness ball. She may be smiling, but she plans to kill that ball with those scissors!

  2. I was heavily into aerobics in the 80s, right down to the little outfits.

    And MAN did I have a good core!

    I've been practicing yoga now for four years and swear by it. :-)


  3. I use those yoga balls for doing core work. You will definitely get a work out.

    I've bought two different balls to use as an office chair, but they haven't worked for me -- not tall enough. Instead, my girls use them to sit on while they're playing the Wii.

  4. I think I should try one of those. My posture could use some work.

    I like Zumba right now.

  5. Occasionally I use a disc that fits on my office chair at work. Supposed to be the same principle as the ball. I should use it with more consistency several times a week.

    1. you can stand on it too

  6. We have several different balls. Two exercise balls (one smaller, bought for Emma as a gift), and then a ball-chair. The ball-chair has little inflated feet, so it doesn't roll away when you get up. They just squish down when you sit on it. I bought that for myself and used it for various things (like grading) until my hip got bad.

    Emma, however, created a whole set of acrobatics that could be done with an exercise ball --she would slide on (stomach down) and roll forward, swinging both legs up behind her in the air until you were sure she was going to do a back flip. Also, she learned how to use them to locomote, similar to the way you can do on those bouncy balls for kids with the handles. For a while that was her main method of moving from room to room. She did finally get too tall to do many of those things.

    Also, her school classroom uses them. They call theirs "air-chairs", and they help kids move around but still stay at their desk. They're actually all the rage at schools:

  7. I have a ball but it's in the basement. Too funny she's holding scissors.

  8. I bought one of those last year and still haven't blown it up yet. As a matter of fact I am staying away from all forms of exercise right now. I haven't run in over a month (first my neck was so stiff I couldn't more, then all the Christmas madness, and now I pulled a muscle on the top of my foot and I'm having a hard time just walking on it). You know how tons of people make resolutions to get into shape and loose weight in the new year? Apparently my resolution was to find their lost weight. :(

  9. Last year my son's 4th grade teacher let them bring in yoga balls to sit on at their desks.

  10. I swear by yoga and have for decades now. That and walking do it for me.

  11. I have a friend who is in great shape - so whatever workout class she tells me to meet her at I do. It's like a personal trainer, but cheaper.

  12. I've heard of doing this - $15 might be cheap enough for me to try it!

  13. There are probably half a dozen people who sit on those balls at their desks at my office. They swear by them!
    Me? Well, let's just say I don't think it would fly too well with the CEO.

  14. I started doing a bit of stretching yoga, just before Thanksgiving, and put my back out. (Guess that's why they say check with your doctor.) I figure going to a class might be the better approach.

  15. Okay, I totally want one of these now! The last fad thing I bought was one of those pull-up bars you put on your doorway. I'm such a weakling.

  16. A guy in my office always sat at an exercise ball, until the day it popped while he was sitting on it. We're still LOL'ing about that. Nevertheless, I own one and am considering bringing it to work. At home, I like lying backwards on it and doing crunches, or lying on my back, gripping the ball between my feet, and doing leg raises.

  17. I'm so gonna ask my boss if we can get these for the office...

  18. =) I sit for ALL meals on a ball. I had a minor tushy issue (yes, I am admitting that to the internetz!!!) and sitting on the ball solved it! My hubby hates how it rolls around our kitchen, which is already crowded and apparently slanted, so he constantly threatens to buy me the roller chair thing that would keep it in place, but so far he hasn't. As for fads, we did Atkins for a while. It really helped my blood sugar! Knowing what I know now about real foods though, I just can't bring myself to even think about the ingredients in all those protein bars and powders...


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