Wednesday, January 2, 2013

not so much with the resolutions around here

I've never looked at New Year's Day as a chance to really change myself or my life.  The most common New Year's resolutions don't make much sense to me.  When you live in Wisconsin on January 1st the last thing on your mind is "exercise more!" when you're huffing and sweating while shoveling out your driveway.  Heck, just putting on the five layers of clothes to leave your house provides a moderate work-out.  "Lose weight!" doesn't spring to mind either when you rely on every ounce of body fat to help insulate you when the temperatures drop below zero.  "Read more!"--seriously?  WTF do you think we're doing in January when it's freaking cold outside and the nights are 5 hours longer?  "Eat better" doesn't bring a body comfort on a cold winter night.  Absolutely nothing about winter makes me crave a salad or fresh fruit.  I'm all Bring on the grilled cheese and tomato soup and hot cocoa with a big dollop of whipped cream STAT!

Nope.  No resolutions here.  But goals?  We've got plenty of those.  Every year I make a list of what I'd like to accomplish.  Last year I set a goal of bringing Team Testosterone to 4 cultural events.  We went to a couple museums, heard some live music and saw a play.  I added that to my list again.  Since I'm CEO of their lives until they figure out how to flush toilets and turn off light switches, I've decided to commandeer a few other things, too.  Mr. T's going to complete at least 3 of his required (and remaining 4) merit badges to become an Eagle Scout.  No matter how much he whines and digs in his heels, I'm forcing his hand on this one.  He's come too far to not finish.  Also, I've pumped up a basketball and set it below the kitchen counter.  If Mr. B and Mr. G want to play, they're going to become good ball handlers and I'm requiring 5-10 minutes of daily dribbling.  It's going to be a loud year around here between the basketball pounding my kitchen tile and Mr. T griping about fulfilling his merit badge requirements.

In addition to my goals as a mother, I've added some other categories to help me make the most of 2013.  On the home front: fix the doorbell, paint 2 upstairs bedrooms and (with my dad's help) construct a fence around the potager.  On the writing front: release Whipped, Not Beaten via Kindle, wrap up revisions of my fishing novel and shop it to some regional presses, tidy up You'll Have That and bring it to the Screw Iowa Writers Workshop this summer so we can make it fabulous.  On the personal development front:  run a 5K, compete in 1 karate tournament (even if I die of embarrassment and my face turns as red as my pants), ratchet up my prayer time.  And on the just for the fun of it front:  travel to Virginia to meet Jen on the Edge, Patience Crabstick, Becky and anyone else living in, near or around that neck of the woods.

I've no resolve to change myself, but I've got plans for the next 364 days.  Spill it, reader.   What will you DO this year?



  1. Completely enjoy the merits of everything I have accomplished last year and be as relaxed as I have ever been. There is one thing I have learned above all and that is that there is nothing much worth getting worked up about at all. xox

  2. I see your "no resolve" resolve has Team Testosterone doing most of the work. LOL! ;) Love it! You've inspired me to make some "goals" for my own son. :D

  3. I just need to get back into the eating healthy mode. The holidays make me feel all blubberish... blubber around the belly and I'm sick of it !!

  4. Holy smoke! I got a good workout just reading your list of goals.

    I don't make resolutions either, but I like nebulous goals. At the beginning of 2012, at the strong urging of my doctor, I set a goal of joining Weight Watchers, and losing at least 10 pounds. I did it! Lost 15! For various reasons, I don't write about this on my own blog, so thanks for letting me share it here. My goal for this year is to keep it off and maybe lose that last 5 pounds.

    Some words of encouragement to Mr T on those merit badges: Go, Mr T! Do it! I feel certain that you will not regret it. Not only are those skills you learn about in those pesky merit badges useful in life, but the Eagle Scout rank will open doors for you. My son's Eagle rank was specifically mentioned in replies to his college applications.

  5. I listened to the Diane Rehm show this morning, and they talked about habits/resolutions. One caller said that a few years ago she started making one rather all-encompassing resolution each year, such as gratitude. Then she tried to infuse that goal into all aspects of her life --I liked that idea.

    And I was just talking with Emma about spending a week on Lake Michigan at that park you took the boys to last year (since my hip surgery will probably keep us from any larger excursions), and perhaps sneaking in a visit to you :-)

  6. When you travel to Virginia, add me to your visit list, if you'll be anywhere near Roanoke!

    I love your goals. I'm not setting any goals this year. But I like the 4 cultural events thing.

  7. "until they figure out how to flush toilets and turn off light switches" HAHAHA!!! That made me laugh out loud.
    I don't do resolutions either. Silly. I will most certainly have a few holiday pounds to get rid of but I don't mind holding on to them through the rest of winter either.
    You've got some great goals on your list. For now my only goal is to get through winter. ;)
    Happy New Year!

  8. Oh my word, until they figure out how to flush toilets and turn off light switches. Cracked me up. You do realize you may be in for the long haul with those parameters, though? :)
    Great goals for you all. And your son will appreciate that Eagle Scout someday. Like the day it helps him get a job.

  9. I am just giddy that I'm on your list!!!

    I am with you on the resolution thing - haven't made one since 1999. And that one was to quit smoking by my 30th Birthday in October of that year. I was successful, but I chalk the success up to the not quite 11 month window I gave myself to get it done. Oh wait, there was the 2002 resolution which was to have a baby - easy to keep that one as I was 8 and 1/2 months pregnant. Since then I just haven't come up with a good long term goal....

  10. I didn't do a resolution this year. Of course I'm still planning on doing my first tri this year. My sprained ankle has been a major set back to my training tho' :(

    I'm working on lots of goals too. Like to run faster, start swimming open water, bike more...okay I guess that all fits under the tri ;)

  11. Sounds like some great goals. My son's b-ball coach makes them keep a dribble log to keep track of their minutes of ball handling and dribbling and it needs to be initialed by them and a parent each day.

  12. I'm not much for resolutions. I like to surprise myself and see what happens during the year. Now I like your plan of going to Virginia! When is that going to happen?

  13. That's a wonderful list of goals. Your family is going to have a beautiful 2013.

    As for me, I'm thinking about painting the kitchen, using my gym membership, and getting pregnant. We've been talking about painting the kitchen for five years. I haven't been to the gym in three months. Some days my kids make me crazy, which makes me think that God is telling me something in the form of not getting pregnant (we've been trying for five months or so). I think if I accomplish just one of these goals, I'll call it a successful 2013.

  14. I like your approach! Very Wisconsin indeed - not too showy, but very practical and, ultimately, successful. That's what makes the Midwest so great - we're quietly doing things very well. Not that I'm biased or anything.

    Also ... Eagle Scout? Holy moly! Awesome!

  15. I've been all about quilting and I put the machines away for the holidays and will complete my own "honey do" list before I bring them back out. I'm thinking through recovering an old, exceptionally comfortable arm chair in the basement.

  16. I'm going to finish my rug. I've had it forever.

    And LMAO @ the grilled cheese STAT!

  17. I hate resolutions but find that goal-setting makes perfect sense. Your goals are wonderful--doable and meaningful.

    For me, I just do the things I want to do each day and call that good enough. I could set some goals, but I'm actually feeling fine with what I've got going right now, so I'm happy to sit back--in five layers, brownie in hand--and clap for you.

  18. Haven't written anything down yet, but will continue to organize one outdoor family event every month again this year.

    There were a LOT more people at the gym yesterday. Things should be back to normal in February, hopefully. I don't like crowds.

  19. I?

    I will write more. I will yoga more. )I will stop turning words that aren't verbs into verbs.) :-) I will drink more water.

    Hmmm. Oh, and I will pack my work lunch more often.

    Already, I'm exhausted.


  20. Really, really??? A trip to Virginia? I would be so happy to meet you in person!

    1. Patience, since I'm pretty sure Mel is staying at my house, I'd be happy if she would communicate her travel plans with me. ;-) As soon as I know what's going on and when, I'll email you.

  21. "...Absolutely nothing about winter makes me crave a salad or fresh fruit..." LOL - as a life long Wisconsinite I can honestly say it's funny because it's true! Good luck with your goals and all the best to you in 2013.

  22. I usually think hard and try to plan something as goals for the year, but I have been working so much lately I haven't had time.
    I do want to get back to catch up on some of the blogs I love, including my own! That's my only goal so far.

    Let me know when you are coming to Portland! We will have a blogger meetup!

  23. You make my head spin and that's no mean feat.

    I actually find it easier to exercise and cook at this time of year as it doesn't get too hot. No resolutions, but trying to keep healthful behavior at the forefront.

  24. YOU'RE COMING TO VIRGINIA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


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