Friday, January 18, 2013

real good

It's snowing right now.  The light, bright, powdery, snow globe kind of snow that a girl can sweep off her driveway and enjoy.

Listening to people speak French.  Hands down it's the sexiest sounding language on the planet.

FINALLY reaching the end of a MS edit.  Revising verb tense is a putsy, putsy job and I'm SO pleased to be done with it.

Realizing Mr. T and I see eye to eye (almost).  When did he get so tall?  And suddenly care so much about his grades?

My camera returned--along with a very sweet note from my sister-in-law.

Looking at all the pictures from our Iowa Christmas--boy did we have a good time!

Remembering how one funny and kind uncle played War with Mr. G for almost an hour that day.

Life is good in so many little ways, isn't it?

p.s.  the new header is for YOU, Jocelyn.  


  1. The new header is lovely.

    We were supposed to get snow yesterday. 4-8". Schools closed early and one system closed down altogether. What we actually got was a lot of rain, then freezing rain, then some ice, and then the lightest dusting of snow. So disappointing that it wasn't the amounts we were promised.

  2. Beautiful header photo but no boots? Not even a toe peeping out from behind the post? It's like Where's Waldo with no Waldo.

  3. I think it is sexy listening to a person speak any other language fluently. My ex boyfriend is Ethiopian and I used to love listening to him talk to his family. HAWT! Italian is especially sexy sounding, to me.

    I'm actually happy to see the snow today. And the clouds over the lake are crazy cool.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I haven't played War in ages. Not sure I remember how. I did play Uno with Pierce last night though.

  5. Love card games with kids. Those are the best family memories.

  6. We are getting that same snowglobe snow you speak of...sweep it off the deck and steps and it's right back...
    The seed company we plow and seed for is the Irish Eyes Garden Seeds out of Washington state at them up. So far, we have only planted potatoes for them...interesting

  7. The BOOTS. Where are the BOOTS????

    My youngest is approaching 6 feet. Scary!

  8. I think the boots are out walking in that snow. That header photo looks oh, so wintry!

    Glad to hear you got your camera back, and all that other good stuff!

  9. Light snow sounds lovely, children growing so tall well not something I can relate to since I come from a family of short except for my brother who is the tallest in the family at only 5'10" the rest of us are around 5'

    Like the new header...........

  10. The little ways are what really make life good.

    Tu es absolument correct que le Francais est la langue la plus sexy.

  11. beautiful!! life is indeed good when we count our blessings!

  12. Love your header!
    I grew up hearing French spoken all the time. It was the first language for both my Mom's and Dad's families. Both of my parents only spoke French until they were 6 years old and went to school.

    Life is indeed daughter's Sorority Big Sister is in labor with her first baby tonight. My Mom only has 7 radiation treatments left.

  13. Love the new header, but I too, was looking for the books. And yes, life is good. Sometimes it's just kind of hard to see it with all of the other stuff that gets in the way. I've got a sleeping kitty on my knee. That's totally good! :)

  14. it's not too late, you can still stick those Hunters in somewhere! ;)

  15. Birthday weekend her with much joy,celebration and amazement that yet another year has gone by. And the realization that next year, I'll have to confiscate cell phones. Oh my.

  16. It's good here too. I do love quiet Mondays where I get a lot of work done. And the bright snow outside make the dark days much lighter. Plus, we're having an inauguration party! Don't you want to drop by?

  17. What? You don't think it's hot to listen to a person speak German? I used to love hearing folks speak French, until I studied it in college. Now I don't care for it very much.

  18. I do not love French like other people do...I don't get it. I do love hearing Brazilians speak.

    I like the War pic-I like the symbolism of the two large beer cans, as if it was a two-beer can kinda game. :)


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