Friday, January 4, 2013


We can't get enough clementines here at Chez Green Girl.  Right now they're SO sweet.

Last night it was all STANCES at karate class.  My thighs burned, but not in a lusty kind of way.  More in a Sweet Jesus make him STOP MAKING US STANDING IN A FRONT STANCE THE BURNING OH THE BURNING kind of way.  Unfortunately for me and Mr. B, 2nd degree class started Chung Mu, a traditional open hand form that requires--yup, you guessed it--a lot of stances.  Slow, aching, stances and moving from one to the other without changing the height of your head.   If my legs are totally toned by the end of February, there's no excuse.  So, this morning while I watched a bit of TV news and Clay Matthews was being interviewed, I felt achy.  And burning.  Kind of hot.  Might have been residual pain from karate class. 

Seriously--real life THOR plays for the Packers.  I'm a little bummed we can't go to the game tomorrow night.  Mr. G's in a basketball tournament all day and there's NO way we can make it work out logistically so we gave up our tickets.  But we will be home in time to watch it on TV.  And we'll be warmer that we'd be at Lambeau.

I wrapped up an editing job 6 days ahead of schedule.  Two loaves of banana bread are cooling on the kitchen counter.  I started reading Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons last night and she writes like PG Wodehouse which pleases me very much.

Spill it, reader.  What's sweet in your world today?


  1. Well...I am jazzed for the Viking game on Saturday ahem...Today is Friday and I love that all in itself...I do have to take my daughter to the airport and say goodbye for a long time...but on the flip side I will be getting back my house and space...I have been running like a deer...and losing weight too...Life sure is good!

  2. Did you see Clay's Fathead commercial? It is so freaking funny I can't even stand it.
    I think I'm signing the whole family up for a martial arts class this summer. I could use some toning, and I certainly wouldn't mind hitting and kicking either. :)
    Sweet stuff:
    It's Friday and I have a girls' night out with one of my oldest and best friends who is here from Colorado. We are meeting up with a bunch of our high school friends too. Whew!
    I just made a large batch of spicey oatmeal raisin cookies. Yum. :)
    As soon as the kids go down for a nap I am taking an extra long, hot shower. I'm cold.

  3. I don't think I've ever read anything by Gibbons or Wodehouse. I just started Kingsolver's Flight Behavior. I've been on a waitlist at the library for a month!

  4. We are having the neighbors/Best Friends over tomorrow night, they grew up in Manitowac just down the road from you so they are packer fans. I am serving venison stew with dumplings and going to have a very good time while we cheer for the Vikings and they cheer the Packers. Thanks Packers for the chance to play in the playoffs.

  5. I FINALLY got all my Christmas decorations put away. That makes me happy. Except that I can't find some of my framed photos that I had temporarily stored to put the Christmas decorations up. How silly is that?

    I am currently reading Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich. I was something like 98 on the hold list at the library!

  6. I want to get back into reading this year........I have taken down the Christmas decortations and bought some new ones for next year and have them all packed away

  7. I'm a total clementine addict too! I cant' get enough of them.
    Sweet in my world is that I am dedicating 15 min a day to reading blogs, cause if I don't consciously plan on it-it never happens.

    Also sweet is that I have a drain-free tuna gift pack from some sponsor or other and would love to offer it to you, Green Gril, if you guys eat tuna. It's two cans and it isn't bad!! And no mess! Email me your address if you want it. :)

  8. CLEMENTINES here, too--two boxes of them in play right now in the kitchen.

    That fruit is sweet, as is my hope that you've not ever read I CAPTURE THE CASTLE by Dodie Smith. It's in the vein of COLD COMFORT FARM but, methinks, even more charming. If I can be the one to recommend that book to you, that's very sweet.

  9. Trust me on this one: there is such a thing as too many clementines. It took my digestive system about two weeks to fully recover. I know, TMI. But I feel obligated to warn people about the dangers of cuties. Happy weekend and GO Pack!

  10. I was eating a lot of Clementines, but then I tried Satsumas. OMG! Even better!


Spill it, reader.