Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Reason # 4 to buy Whipped, Not Beaten on Kindle:  you've been to a home party.  You've sat in someone's living room and considered the most reasonable way to spend an obligatory $35 on candles/make up/home decor/spatulas/cleaning products.  You're bound to appreciate a book that satirizes the home party experience.  Go forth and get it.  Then write a glowing review on Amazon/GoodReads/Facebook/your own blog/the back of your kid's math homework.

I'm still on lockdown here--at home with a sick kid.  It works like this:  when you have unlimited freedom to come and go as you choose, you'll opt to stay home and get stuff done.  The minute you're grounded, unable to MOVE, you're itching to head outside on your cross-country skis, drive across town to Target, heck, even grab a coffee somewhere that's not in your kitchen.

Instead you check on your sick kid with regular offerings of food and drink.  You edit curriculum.  You answer a backlog of emails.  You bake 50 cookies and freeze them for this weekend's wrestling meet.  You tidy up the corners and loose ends.  You read blogs, browse Pinterest, do sit-ups, review for the seventh time the remaining sections of your oldest son's unfinished merit badges for Boy Scouts.  You stare outside at the snow falling and the thermometer which now reads a temperate 16 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Bound by the ties of motherhood to your sick child--a child sick enough to stay home but not quite sick enough to merit a phone call to the doctor's office because you know it's only viral and they'll send you home with the advice you're already taking:  Keep administering cough syrup, pain meds, plenty of rest.  Let the bug run its course, plenty of crud going around this time of year.

This situation calls for a really good book, don't you think? 


  1. I hope he feels better soon, and that the rest of you don't catch it!

  2. Wanna do my homework? It's a busy work, time-intensive assignment and I don't want to do it.

    I'd much rather be reading a certain freshly-purchased book on my Kindle!

  3. I was there two weeks ago. I read Pete Townsend's new memoir. He showed his vulnerable side more than I was expecting.

  4. Fun times with sick kids, I know that feeling well. Grab a cup of tea for yourself, and find a good book or interesting show on the tv to take you away from it all.

  5. Poor boy, poor you. I hope recovery is swift.

  6. Do you need a few books? I'll raid my shelf and bring some out to you. Cabin fever plus kid on hold until paperwork hell has frozen over = I want to scream. Loudly.

  7. You freeze cookies...? I've never done that. Do they taste good afterward?

    Cookies just never last that long in my house :(


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