Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Since my Health-O-Meter is reading at a solid 70% today, a little bounce has returned to my step, a bit of color to my cheeks.  I've only coughed up a partial lung this morning and my sinuses have cleared up to a mere sniffle.  The urge to run a few miles today is strong, but I should probably pace myself. 

A gradual return to health tops my list of goodness today.

Followed closely by the announcement of a new book coming soon by Donna Tartt, who has only written two novels but they're both deliciously awesome.  If you've never read The Secret History or The Little Friend, you must. 

Last night went really well in my preschool room at church, despite the fact that I felt like crap.  God is mighty!  (That was the theme for the night--we learned about the parting of the Red Sea.)  Every year a few little kids give me artwork for my fridge.  This year has been a banner year--my fridge is covered by pictures drawn by these cutie-patooties.  I really have no idea why little kids like me so much.  It's a quirk, like my violent sneezing.  If there's a little kid nearby, odds are pretty solid that they'll end up next to me, telling me their life story.  The randomness of rugrat chatter cracks me up.  My favorite moment of the night happened when we were reviewing Abraham & the covenant.  Then I showed a picture of all Abraham's offspring.  One little girl (who I've never seen wear anything but party dresses every week for two years straight) raised her hand and said, "What I don't understand is where are his daughters?  Why do they only always talk about boys and not the girls?"  A child after my own heart!  Great question!  Awesome for HER to want to see herself and her gender reflected in God's Word.  She's really asking "Where am I in this whole story?  How does this speak to me?"  Challenge accepted!  Will make a concerted effort to incorporate more GIRLS in our Bible lessons!

Deep theological ponderings prompted by a 4-year-old aside, I also posted a 139 point word on Words With Friends this morning.  I blinked and stared because I had no idea that could even happen.

We have turkeys in our yard, more hours of daylight and fresh-baked apple-nut bread.

Spill it, reader.  The goodness in your world today.


  1. Was that Great WWF score is a game against me?

  2. YAY for the little girl who was looking for the girls in the bible!

    I haven't looked at Words With Friends this morning. Was that giant word against me?

    Good stuff?
    Beef Stroganof in my crockpot.
    My son got another $30/hr karate teaching gig File this under "reasons for your boys to stick with the karate!" .
    Local strawberries are fresh in our markets.
    Planning our ziplining excursion in 3 weeks.

  3. I didn't care for The Little Friend (except for the snake friend) BUT The Secret History is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS EVER. Glad you're feeling better!

  4. So much goodness today. The universe moved the way I told it to today. It doesn't get better than that.

  5. You always ask this sort of question just when I need it. It's been Eeyore City around here lately. Goodness: the support of good friends. Chicken soup. My clothes are a bit too big (that hardly ever happens to me). God's endless love and grace.

    Little children are usually afraid of me. That's why I am in charge of the adult Sunday School.

  6. Great post............the good stuff in my life right now are the times when the grandkids leave and go

  7. Love Words with Friends. I played INFECTED, covering two triple word squares for 131. Fun for me but not my

  8. The biggest goodness in my world today just might be that I kinda know someone who played a 139 point word in WwF.

    Also, goooo to that girl and her questions.

  9. The goodness is that I WAS in a foul mood but not any more. Random! PMS! We need spring!

    I'm 'nanspockets' on WWF, I'm addicted to my nightly game!

  10. Congrats on your 139 pt word!
    I'm got the day off tomorrow. The boys have a half-day. I'm getting a tax refund, hopefully soon. Finally a weekend without a basketball tournament, but I have to work 2 hours in the concessioin stand for my 'mandatory volunteer' hours. How's that for an oxymoron?

  11. So excited to hear about the new Donna Tartt book!


Spill it, reader.