Wednesday, February 20, 2013


One wooden button off my new (old) brown suede coat.

A hot pink cardigan sweater.  It's been missing for almost 2 years and I've no idea where I might have laid it.

The Goonies DVD.  Loaned to someone, never returned, and life is desolate when we've decided that is what we want to watch.

My temper when Mr. B interrupted me a third time for something trivial while I was trying to get some work done. 

The iPad (but not really--I just told the kids I can't find it so they'd find something else to do).

One peg for our cribbage board.  Half a toothpick will do for now.

Socks.  It seems Team Testosterone is hard-pressed to find a pair that match, which seems impossible since I purchase socks in lots of 12 and they're usually identical, so the odds should be in their favor that they'd find a match.

Spill it, reader.  What have you lost lately?


  1. A pair of wrist warmers, knit out of a beautiful gray silky wool yarn, that I know I put somewhere 'safe' but goodness knows where that is. I expect them to show up somewhere around mid-May when they are no longer needed.

  2. The spoon to make my matching utensil set complete and I'm the only one who lives here, so who took it? I will never find another one just like it and will now be unable to ask 8 people over for dinner all at once.

  3. Oh no, not a button from your new coat! We're missing some Lego instruction books here. They were supposed to be saved out a month or so ago. But where did he put them?

  4. One grey sock. From a new pair that took months to find. I was so happy to buy new socks and so unhappy that one sock is lost to the dryer gods already that I cut most of what I wrote here and will post it on my own blog. Tomorrow or Friday if Winter Storm Q grants me a snow day. Probably.

    I, like Irene, am missing spoons. I, too, live alone so where have they gone??

  5. Besides my mind? Puzzle pieces galore, dogs' hair brush, thousands of pens the kids have stolen over the years.

    The button loss is a bummer. We do the same things with socks. Each kid gets one style/brand, and that is all he gets. How can they not find pairs?

  6. Socks, a pair of running tights, and it would seem, my body's ability to do anything.

  7. I'm thinking your sweater is a goner at this point. Hate when that happens.

    I hope you find that button! Sob!

  8. There always seems to be a lost library book in this household.

    I hope you find the button to your coat. It's not good to lose that in the winter.

  9. Lost...? A lot of time...

    But I like the comment above better ;D

  10. I've lost brand new sox that I have not even taken that dang tags off: Go to Yosemite, buy two pair of (expensive) winter (always winter here in SF Bay) gorgeous motif sox-one navy, one tan. Both with wolves, bears, mountains, owls, eagles, clouds embroidered on them. Get home, empty bag, never see navy sox again. It's been nearly ten years, I still wear the tan ones. I've not forgotten those navy sox that have never reappeared. I wonder about them some days, chuckle others and cry once in a while when my hormones have me on the pity-pot.

    A white camisole that I bought at the same time as the black one I am wearing. Same story as above: white one disappears before I ever get to wear it; still missing, no clue. Been five years, husband too big to fit in it.

    Crazy world, no ?~!

  11. Lately, my lost stuff is turning up!
    My iPod was missing for a week and I HATE to walk without music.I found it yesterday in a basket in the kitchen.
    I was missing a turquoise earring but I found it in my car.
    I was missing my brown belt. It fell into a corner of the closet.

    By weekedn I'm hoping to have lost a pound or two.

  12. So sorry about your coat button! I have a big box of old buttons. You can rummage through it when you're in C'ville if you want.

  13. My mind. I've lost my mind. Another snow storm tonight. BAH!

  14. Lost: apparently my short-term memory, as I can't dredge up a single thought of something I've lost in recent times. When the snow melts, I'll look around the yard, though, and doubtlessly spot something laying there that I'd never even known was missing.

  15. On the button front go to the fabric store, you may find the same buttons or ones you like better and replace them all (I've gone this direction and been very pleased.)I am a great one for putting something in a PERFECT spot and not remembering where that spot exists. Perhaps if it was the same spot every time it really would be perfect:)

  16. Where the frack are my reading glasses?! And my work gloves and pruners? I think I misplaced about three cups of coffee this morning, scattered around the house.

    My losses seem to be temporary at least...


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