Monday, February 11, 2013

love (and germs) is in the air

What a weekend.  I've finally absorbed the germs from my kids and have a stuffed head, plugged ears, sore throat, aching neck and dripping nose.  As disgusting as I feel, I guess I'm thankful this will be gone by next weekend when we have plans to do fun things.

Mr. T learned how to ski on Saturday.  I'm so impressed by him.  He went with a buddy to a ski hill, the same one I went to decades ago in my youth.  Unlike his mama, however, Mr. T managed to make it down the slopes only wiping out TWICE.  In stark contrast to Mr. T, I never made it down a slope without wiping out.  I tried, several times, but skiing was not my sport.  I could never understand this particular failure because I have terrific balance--I can hold a one-legged yoga pose forever and a day.  I can water ski, ice skate, roller blade and pop off multiple kicks while balanced on one leg.  But something about gliding downhill on two feet throws off my equilibrium I guess.  Anyway, I'm glad the kid had fun and wants to do it again.

Mr. G had his second wrestling meet.  He took 2nd place, winning 4 of 5 matches.  The match he lost was his first of the day and he lost it 8-7.  Mr. D thinks if he knew a bit more about the sport he'd have won, but I'm glad he lost.  I got to see how he handled it--and he handled it well.  He shook everyone's hand before leaving the mat and didn't shed a single tear.  And he went in the next match without trepidation.  Losing builds character and I fear if things come too easily for my youngest, he'll turn into a real knucklehead. 

We also did Valentines for school last night.  I know I've mentioned before how my kids are so different than I was at this age (I know, because they're boys, duh).  I remember sitting at the kitchen table with a box of Valentine cards and selecting carefully a card for each classmate.  They had to be just right, you know?  A card with a picture of a dog holding a bone that said "I dig you, Valentine" had to go to a boy because otherwise you'd run out and end up giving a boy a card with a kitten which would be all kinds of wrong

Not Team Testosterone.  Against their free will and muttering under their breaths about "worst holiday ever" and "I can't wait until I'm Mr. T's age and never have to endure this strange and horrible torture again" they scrawled their classmate's names on cards.  Grab-scrawl-sign.  Grab-scrawl-sign.  No care.  No thought.  Valentine's Day is a duty undertaken because of social rules.  Oh, boys.  Gotta love them.  I told them if they're lucky like their dad, they'll marry someone like me who doesn't care about Valentine's Day and has no expectations about celebrating it. 

Then we watched some TV.  Every time a commercial came on for Jared or Kay's or Diamonds R Us, I pointed out that only a moron who has no imagination gets his wife some mass-produced piece of ugly jewelry.  Someday there will be a girl out there who will thank me for teaching my son so well...

Spill it, reader.  What's your favorite Valentine's Day candy?  Mine's chocolate, though I get nostalgic when I bite into a conversation heart.


  1. Your description of the boys getting their valentines signed is hilarious. We just got through it with the older kids, but are right back at it with the four year old and his preschool class. Ugh. At least it's good practice for them if they ever have a high-maintenance girlfriend/wife.
    I started the book! I'm all of 6% through it. (The only thing I don't like about ebooks is my inability to say "I'm on page 84.")

  2. My fav candy for any occasion is reeses cups - the minis :-)

    Yes, Pierce was like "How many more cards do I have to do?!?" boys!

  3. As the mother of a girl, I suffer no such thing. However, because I feel love should not be about candy, I find myself sewing 18 pairs of hearts made from fleece scraps, and filling them with rice for "Heart Warmers" (to keep your hands warm in your pockets). Naturally Lola wants to add conversation hearts to the bags the heart warmers go into. Since they are my favorite candy, I am okay with that. But then why am I sewing? *Sigh.*

  4. Emma has chosen not to do classroom valentines this year (of course, she could still change her mind in the next two days) which I find a relief. I've told her she can send an actual valentine card to her good friends, through the mail. It does get a bit awkward at this age.

    My favorite candy is a selection of good boxed chocolates. Malley's is very good.

  5. Grab. Scrawl. Sign.

    And you just know that some little girls are going to read too much into their hastily-chosen cards from your guys.


    I am so thankful to be done with that ritual of youth. The only February 14 obligation we have now is to produce some token of chocolate for our girls. No gifts. (Ridiculous.) And nothing for Pete and me. We just don't care for Valentine's Day.

  6. Ohhh! I remember the agony of choosing just the right valentine for the boy I kinda liked ... and everyone else, for that matter. It was so important! Your boys now confirm what I had long dreaded about boys and valentines.

    As for avoiding mass-produced V-Day crap? YESSSSS! Every time a Kay or Jared ad comes on, I find myself hissing. I especially hate the Pandora bracelets. I now have My Guy making fun of heart-shaped jewelry with me. You're so right - your future daughters-in-law will thank you.

    Like you, I'm not much for this holiday. However, I always loved biting into a conversation heart and finding that it wasn't the usual Necco wafer, but a SweetTart. Woot!

  7. while grumbling and going down the line of classmates, did they sign one for themselves? he he. that happened here more then once.

  8. My husband likes to point out the lack of imagination of men who shop at those places too. Clearly we have similar conversations when we watch tv.

    I have a soft spot for Valentine's Day. It's the day that boy called....and 19 years later, we still get just a wee bit mushy over it.

  9. Don't do any holidays; husband most grateful.

  10. Really??? I hate conversation hearts! Gotta be dark chocolate. But we don't celebrate really at home either. I don't want to spend money on a silly Hallmark holiday!

  11. oh, GG, if you ever need a blast of little girl-ness to Valentine's Day, I'll ship Kitty down to your house. She needs to make a valentine's box for Thursday and the fretting, thinking, discussion, and debate is wearing me out. Pink? White? sparkly silver tin foil? Lace? Ribbon? how many hearts?

    We are starting tonight after the babies go to bed and I'm sure there will be alot of thinking and debate yet tonight.

    And we haven't even gotten to the addressing of the actual valentines yet.....and she's only FIVE! Rest assured, I'll be enjoying a glass of something after it all. :)

    (And what about Thomas last night? There's some discussion fodder there!)

  12. Conversation Hearts are my favorites, but they have to be Brachs. I like the cinnamon jelly hearts too.

    My 3rd grader got his Valentines done last night. My 5th grader doesn't get a party but was told they can bring them if they want but of course if you bring any there has to be one for everyone. He didn't want to bring any. Its more about the candy than the card for my 3rd grader. He's giving Airhead Valentines.

  13. Mother of 2 boys here...but, alas, they are now 20 & 23...I can remember, tho, having thoughts to EVERYTHING, that I am training them up for the girl that will get them. Wanting them (my boys) to be able to someday, have a girl think, or say "that's exactly what I wanted!" and this can only be because they had a mom guide them in that direction...if you get what I mean!?!

    So, it was teaching them to do what they do with the thought in mind that someday...someday! it would all be for that day when they eventually lived with a woman. One who would say "how did you know that?" "wow! that's great!"...they would not have this on their own. Cavemen, all. Without a feminine/woman's teaching, men are just...well you know. And I know this because I live with one (husband) whose mother did not get this.

  14. Hershey used to (at least I haven't been able to find them in the last couple of years) make chocolate-coated marshmallow hearts. I love those things. Love. A lot. As in, it's probably a good thing that Hershey has discontinued them.

    I will own up to being a fan of Valentine's Day. Well, when I have a valentine, that is. LOL I love getting flowers, and I like the cheesy chocolates, stuffed animals, and cards. When I don't have a valentine (basically the last ten years), I am more a fan of February 15, which has been designated Singles Awareness Day. Yep. SAD. :D

  15. Hilarious about the Valentines. We haven't done that in years since homeschooling, but like you, I remember it being a BIG DEAL when I was a kid. Valentine's Day is my wedding anniversary and Rick is freaking out because we don't have any plans this year. It's our 25th, so it's a big deal to him, although I really could care less if we did anything. Money is tight. And I'm a sucker for conversation hearts, too!

  16. I like candy but not that big of a fan, so any is good, even the cheap, waxy kind. My love is a flower giver, I've already got a bouquet at work and one at home so they can be enjoyed all week.

  17. I started to give my husband a hard time for traveling the week of Valentine's day, but I could't pull it off. So don't care about this as a romantic holiday.


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