Monday, February 4, 2013

much ado

That dog of ours has found a deer carcass in the woods.  He has dragged up a couple of it's legs and contentedly lies in the front yard gnawing them.  But Sunday he left one of the legs in the driveway in the path of Mr. D's car.  Mr. D talks to Jax like he understands and I watched him explain to the dog that he needed to move the leg bone so he could get through his side of the driveway.  Well that dog understood "bone" and "driveway" all right.  I took the gang to church and returned to find the deer's torso lying in the driveway beside the leg bone.  Never has a dead carcass struck me so funny as when we saw that huge spine and ribcage and skull smack in the middle of Mr. D's path through the driveway. 

In other news, Mr. G's a happy little Ravens fan. 

I'm going to be in Virginia April 19-22 visiting Jen on the Edge!  If you're from the area and think you'd be up for a bloggy get-together, let me know!

Reason # 2 to buy Whipped, Not Beaten on Kindle: It's been described as "Stephanie Plum meets Pampered Chef."

Reason #3 to buy Whipped, Not Beaten on Kindle:  it's about Public Radio and who doesn't have a soft spot for Public Radio? 

This just in:  my friend Nicole said the formatting of my e-book release looks terrific!  What a relief!


  1. Where in Virginia will you be?

    That's so funny about the carcass. We used to have a golden retriever who took his retrieving very seriously. He would walk up and down the road all day and bring any trash people threw out to our yard. So the sides of the road would be totally clean for a mile either way, but our yard would be completely trashed. LOL

  2. This is why I love reading your blog. Here I thought I was the only one who had dogs in the front yard gnawing on gigantic animal bones they found.

  3. Yes... as Lisa asked, where in Virginia will you be??

  4. I live near Jen and I would love to meet you!

  5. That news about the deer cracked me up such a smart dog.........kind

  6. Eww! And I have issues with our dog eating the rabbit poop in our yard. I don't think I'd do well with her chewing on a deer carcass and leaving it in our drive. Blech.

    YAY Ravens! Hubby won $100 when they won last night so we were pretty happy too. ;)

  7. We deal with much of the same thing with carcasses, some intentionally placed for wildlife photo opps with the trail cameras...what we do to kick winter by a bit faster. Smart Jax, made me laugh.
    Congrats on the go girl!

  8. oh MY GOSH!!! we have a dead dear caresses in our yard and the dog will not come in the house because he wants to just guard it!

  9. Well, damn. I wish I was going to be in Charlottesville in April--two of my favorite blogging peeps together would be too much fun.

  10. I like Jax, he's funny. On a side note, Ryan started watching Sons of Anarchy and I now too am hooked.


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