Wednesday, March 13, 2013

another ending

I feel better today.  The sun shines.  The tank's clean.  I inhaled some fresh cold winter air and prayed for peace.  Just when I thought I'd fly off the handle with frustration, I took a couple Advil and spent a moment counting some blessings:

* another awesome night at Cubbies with the best group of kids and volunteers
* a pleasant afternoon with Team Testosterone after school
* listening to Mr. B chatter en route to church and home last night in the Momvan
* Mr. D's veggie/fruit slurry diet is cleaning out our freezer stash
* a complementary email from the school I worked at last week teaching kids to peer edit
* Elizabeth Jane Howard's books
* kind words from Mr. G's wrestling coaches
* a lull between sporting seasons

Last weekend Mr. B's tournament basketball season ended.  In all four tournaments they played in, Mr. B's team lost their first game by a heartbreakingly small margin and then went on to win the rest of their games...until last weekend when the team kind of fell apart and lost more games than they won.

Nevermind that.  What's important is how Mr. B played.  He hustles.  He's figuring out the mental part of the game pretty quickly and steadily improved his skills as a player throughout the season.  His ball handling skills have become solid, he can set a great pick, he can pass the ball around well with his teammates. 

 His confidence has continued to blossom.  He's a great teammate.  If you need a kid to box out and grab a rebound under the basket, Mr. B's your guy.


Mr. B works hard and his practice paid off.  He still struggles to make a basket, but the rest of his game is coming along and I suspect a summer of shooting around in the driveway will only help him develop.  Mr. B seems pretty determined to keep plugging away.  Plus, he plays in a program that doesn't allow ball-hogging, so Mr. B gets a chance to play and contribute.

Most important is that he had FUN and enjoyed playing the game.  He's proud of his season and I'm proud of his effort.  I'm also thankful for such a fine program with so many volunteers willing to coach these boys--and coach them well, teaching them the fundamentals AND good sportsmanship.  

(I can't include any video footage of Mr. B's basketball season because a) I'm having technical difficulties and b) basketball videos are kind of boring anyways and harder to make exciting, unlike wrestling videos which are practically handed to you by virtue of proximity, speed and focus.)


  1. Glad you are feeling better today.
    It is a joy to see children improve so much in one season under the leadership of a great coach. Finding someone who teaches good sportsmanship is a treasure.

  2. A new day makes all the difference sometimes :-). I got to listen to my daughter's chatter on the way to take her back to college yesterday - it was fabulous and I miss those car rides.

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better. I like to hear about how Mr. B is a great teammate --I love it when I see kids playing together (sports or just horsing around) where no one has to be the star, and they get just as much pleasure from helping each other out. It's rare, and so encouraging for the human race.

  4. Just think of all the happy memories you are creating together. You will not only feel blessed now, but one day in the future too when you look back on it all. It is so important to feel good about the past. xox

  5. Glad you're on the mend.

    For some reason, her books aren't available for Nook--I wanted to read one this weekend :(

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  7. I'm glad you are feeling better today. I'm still grumpy as all heck. I can't handle any more gray skies and snow. BLAHHHHH. I'm sick of being cold. And I have a cold. And I have a plugged nose and my body hurts. And I have pms and NO CHOCOLATE. Not that I could eat any right now anyway (Lent). Mrfph.


    So glad Mr. B is having such a great time with basketball. Love that game. :)

  8. A good team player is highly valued, in basketball and in life.


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