Thursday, March 28, 2013

at last!

I was putting the final edits on the short story project when something unusual flew past my window.  The flight pattern was low and straight, no swooping and coal-colored feathers.  Not a familiar movement or size or color.  It wasn't a sparrow, cardinal, blackbird or blue jay.  I got up and peered into the front yard--in the direction it had flown.  There in the honey locust was a skinny little robin!

A real live robin!

The kids tromped home from school and shed their winter coats before running back outside to mess around in the yard.  They tried balancing on a huge chunk of ice in the creek as boys are prone to doing and eventually fell in, drenching their pants and filling their boots with frigid, stinky water. 

They changed clothes and returned back outside after their feet warmed up.  An hour later when it was time to retrieve Mr. T from softball practice, I had to take a moment to clear a path because ripsticks, basketballs and scooters littered the driveway.

Mr. T came out of practice grinning because he had fun and because his coach had given each player a coupon for the local ice cream place.  "Can we go right now, Mom?"  Minutes later I sat in the Momvan as he stood inside at the counter, surrounded by teammates, ordering his ice cream treat.  Did I mention all the boys were wearing shorts? 

We returned home where I found a trail of mud across the floor and the pile of soaked jackets and pants smelled funky.  On my hands and knees with a rag I cleaned that muddy floor.  Then I chased out the dog and started the first load of wash.  It was 8 o'clock and finally dark outside.

I realized our garbage dumpster melted free from the glacier on the edge of our driveway.  I received two baseball league emails and just like that it hit me:

It's spring!

Brace yourselves, everybody.  This is my favorite time of year, so things are about to get a little zingy around here.

Spill it, reader.  What are the sure signs of spring in your neck of the woods?  Massive loads of wet, muddy clothes and puddles on the floor?  Robins?  A new sports schedule? 


  1. YES, my favorite time of year too...although at the moment it is snowing on the crocus here in Ithaca :)

  2. Well, it certainly isn't going around cleaning up other people's messes. Don't those boys know how to mop a floor and pick up their clothes? My sign of spring will be the warmth of the sun on my face and the fact that I will not have to wear a scarf and gloves anymore.

  3. We've been on our spring sport schedule for a few weeks now. Not to mention our spring schedule where we three spend days at a time not actually seeing each other. One of us is always here for Edie - but at best we all sit down to one meal a week together. We communicate through email and post-it notes. In that regard, it's spring here, despite the fact that it just. won't. stop. snowing.
    In the front yard, the tulip magnolia is on the verge of blooming - and it just might actually bloom pink after all.

  4. For me, spring is all about blossoming trees and warm air. It's been too cold this winter in comparison to those of the past 5 years. Sunshine, blossoms and WARMTH!

  5. The crocuses are popping up! A new tree to be planted arrived on our doorstep today. The long awaited spring is here, baby! Time to tackle that yardwork. :)

  6. March in Florida?
    The beach. Azalea in bloom. Leaves on the Crape Myrtle.
    The AC clicks on in the afternoon. The ducks have paired off for mating season. Orange picking season is over. It's almost Corn season.

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  8. I have yet to see a robin, but we have mud in abundance! My garage is flooded. And since it situated on much higher ground than the house, I am afraid to go into the basement. We must have a pool in there by now.

  9. Well, you wanted spring, so what's a little (lot) mud to clean up?

    For me, it's the sound of the Virginia Peepers at night. The males loudly try to convince the ladies to mate with them and it can be deafening at times.

  10. I heard a robin (well, honestly, I have no idea what kind of bird it was) singing outside my window as I was primping this morning! Also, it's warm enough that I am going to wear sandals tomorrow even though my toes are not summer-pedicured. But perhaps naked toenails are appropriate for Good Friday.

    I love spring because it means summer is coming.

  11. The mud would do me in. I would be screeching and everybody would be on a timeout from going outside until summer. Okay, maybe not. But I'd be needing a 5 o'clock drink. Happy spring!

  12. The glacier melting is big around here, too. Our garage is on the north side of the house, so it takes a lot of warmth and chopping and shoveling to get rid of it once and for all.
    Our new city recycling bin came. It's 3 times the size of our garbage container. Sounds like a potential post for Compost Happens!

  13. We've got some tulips here!!! And soccer started up again. And mowing. Oh spring mowing. The unending chore!!

  14. What a change!

    I know it is officially spring when the tulip greens are poking 4 inches up out of the dirt, when I want to roll down the car window, when the greeter at church stops chiding me for not wearing a jacket, and when the youngest boy starts going outside every day after walking the mile home from school. :)

  15. Our freeway landscaping is ablaze with color--iceplant--it's gorgeous!

  16. Yes! We have robins! Dozens of them. It seems to have happened over night.
    Another sign of spring... my MIL's basement has flooded. :(

    Honestly, I could skip right over spring and go directly to summer. Wisconsin so very rarely has a nice spring.

  17. I've been opening the windows lately. It makes it frigid in the house, but I am just desperate for fresh air. And I hung all the girls bed linens and blankets on the clothes lines outside last week. I'm not getting my hopes up for much more. I just checked the weather and saw the possibility of snow this Sunday.


Spill it, reader.