Tuesday, March 5, 2013

found, lost and adjusted

I found that missing earring on the steps between the laundry room and garage.  SO pleased because they're one of my very favorite pair and losing one earring is always so vexing.

Last week I received a lovely bird feeder for my birthday.  It's a sage green color and when the cardinals perch on it, the color contrast is so striking.  Mr. B and I went out last week to set it up and fill it.  Between yard and garage I lost the big bag of birdseed because I set it someplace really clever where I'd be certain to find it.  Do you ever do that?  Seems I do that all the time--I've wandered all over the yard, garage and even inside the house looking for that darn bag of birdseed.  How on earth does one lose a bag of birdseed?  Sheesh.

At long last I booked an appointment with Dr. V (the most amazing chiropractor with an office conveniently located 5 minutes from my house).  I do not limp anymore.  Why I put off going in for so long is anyone's guess.  It's marvelous not to have an aching foot.  (I re-injured it from last summer's terrible sprain.)  I never knew that you could displace bones in your feet, but I guess anything's possible.

After two days of presenting at the charter school, running errands and cleaning house I'm ready for a nice long day settled into a writing project.  Tomorrow I plan to pick up the final loose threads of a nearly finished manuscript and pull the whole thing together.  It's tough to transition from one project to another--all new characters, setting, voice, plot--I hope I'm productive.


  1. I am still looking for my bright orange pruners, placed in a spot where they wouldn't be lost. Or found as it turns out.

    Happy belated birthday?!

  2. I once lost our oldest's birthday present when I put it in a great place he would never find and I would never forget. He received it weeks after his birthday when I finally came across it.
    Glad you found the earring. Good luck with the bird feed. Perhaps soneone/thing ate it?

  3. As I type I know snow is either falling for you again, or will fall soon. Perfect weather to park in front of a keyboard and create great works. I've put up the sewing machines to transform the sewing room back into a guest room, the folks are visiting. Glad you got your foot feeling better.

  4. The chiropractor I had been going to since I was a child passed away a few years ago and I haven't found a replacement yet. It is difficult to find a really good chiropractor. I'm picky. I want an old school chiro who doesn't use goofy new tools or any of that crap. I just want someone who can crack my bones, get my spine back in alignment and give me a proper adjustment. *sigh*

    So glad you found your earring! I'm still looking for my gold cross necklace that I got from my parents when I was 17. It has been missing for about a year. :(

  5. I don't lose things too often, but I'm missing a box and it's been driving me crazy. It has a bunch of old concert things in it. I really doubt I would have given it away or gotten rid of it. Glad to hear about the earring!


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