Wednesday, March 27, 2013

no daffodils or crocuses or any other pretty things at my house

I imagine I ought to document this spring--this ugly, snowbound, rotten, sorry excuse for a spring.

There's not much discernible melting going on.  We're all wearing socks and winter coats, woolen gloves instead of baseball gloves.

 I tried to pry out and push the garbage dumpster to the end of the driveway Tuesday morning--it is that time of the month, you know.  That dumpster was frozen solid in a mini-glacier.  No chance I'd move it without a pick-axe.  At least the basketball court's clear ...

I strolled around and looked for signs of spring besides swollen tree buds.  Nothing  Not even a frostbitten robin.  No shoots.  No mud.

That Vegan Mother Hubbard has some springtime cheer on her blog today--you have to click over and check out her twins dressed up for Easter.  Too cute for words!  In tiny Chuck Taylors to boot!  And check out Mom on the Run--she takes Easter outfits to a new level!  These posts got me thinking about Easters past and how my mother used to make me and my sister coordinating Easter outfits.  By "make" I mean she'd buy an actual Butterick pattern and cut that thin tissue paper and measure our waists and arms and torsos and then she'd sew us skirts, blouses, dresses--even one year sunbonnets that matched.

Growing up it was a thing to get a new dress for Easter and Christmas.  Sometimes we'd match, other times we'd get the same dress in different (but always coordinating) fabrics.  Lots of gingham and florals as I recall.  In the photo above I'm standing on the far right, my younger sister is 2nd from the left.  We're posed by the World Famous Hot Springs in Thermopolis, Wyoming, which is where we lived for part of my childhood.  Those extra kids were family friends.

Here's another Easter morning picture.  Those curls were complements of those pink sponge rollers.  Ah, the good old days!

And what would the late 70's be without a vest?  A quilted vest, no less. 

I've never gotten a new Easter outfit since high school.  And I've never gotten Team Testosterone Easter outfits either.  It's probably a lucky thing, since I hate to shop (unless we're talking books or plants), that my crew consists of 3 boys who could care less what they wear to church Easter Sunday.  I'll make them wear jeans or khakis without holes or stains and a collared shirt.  As for myself, well, I'll try to find something bright-colored to pair with tights, boots and heavy sweater because DAMN IT ALL, IT'S STILL WINTER HERE.  (slams fist on desk for emphasis)

Spill it, reader.  Did you dress up for Easter as a child?  Do you still?  Do you dress up your kids? 


  1. One of my great aunts would always give me and my cousins beautiful Easter dresses.

  2. It finally looks a little spring like today - can't wait to explore and see what was under the snow that finally melted. Love the photos - my sister and I looked the same. P.S. sponge rollers are alive and well if you have girls involved in dance or cheer (or Pom in my case)

  3. I know, maybe not the coldest or most wintry March ever but..... BAD ENOUGH DANGIT! My birthday is in a week. I remember driving with my family from Iowa to Chicago once the day before it: 2 feet of snow! The next day was 74 and I celebrated in shorts.... so, OK, sure, even now, my shorts are DYING to come out of the closet...anyway, thanks for the look at your yard. let's call this BEFORE and soon there will be some green AFTER :)

  4. Funny you brought it up. Recently I went to dinner with a friend and she was talking about getting a new dress for Easter. And I was like, huh, I haven't done that since I was a kid!

  5. In the Netherlands, when I was growing up, we still had to dress up for Sundays and holidays and we had a separate outfit for those days. So basically, if you fit in your special outfit, you wore it, if not, you got a new one. And my mother sewed also and made great dresses for us.

    Nowadays, I treat every day like a holiday and always dress up. I do not save anything for best. So no Easter dress for me. I am already wearing that outfit.

  6. I think I might have to do the old Midwestern thing and get us Easter coats this year. Or at least Easter rainboots.

    The last time I remember the weather being this cold and crappy on Easter in Georgia (I remember snowy Easters in Nebraska) was the year I sewed the seersucker outfits for all 4 kids when J4 was a year old. It was 40 degrees out, but those kids were wearing those outfits even if I had to wrap them in blankets on the way to church.

    Here's a little trick I learned a long time ago, although of course I don't do it anymore. But to get good photos of their outfits I would dress them up the day before and take their pictures outside in the front yard. No crying because they wanted their candy, no hurry up we're going to be late, no ready for a nap after church. In fact I have to find some of the pictures I took of the boys when they were about 4 & 6. They were some of the funniest shots we ever took of them.

  7. Much to my mother-in-law's dismay, I have never purchased fancy Easter outfits for the kids. We wear something from the closet. This year, though, I did have to buy a few things. We had a baptism to attend last weekend, and found that not one boy had an appropriate shirt that fit and our daughter didn't have a skirt or dress that was an acceptable length. We bought new polos for the boys and a dress for the daughter, which will be worn many, many times over the summer.
    We've seen peeks of sun and a bit of snow melt today. Spring is coming.

  8. I love those photos --I can recognize you in them, too :-)

    We didn't have Easter outfits, but my mom did sew a lot of our clothes, and it amazes me what a great seamstress she was (still is).

  9. Oh, you and your fancy, quilted vest.


    Here in Minneapolis, whilst you "un-glacier" your garbage cans, I am wandering the streets, pounding at the remaining ice with the heel of my boot.

    You know: just helpin' Spring along...


  10. Oh my gosh, those photos are GREAT! And now I know which of your boys looks just like you.

    Yes, we used to dress up for Easter when I was growing up. I haven't done it since my last year of college.

  11. The last time my mother sewed us matching dresses was the year she made us these frilly ruffly lacey numbers - my sister was 2 or 3 at the time and tiny for her age - I was about 6 or 7. To this day I remember her telling anyone who would listen that each dress was 32 pattern pieces. In those sizes. I can only imagine.

    I so wanted one of those vests.

  12. I've been to Thermopolis! :)
    I used to make my boys wear ties with their white oxford shirts on Easter. They looked so cute! Now, of course, it does not happen.

    Since I wore my sister's hand-me-downs, I didn't have any special new outfits for Easter in particular. That day didn't include new outfits but it often did mean a photograph was taken. I'm not sure what happened to them all.

  13. I love those old photos. You look just like yourself! ;) When I was little, we always had some kind of new dress for Easter, usually made by my grandmother. When my kids were little, I always made smocked dresses for the girls and little rompers for my sons. I used to love sewing children's clothes.

  14. I share your sentiments about the weather.....still lots of snow and cold here too! OMG it was 43 and sunny today..... been a LONG time since we've seen that. BTW I'm in Wi too. Yesterday I saw a young grandma who must be fed up with winter clothing, she looked chic in cuffed crop pants, flats, and a 3/4 sleeve tee. (I hope her coat was in the cart,..even I am still wearing socks. Happy Easter!!!!

  15. We use to get new dresses for Easter, too. Coordinating fabrics and all. Sometimes my sister's and my dress would be made from remnants of one of my mom's self made dresses. I loved those! I should make something for Lola and me...

  16. Wear your warm winter clothes for Easter, but top it all off with the most fun, glorious, flower-strewn hat you can put together. Go for it!

    I was stunned today to see brown scrubby stuff outside our house. I'd forgotten about grass.

  17. O yes...a new Easter Dress, and - very important - a new pair of fancy shoes, usually patent leather (I liked white ones). I also remember little gloves with some of these outfits...
    Oddly enough, my Methodist mom & dad chose Easter as our ONE churchgoing time of year, rather than Christmas. Thusly, with so much positive emphasis (a basket of candy from the bunny, hunting for hidden eggs, NEW OUTFITS!!! and a chance to go to church - which I loved! - ) Easter has always been my favorite christian holiday, surpassing even Christmas on the scale of joyful feelings and excitement. I loe the "transitional" feeling of the plants coming up, cute baby animals, and the Earth's general aura of gentleness, welcoming life again after a long, cold stillness.
    Toss in Jesus and the miracle of His resurrection, and BAM! You got one fine holiday there, sister. It's hard to top.

  18. I'm a little behind with reading all my fave blogs recently, so here's a belated thanks for the shout out! I loved getting new clothes for Easter, when I was a kid. And I distinctly recall my older sisters taking forever to put those pink sponge rollers in my hair. Then, about half an hour after going to bed, I'd be crying and asking for them to be taken out, because they hurt to sleep on. Always a drama queen.


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