Friday, March 1, 2013


We've had snow--and then more snow.  For a week Mr. B and I dutifully scraped the slushy-icy bits off the driveway to prepare for the Bumble Book Club.  Then it snowed.  And the wind blew relentlessly hard and drifted everything over.  We scraped and shoveled some more.  Then the boys had another snow day, so I think they'll have to make up school days now.  They don't even know what a regular 5-day week looks like anymore.  Mr. G was all up in my face that they didn't have a 2-hour delay the following morning.  To his credit, it was snowing again.  All of our labor was erased by a fresh coat of white powder.  Happily, no one slipped and fell last night.  Winter has decided to linger.

At the dojo we all passed our module test.  My jacked-up left foot cooperated, but now it's time to get in to see a doctor.  Team Testosterone did well and made me proud.  Next up: broad swords.  Which are not the same as katanas, so I had to add new weapons to our arsenal.

Team Testosterone, AKA Mr. W Sr., Mr. W. Jr., Mr. W. So. because that's what they've asked their kung-fu master Mr. O to call them.

For fun I made a couple new vegetarian recipes that everyone liked.  I also bought salmon which the boys devoured.  They begged for more, these children who do not typically implore me to make healthy food. 

In other news, Lefty, the original summer helper, is studying to become a massage therapist.  I bravely booked an appointment with him.  After getting past some initial awkwardness, it went really well.  I did NOT, however, get any work done on my bum, which I would normally request from my regular therapist (who also happens to be my college roommate).  I'm all about lending a hand to someone needing work experience, but this girlfriend has limits.  Those limits include no more than 4 glasses of wine, no smoking, no driving 10 MPH above the posted speed limit and no boys touching the junk in my trunk.

The Bumble Book Club (we took the group photo after one member had already left for the evening) had a swell time with GUEST and AUTHOR Jess Riley.  A few years ago we read her debut novel Driving Sideways (Bumble-recommended) and we picked her new release All the Lonely People for this month's meeting.  AtLP is a really funny read--the premise is that a woman seeks a new family to spend Christmas dinner with--so she posts an ad on Craigslist.  Hilarity and tenderness and enlightenment ensue.  You totally need to get a copy and read it.

 All the Lonely People

Jess was a delightful honorary Bumble.  She's one of those really intelligent and easy-to-talk-to people who make everyone around her feel a bit cooler just because she's hanging out with them.  Plus her skin?  I suspect she uses a potion concocted with the extract of unicorn and fairy wings because nobody has such glowing, clear porcelain skin in real life.  Except her.  Seriously.

You need to read her work.  Her work is full of wickedly insightful details that resonate.  Like this bit (randomly selected): 

She's very particular about words.  She recently told me that she despises the word "moist."  She hates it so much it almost makes her puke, and now I find myself self-consciously censoring the use of this word around her all the time:  during a coworker's birthday party ("this cake is so moi- rich!"), during a particularly humid August inservice ("Uh, it's so  mois-thick in here!").  I had no idea how often I was using the word "moist,' which i too have come to despise.
 Of course when Jess was over we were discussing dipping graham crackers in milk and how it has to be the perfect consistency to be edible.  Not too MOIST.  Bwahahaha!  

What a great night.  We're a darn lucky book club to get the author to attend our meeting!

With all that fun under my belt, I'm kind of exhausted going into the weekend.  Thank goodness I've got leftovers from book club so I get a pass on dinner tonight.


  1. I'm not sure my brain can contain all the awesomesauce this post spilled forth: Buttloads o' snow (a novelty for us), martial arts WITH weapons, a massage (okay, maybe not the man-child part), and a great new book to read.

  2. I do believe I will cross-stitch your limits onto pillows, which I will then give to my children when they move out of my house.
    Thanks for the book recommendation. I, too, hate the word moist. I'm guessing I will thoroughly enjoy the book.

  3. Congrats on passing your test!

    LOL, I'm a lightweight. Definitely a 2 glass limit for me these days. 4 would definitely leave me crying over the toilet.

  4. Just found your blog, and will be back to read more. We moms of boys need to stick together. :)


  5. I so often fall asleep in massages :(

  6. You do have a lovely life--even with all the snow or maybe because of it.

  7. Jess Riley is a great author. That is so cool you got to meet her. I read both of those and I just read Closer than they Appear on Kindle. I'm not sure if its an actual book because its a novella.

  8. We have way too much snow in Chicago! Good job getting your kids to devour salmon.

  9. Thanks for the book recommendations! Yay!

    And ... with the massage therapist? Yes. I was a guinea pig once for a male friend getting certified in energy work. It was weird. You made the right no-bum call.


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