Monday, April 29, 2013


To be fair, we poured it on all weekend long.  Here are the stats:
Games coached by Mr. D: 2
Practices coached by Mr. D: 4
Games played by Mr. T: 4
Practices attended by Mr. B: 2
Practices attended by Mr. G: 3
Games won by the home team: 5
Sunburned arms: 6
Kids injured by falling through a sunroof on a shed whilst jumping onto a trampoline (NOT ON MY WATCH): 1  (thankfully no bones got broken and Mr. B's tetanus shots are up-to-date)
Flower beds cleaned up: 5 1/2
Wheelbarrows full of yard waste composted:  20 at last count
Square feet of yard raked:  don't know, but it's a lot
Loads of wash hung on line: 4
Burgers consumed by Team Testosterone: at least 12

I'm kind of thankful for a rainy day to nudge me back indoors.  Between sitting at the park/diamond and all the yard work/spring chores, it feels good to run a mop across the floor and type on a keyboard.

The weirdest thing that happened all weekend was while setting up a rain barrel.  I had to scrabble in the dirt to try and level it before setting in some bricks on which to place the barrel.  Whilst digging away I discovered a tiny black star--the black star awarded to someone upon passing their first degree black belt test.  The black star that Mr. T's been asking me to find or replace so I could sew it onto his karate pants for about...oh...5 years now.  Well, I told him I'd get around to it.  Just never expected to find it in the dirt below a rain gutter.

Spill it, reader.  Give us a few of your weekend stats.


  1. 4 holes dug by my husband.
    4 racks of ribs baked by me.

  2. 2 new hostas dug in
    1 new hellebore
    1 new redbud
    1 new garlic chive
    2 new daisies

    3 eleven year old girls that don't belong to us "slept" at our house.

    Two goals (one each) scored by two of the eleven year olds that didn't sleep at our house the night before. Lack of sleep makes them score more goals. From now on, there will be no more good night's sleep on Fridays here.

    Mary Poppins was watched for the first time by one 11 year old girl and who knows how many times for the other 11 year old and one forty something girl, who pointed out all the life lessons to be learned while viewing it.

  3. Emma had an almost-sleep-over. Her friend is just as wary of sleep-overs as Emma, so at the 10 p.m. call time, she decided to head home. But that was good enough, really, since she came back the next day to play some more :-)

    I did jewelry and grading. I love it when Emma has company!

  4. Saturday was spent shopping Sunday was spent sitting on my bum in front of either the computer or the telly.........all in all it was a good weekend

  5. 1 set of keys left at work
    1 time locked out of car
    40 pages of research notes left on the dining room
    2 hours lost at library
    14 hours spent at keyboard
    6 pages of Research Paper written
    eleventy million edits sent by professor on previous draft JUST after current draft was submitted.
    2 -- a.m. bedtime today (translates to 4 hours sleep)
    1 super tired, slightly defeated writer going to bed early tonight.

  6. 1 batch of chocolate chip cookies baked
    5 pizzas made on Saturday night
    1 margarita consumed
    35 miles (approximately) of Japanese honeysuckle weeded from garden, with additional 15 miles of grape vine and 8 miles of trumpet vine.
    1 self-seeded rose discovered hiding under my fig tree.

  7. Much cultural television watched on arts and music and literature, which is my standard fare in the weekends
    Shopping done for one whole week (wrong cat food bought for cat)
    2 liters of vanilla custard consumed
    Bed changed and 2 loads of laundry done
    2 afternoon naps taken
    6 walks with dog
    Usual intake of caffeine consumed
    Weighed myself on scale two times with the same result
    Was glad when it was Monday

  8. 1 shopping trip
    1 lunch out
    3 loads of laundry
    4 visits to the hot tub

  9. Just 1 thing--but it was a trip to Vegas and so much fun.

  10. oh rats, Tuesday already and the numbers are all a distant and hazy memory :)

  11. A slow weekend...
    1 soccer game
    1 lunch out
    1 4 mile race
    1 saddle seat equitation clinic x 2 riders
    1 baseball practice
    1 shopping trip
    2 hours of sitting in the sun, reading
    1 birthday cake, baked by daughter, consumed

  12. Lovely header you have there! We have joined you as far as baseball is concerned. Lola started her first summer season this Monday. She has a way to go but is having fun.

  13. Coming by late to say hooray for the found star, and really: falling through a sunroof on a shed whilst jumping onto a trampoline? BOYS!!

    Last weekend tallied 3 SILs and 1 niece (plus me but minus my MIL) at a women's retreat, 675 more miles on my minivan, and telling myself many times over to not think about the photos on my crashed laptop hard drive.


Spill it, reader.