Sunday, April 14, 2013

Roy G. Biv

So my uber-organized pal, Jen on the Edge (who, incidentally, I'm visiting this weekend) did a little organizing.  The deal with Roy G. Biv is to organize by color.  Naturally, I read her posts about organizing bookshelves and t-shirts this way and I got to thinking...

No way would I do that in my library.  I'm a Dewey Decimal System gal all the way. 

There's not enough color spectrum in my wardrobe to Roy G. Biv my t-shirt drawer.

But there is one place in my house where Roy G. Biv-ing makes sense.


the Lego room

where chaos


What would be more fun for Team Testosterone than to Roy G. Biv their entire Lego collection over spring break?  Well, I could think of about a hundred things, actually, but this room is a disaster zone.  They've got Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Dinosaurs, Ninjago and some random kits with bricks all mixed willy-nilly.  Consequently, they never play because it's just too much effort to even attempt to build with Legos when thousands of bricks have become so mixed up.  The room is impossible to clean because there are little bricks everywhere, mixed in with a ton of other random toys like Nerf bullets, Bey Blades, books and balls. 

It took us a day of sitting and sorting, but we did it. We threw out all the broken toys, put random stuff where it belonged, dusted and vacuumed the room.  And we sorted every single Lego by color.  Mr. G's little buddy came over to play and he even sat down a spell and did some sorting (so Mr. G would be freed up to head outside and play basketball)--ten hands pulling grey bricks to one pile, brown to another, yellow over here, green over there.

Check it out:

 The carpet is clean.

 The bricks are sorted by color in the drawers.

There's empty space where they can spread out and play or build.

 Everything has a place.

A color-coordinated place.

And the biggest miracle of all happened since we did this.

Team Testosterone has used the Lego room and played with the bricks more in the two weeks since we sorted it.  They're building free-style and assembling kits that we found instructions for.  They're excited about their Legos again, and they're even keeping the room clean because they enjoy the order of things.

Spill it, reader.  If you had the wherewithal, where would you lay the Roy G. Biv smack down?  Bookshelves?  Legos?  Tupperware?  T-shirts?  Socks? 


  1. When Ernest was younger, before he started each massive lego build, I would help him by sorting the lego by color and shape. It made it really easy to find the right pieces.

    My socks are sorted by color. I'm tempted to do the closet that way, but I find it works for me to put the most recently worn and washed clothing on the right. So the things on the left I haven't worn in a long time and that's where I start purging.

  2. It looks great! My house doesn't really lend itself to Roy G. Biving so I'll have to live vicariously through yours and Jen's.

  3. I don't know about Roy G. Biv, but I do like me some order!

  4. My daughter and husband are a bit OCD and have always put their legos away by color. In addition to the color sorting, my husband like to take all the bricks (of each color) and make them into one large block. Yeah. Just a tiny bit OCD.

    On a similar note, we re-did Emma's art-area over spring break, and the fact that it looks so nice and everything has its place has made her feel more like keeping it clean, just like your boys :-)

  5. this is truly fantastic. I have actually Roy G. Biv'ed my dresser drawers and my clothes closet. It is amazingly helpful for this ol gal. And here, my adult kids say I have too much time on my hands and all along, I was being organized...who'da thunk? Now, to get them to teach their kids that lil trick. Great idea with the Legos. There are tons of them laying around the play room.

  6. I have a lego lover although they have not seen the light of day in a couple of years. I'll keep them, though, because I've seen all ages spend hours with a massive box of lego pieces at family reunions.

    My husband has his dress shirts and ties in Biving order and I do my best to put clean clothes in the right place.

  7. Unbelievable!
    I'm doing good simply if I have matching socks on.

  8. Lego all the way! But then I get hung up on size and shape, and there are not enough bins in the universe to keep up with that!

  9. OK, Rubye Jack, me too !~! I made a new friend last fall and she is a RGB gal too and the look she threw me when she put my clean long-sleeve shirts away and I said, "Uh, no, not sorted by color, thanks." was enough to crack me up. If I can get them into the correct drawer folded I figure I'm doing just fine !~! You're an inspiration to me, tho, I will admit that.

  10. Sweet mother mini-fig: YOU SORTED THEM BY COLOR?

    Kowtowing here.

  11. Edie keeps her legos in Roy G. Biv order. And many of her art supplies too.
    My organization is more by size or in the case of books, author/subject matter.

  12. Growing up my son's room was always a mess. I would nag him all the time to clean it up, he would do a half-a$$ job. Eventually I would sit down with him and we would clean together, sorting his toys, putting everything back where it belonged. He was always happy and loved his clean room. It never stayed that way for long, though.

    As far as for me separating things by color.....I couldn't do my books that way. Nope, nosireebob, it wouldn't work for me.

    Your kids playroom looks great, though! :)

  13. Boy am I ever impressed. I'm not telling my boys that your boys have an ENTIRE room just for Legos though ;-)

  14. I have fantasies about Roy G. Biving my books, but I don't think I can do anything as crazy as mixing poetry with cookbooks. That would just be insanity.

    Congrats on the mega-order in the Lego room. I must admit ... I now totally want to come over and play Legos. Like, really, really bad.

  15. My craft room is very Roy G. Biv, although I had not heard of this particular expression before today. My fabric, felt, thread, paper, paint, etc. is all organized in the colors of the rainbow. In order. Very cheerful, and helpful too.

    But not my books. Or my cds. The alphabet rules there.

  16. This post makes me angry, through no fault of yours. It just reminds me of my boys' LEGOS. I can't tell you how contentious the topic is at my house. I have done EVERYTHING I can think of to make it easy for the boys to organize their LEGOS, but no. They mix different sets up and then WAIL AND CRY that they can't find the pieces they need. I can't tell you how many times I have cleaned up that area for them only to have it a horrid mess a day later. I'm done! BAH!

    So, while your LEGO room looks AWESOME I can only celebrate with you slightly. ;)

  17. I cleaned out the boys' closets and armoires and put everything back sorted by color a few years ago. We have lots of blue t-shirts. I've always had my clothes sorted by color in my closet and I have my sweaters, etc. also stacked by color. I just did the books in the den by color a few months ago and I can't find a thing. When I was a teenager and I had 1,000 Harlequin romances and no bookcases, I stacked them all over my room by color in the correct order of the rainbow. And everybody here wonders why I'm such a bitch when the house is a mess. Go figure.

  18. Ha! We tried this with our son couple of years ago. He lost hsi little mind - "It will take a thousand hours!" he said. A thousand hours.


Spill it, reader.