Friday, April 12, 2013

since my laptop blew up

all kinds of stuff has happened. 
I learned what a "service board" is, thanks to Mr. D's tech connections.
I got a new laptop.
I learned how desperately awful a tablet is for those of us interested in doing more than looking at a screen. That iPad is just an expensive viewing screen, total shit for actually typing or editing or writing.  Even leaving comments on a blog was unbearably torturous. 
Why did it take so long to get a replacement laptop if Mr. D's so well connected, Green Girl?
Good question.  Part of it had to do with Mr. D using a low end tech to set it up.  One of the more experienced techs would have had me up and running in 2 hours as opposed to 3 days.  The goal was a seamless transition, all of my screen and programs were to run identical to the old one so I didn't have to set anything up.  But then the "service updates" took an entire day once this guy got the laptop set up.  The darn thing sat plugged in on my kitchen counter showing the same stupid, useless, no-good blue screen for hours.  That was almost worse than when it sat miles away at Mr. D's office space. 

What else is new, you ask?
By not writing much on this blog I added followers.  How's that for weird?  The key to increasing my audience might be to write less and less often.  Who knew?

The weather got warm and melty.

I bought gear for Mr. T who started track and softball, both activities he really enjoys.  I cleaned the winter gear and stored some of it.  I took inventory of the summer gear and Mr. T got a new glove, Mr. G and Mr. B got new cleats.  Everyone signed up for summer school and I raked some of the yard.  We spent quality time feeding birds, watching birds and even snapping the best photo I ever took of a bird.  I love this guy--his red mohawk really makes him stand out in the crowd at the feeder.

Mr. G became enamored with The Daily Monster and begged me to buy him ink.  Do you know The Daily Monster?  It's pretty charming as monsters go.  So then this happened:

Then the weather got cold, icy, snowy, sleety and pretty gol-darn miserable once again.

Which brings me to today--2 inches of snow on the ground, all practices/games/meets cancelled until further notice, a stack of work to catch up on (editing and writing), and looking forward to my trip to Jen on the Edge's next weekend.

Spill it, reader.  What's new with you?


  1. I'm glad you're back on the 'net. I totally agree with you on iPads--even if you buy the extended keyboard.

    Good movies open this weekend, so that's one thing I will be doing.

  2. Lol over increasing audience by writing less. I missed ya!

  3. Glad to see you will be back! That weather is just too cruel, but we have had days of endless rain and gloomy skies with no end it sight. We all need a little sunny spring day :-)

  4. I've missed your posts! The only thing new here is rain --oh wait, it's not new! It's been raining for a week straight here, but it feels like a month. Every time I complain, Emma says "well, it's better than the drought". I'm happy we live on high ground, because the river has already flooded its food plain and is looking for new areas to attack.

    Rob uses his iPad, but he's a hunt-n-peck typer. I wonder if it's less annoying if you're not good at typing?

  5. I would have cried my eyes out if we got more snow with the last storm. Cried, I tell you.
    Glad you got a proper computer again. It's about time!

  6. I love your bird picture. I enjoy photographing my local birds.

  7. I'm glad your laptop is up and running. Your photo of the icicles is a good one, but it made me shiver. I hope you get more warm weather!

    Have you explained that wine bottle yard sculpture elsewhere on your blog? I am wondering if it is art or some kind of livestock feeding device. I am intrigued.

  8. Last Thursday's snow here left me cursing, just like looking at these pictures left me cursing on your behalf.
    You're welcome, anytime.

    It was 92 here the other day. I did not complain at all. I took off my wool socks, long underwear and enjoyed it. Edie may have gotten a sunburn on her scalp due to my hands free mothering. She informed me later, in front of two teachers, that she took herself down to the nurse but I was not to worry because it turns out her itching scalp was from the sunburn and not lice.

    I further secured that mother of the year award when I told her I wasn't worried about lice because we don't keep our hair clean enough in front of the same two teachers, which sent at least one of them straight into the snort laugh.

    The dogwood is opening up and we are planning a happy hour under it next week in your honor. Not sure if I was supposed to leak that or not. Oh well, I did.

    1. It's okay Becky, I already told her about the happy hour.

  9. I'm with Becky, summer weather with only a nod to the backside of winter two days last week. We are still in desperate need of moisture but the local weathermen have told us not to hold our collective ain't comin'. Oh well, I do so enjoy sunshine. :)

  10. This was good for me to hear. As my laptop lies on its deathbed, I've been vascillating over an android pad or a new laptop. Since mostly all I care about is email, internet research, and blogging it sounds like an iPad type gadget is totally the wrong way to go.
    As far as that snow goes, you can have it.

  11. Great pictures, my youngest daughter says she has no bloody luck with computers she is in need of another one again hers is working but if she shuts it done it takes like an hour to boot up again.......

  12. I had an iPad at work for a couple of months and gave it back.


  13. Bring my greetings to Jen! I'd love to be planning a getaway right now, but my spring break is done. I was recovering from a bit of garbage that was bronchial and caused laryngitis... not good for a teacher, online or otherwise.
    I took pictures of the ice storm - they're on Compost Happens! The storm day was crazy with 10 hours of no power, going in to work only to find out that school was cancelled and I didn't find out because my phone wasn't charged... not pretty. But we survived. We always do.

  14. Wow you have a lot of snow! If that was in the UK the whole country would stop functioning!lol

  15. 1) Mrs. G is right. Buy a big notebook with plastic sleeves and have your child describe what each monster is about. Then put a date on it. You will be so happy you did. Our youngest created this cartoon series called "Ant Wars" when he was a little kid and he could spend hours happily drawing legions of ants parachuting from airplanes, etc. He turns 19 on Friday and still remembers Ant Wars so fondly.

    2) I've been lazy about writing lately and--as one might expect--I've lost readers. In fact? I had more readers as a novice back in 2005 than I do now. Go figure.

    3) Our weather has only had one bout with snow, but it can't make up its mind if it is still winter (M-TH) or Spring (F-Sun). Personally, I prefer the weekends for weather-related reasons as well as all the other ones.

  16. I've had my share of woes too with my pc. Can't win.
    Great to see young creativity. Congrats on all those monsters. I love them.
    Our weather turned horrid today, a regular white-out happening again.
    You asked how much sap we have collected---so far, over 680 gallons. It takes 30 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of pure maple syrup...Not all of the sap has been processed yet, but so far, we have cooked off 10 3/4 gallons of the liquid gold.
    Hope you aren't getting this weather. It has put a temporary halt to our production. Just hope we don't have to plow trails to get to the trees.


Spill it, reader.