Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hey, kids!  It's so warm and muggy out that even my hair is bigger today!
Since I last posted, Mr. T played some more softball.  He's a consistent base-hit when he's up to bat.  He caught a scorcher of a line drive for an out in right field.  Then his coaches put him at second base just for fun (because we were dominating the other team and short guys on our team).  Bless his teammate's heart (the kid behind him in the photo below who is an excellent ballplayer and all-around athlete), this guy drew a literal line in the sand with his cleat so Mr. T knew exactly where to stand and he backed up every play from his position as shortstop.  In one inning Mr. T saw a lot of action at second base and he did all right.  Even got an out.  I was beaming with pride--both at how he played AND how he stepped up to try a new position.  The kid could be a ballplayer if he wanted to be...

Lots of stuff is budding out, like these willows all over our property.

Lilies where the compost pile/snake pit once stood.

 Daffodils!  I cut some for the kitchen table--first fresh flowers of the year.

These crocuses are starting to spread.

I'm chipping away at writing and editing projects, and even brought the bikes in for tune-ups yesterday.  Mr. D and I staked out The Next Big Project while Team Testosterone had a water balloon fight which turned into soaking each other with ice cream buckets of water fight.  Life is very good.

So, big hair, big pride in my son, big balmy breezes coming through the screens, even a big new header on the blog.  My favorite time of year makes me feel so energetic and joyful.


  1. It's muggy here too but my hair is still flat.

  2. all good stuff, good for you. Staking out the Big Project??? building something?? will be interested to see what you are doing.
    it is a whole 57 here and most of the snow is melted, very little flooding which means the water has sunk into the thirsty ground. Yeah, finally time to start planting the crops and the garden.

  3. Crocuses army fav. Sadly my twins picked all mine. Hope they come back next year!

  4. You are positively BLOOMING!

    We raked the leaves off some of our beds the other day (the snow receded enough for that), to find a few hyacinth and crocuses just starting to emerge. I hope they can survive the hungry deer.

  5. Record high of 94 hit today with an expected freeze on Friday morning. I'm not quite sure what is going on weather wise but I sure wish it would decide!

  6. Snake Pit? Where's the new compost pile/snake pit going to go?

    I do hope it's somewhere far away....like the other side of the creek.

    I kid! (kinda....)

    I'm gonna need some warning about it, because Abby told me today that she wants to go to "Miss M'lssa's and the guys's house" every day. 'cuz Jaxxy needs to be petted. So I expect to be taking a few walks to your dog kennel to check out the furry dude this summer. :)

  7. snake....PIT! eek! hey, i was wondering early today when the snowy front porch would be replaced on the header and HERE IT IS!

  8. Love the new header - the boots are back :-)

  9. So glad you finally had some warm weather and were able to get a different photo for the header. Yay warm!
    It is so fun to see our kids step out of their comfort zones and try something new. Funny how just moving to a different position on the same field is such a huge thing. I get it, though. Good job, Mr. T!
    Good luck with the new project, whatever it is.

  10. I love the new header!

    Spring is very good indeed.


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