Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We wrapped up another terrific year of Awana at our church last night.  As always, we had to take our picture afterwards:

We were glad to be done with the year, as it does get long, but everyone felt proud of their accomplishments.  Mr. B and Mr. G passed their handbooks by the skin of their teeth and I worked with the most wonderful kids, parents and team of leaders all year.   A lot of people wonder why we make kids memorize Scripture, but I'll tell you what I told a few leaders in a meeting a few weeks ago:

Our kids are sponges and they will absorb everything we put into them.  And you can bet your kid is gonna get squeezed.  When they get squeezed, what will come out of them?  What will pour out when the pressure's on?  I'm filling mine with God's word, faith, and a crap-ton of Minecraft videos I let them watch on YouTube.  It doesn't end with memorizing the right words, we have to put them into play, but knowing them by heart's a solid starting point.

What's a pan full of birthday brownies without SPRINKLES?  Mr. G is celebrating his "half-birthday" today, which really boils down to he gets to bring a treat and wear a sticker on his shirt.  It's the little things, people.

Speaking of little, my seedlings are looking pretty peaked, aren't they?  I took them outside the other day and they were blown FLAT by the wind.  I really thought some fresh air would cheer them up.

Well, this is no small thing.  We got a NEW COUCH and CHAIR today!

You know what that means, right?  It means now I'll want new tables to go with them ... because our tables look pretty old and beat up next to this new stuff.  I think "distressed" is the term one uses when their kids have beaten dents and divots in the surface of all the wood in one's house, right?  For the furniture, I mean, not me.

Spill it, reader.  One little thing that made your day.  Sprinkles?  Scripture?  Seedlings?  Sofa?  Soap opera?  Slippers?  I kid--it doesn't have to start with "s."


  1. When I was a kid, my father had us memorize poetry for holidays, and then recite our poems on the day. I will always have "Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening" memorized. Truly, when you learn something as a child it seems to always be there when you need it. And thank goodness for that!

  2. My gerbera daisies are beginning to bloom. don't hate me.

  3. we didn't get any more measurable snow

  4. So have you let the boys sit on the new furniture yet or is it still off limits until the new car smell fades?

    What has made my day is that after four years in this house, my husband finally hauled some of his crap out of here. Said crap includes computers that didn't work when we moved four years ago, other busted electronics, an extraneous bookcase (now in his office), and books that haven't been opened since the 1980s.

    I'd like to credit your impending visit for this spurt of cleaning, but apparently even he was getting sick of the disaster that was his man cave.

  5. That is an analogy I've never heard before. Very nice.
    And I'm thrilled to bits that we've had lots of rain and all soccer practices were cancelled today, which made our busy day a whole lot easier.

  6. What made my day? Older son making a birthday cake from scratch for his younger brother. I did my part and made the frosting.

    My couch is looking so ratty. Purchased shortly before said younger child was born. 17 years.... I guess I have to live with it because after the trauma of buying a couch for the den 9 years ago, my marriage might not survive compromising on another one. (Note to husbands: just let the wife win the furniture battle.)

  7. Scripture memorization has to be awesome. They might as well do it when they're young, cuz after a while memorizing anything becomes nigh impossible.

    What made my day today was getting some paid work done, and getting some things checked off my to-do list.

  8. A short conversation with the brightest little firecracker of an 82-year-old woman you could ever meet. She's funny, sharp, bawdy, and sweet - and I want to be her when I grow old!

  9. Seeing the fruits of my spring break work week on the newstand. And a very yummy yoga class that popped some things back into place.

  10. Your new sofa reminds me of a funny conversation with my bff. Back in the day we both watched As the World Turns and I particularly liked the decor of Tom and Margo's living room. I think I even had my sofa recovered in mattress ticking because I liked theirs so much (btw, DON'T ever do that--terrible fabric for sofa with kids!) So one day I tuned in and lo and behold, there was a new sofa on set. Very cool sofa. (I may have a thing for sofas--I've owned a lot of them in 27 years of marriage). Anyway, I mentioned it to my friend and she noted that not one of the people constantly in and out of Tom and Margo's house even noticed or made mention of that new sofa. Not very realistic, because dadgummit, a new sofa is darn big deal!

  11. I wish I'd memorized more scripture as a child. Now my brain can remember anything from one room to the next!
    Years ago, when my oldest 2 sons were in AWANA, the younger of the two decided he didn't want to be there anymore. So now when I see anything AWANA-related (easy to do, the church up the road hosts one on Wednesday evenings), I burst out with what E.B. always said: "No Cubby-bear!" (Say it like a pouting 4-year-old.) I can't help it, it was a funny but frustrating time of my life... sort of like shopping for new furniture.


Spill it, reader.