Friday, April 26, 2013


Yesterday we finally had the right kind of weather for hanging out clothes, so I loaded up my clotheslines.  The smell of our bedsheets last night was heavenly.  I've really missed that fresh air scent.

I spent the two cruddy days of the week inside subbing for a music teacher, and now that the temps have climbed and the sun shines, I'm free to play outside and pursue my spring chore list (bikes to tune up, windows to wash, a kennel to clean, yard to rake!).  Last year I was so ahead of schedule because of the weather, now this year I feel far behind.  Nearly May and I'm not even half-finished!  Tomorrow Mr. D coaches a double-header and Mr. T has THREE softball games back-to-back.  Mr. G has baseball practice and I have a shift in the concessions stand at the park.  Thank goodness the weather will be lovely and bonus blessing:  the mom I'm slated to work with is a particular favorite pal of mine, so that 2 hour shift will blow past fast.

I'm taking notes and making lists as I embark on various small projects--repainting the downstairs bathroom, installing shelves for a "fruit cellar" in our basement...and tonight Mr. D and I will sit down with a builder to discuss the next big project to take place at Chez Green Girl.  I'm studying paint designs because I want to try something new in this tiny bathroom to give it more personality.  So many things in the works, and all of them good.

The crocuses are in full bloom and I bet the forsythia will pop open after this warm weekend.  When the tulips get a few inches out of the ground, I know it's time to get on my knees and start cleaning up the beds.  I'm loath to spread new mulch this year, especially since I'm saving up for a fence around the vegetable garden.  All that wood gets expensive.

Team Testosterone is muddy and glad to be outside.  We didn't go to a single karate class all week and I'm not missing it as much as I'd have imagined.  We really should review our sword forms before we return next week so we don't embarrass ourselves.

And it's draft season, so the winds of change are blowing through Packer country.  People seem happy about our first round pick.

So, a weekend at the ballpark, punctuated by raking and digging.  What's on the docket for your weekend, reader?


  1. Hasn't the warm air felt great? My clothesline is still under a foot or more of snow and now water as it continues to melt...maybe next week I will be smelling that freshness on my sheets too.
    The tulips and succulents are laughing at a chance to poke through the snow, but nothing else yet.
    Enjoy our warm weekend. We will take it, right?

  2. I have a load of laundry on the line as I type. Oh, how I missed it.
    As for the weekend, lots of soccer (probably in the rain), as usual, but also time to snuggle with my newborn nephew. Bliss.
    Good luck with the chores!

  3. It's spring! Change your header - I want boots!

    My oldest son is moving to FL this weekend...

  4. Tonight is a lecture at the quilt study center and dinner with my houseguest, Derf Molly.

    I plan to sleep in LATE tomorrow morning! The last two weeks have been hectic and stressful but the semester is over but for the shouting (and two tests, one online the other take-home, so easy-peasy)and I need a rest. I cancelled a 9:30 appointment so I can be as lazy as I want to be.

    This semester has been extremely busy and I'm taking 3 classes this summer plus continuing to work a few hours a week so I am looking forward to very few obligations in the next 6 weeks. No projects for me!

    Oddly, I don't like the smell of sheets dried on the line. But I do like weather that permits it!

  5. No line-dried clothes or linens for us, due to spring allergies and high pollen counts.

    Here this weekend: Gardening, possibly the start of a new room reno (shifting furniture around and reorganizing), errands, and a visit to a go-kart track (weather permitting).

  6. Oh man, here in the southwest windswept has such meaning! We're so used to throwing open windows and enjoying a good breeze...not down here or you'll end up with a face full of dirt! Live and learn I guess.

  7. I won't be drying any laundry on the clothing line because it's going to be raining for the next couple of days. I missed my chance when we had beautiful weather for two days earlier this week. It will be a low key weekend watching festivities on television leading up to the crowning of our new king on Tuesday. And, of course, my usual grocery shopping trip on Sunday afternoon.

  8. The primary thing on my weekend docket is admiring your organization--I mean, you have things you do each year and generally know where you should be with them at what point in what month? Whoa.

    I just like knowing you're out there, doing so much, so well, with your family.

  9. Laundry, too! And probably a zip up to London tomorrow for a barbecue with cousins. Bliss!

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  11. Amigo has his phone set to inform him each time the Packers pick someone new, so he keeps me informed. Ah, a son with an iPhone is a beautiful thing. I'm pacing myself in getting outside, slowly building strength but not wanting to risk a setback. I'm just glad to finally be able to set my wimpy seedlings outside so they can get some real sun!

  12. I wanted to get some gardening in, and I did, despite also having guests. By the way, I noticed that my husband took a picture of the cover of Whipped, Not Beaten, and has assigned it to me in the contacts in his phone. I thought that would amuse you.

  13. My whirlwind Vegas trip to meet Busy Bee Suz left me with little chore time. A couple of loads of laundry and working on a photo project and I'm about ready for bed at 6 on Sunday night.

  14. I blinked and now the weekend is gone. WTH?

  15. Oh the joy! Spring is here, everything seems to coming back to life, and it’s all so fresh and full of color and nice scents. Your blog post made me remember how much I really enjoy spring, especially the warm sunlight and the fresh smell of nature in the morning.

  16. Yay for spring. Yes wood is crazy expensive.

  17. As soon as we are done finishing the kitchen (we are finally putting up crown molding, replacing the brown paint-stained carpet from the eighties, and patching the holes in the wall) I am putting up drying lines outside. I want wind dried bed linens, too!


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