Monday, May 27, 2013


This house has a teenager living in it, but generally you'd never know because Mr. T is a reasonable guy most of the time.


He got a phone, a development that makes me gasp a little when I consider the responsibility and expense of it.  And he's curious about when he gets to start driving.  Like most boys, he's all about the thrills--fast rides, roller coasters, video games and shooting at targets.  Airsoft guns are ALL the rage with his set.

He's been babysitting for years, but finally is ready for more menial, manual labor--like pool maintenance and yard work.  A shade lazy, but learning what a difference more effort makes.

We see eye to eye--on almost every level these days.  His feet are a bit bigger than mine now, but we can wear the same shirt size. 

He's got half a merit badge and a project to go before he's an Eagle Scout.  Seven days left of seventh grade remaining this school year. 

His younger brothers worship him, his father hassles him and I feel lucky I can count on him.

Mr. T reads like a fiend.  He's as voracious as me and I secretly like it that he stays up late in the night finishing "just one more chapter."

Like all the other fourteen year old boys, his limbs are long and knobby.  He hasn't and probably won't acquire that pudge so many of his friends have--he's lean, too lean, so lean that the doctor ordered him to eat MORE.  He agreed to eat more peanut butter.

I'm thankful for Mr. T's honesty, his smile, his fine manners and his general willingness to pitch in.  I'm a bit shocked that he's not shoving me away and locking himself in his room to mediate on his loneliness as I did at his age.  Is it because he's a boy?  He seems much more adjusted at fourteen than I ever did.

He's kind to his brothers.
He turns in all of his assignments at school.
He finished a big report on Alexander the Great and told me all kinds of fun facts along the way.  When Mr. T practiced his presentation, I was impressed at how well he knew his topic.  History could well become one of his favorite subjects.
He plays fair, but he also (finally) plays competitively.
He still runs and is registered for a mud run of some sort in September.  I've also got him registered for 2 weeks of camp this summer.  His new sleeping bag will get a LOT of action!
Of all the firstborn fourteen-year-olds in the world, I'm feeling very blessed to call Mr. T ours.


  1. He sounds like a super kid and I'm glad for you that you can call him yours. I'm sure you had something to do with how well he turned out.

  2. A teenager! :-) What kind of books does he like to read? I'm curious as to the sort of stuff my boys might like in the future.

  3. Happy x 14 to Mr. T!

    And to you too, mama. :-)

  4. He sounds like a wonderful teenager --congratulations on raising such a wonderful boy!

    And happy birthday to Mr. T :-)

  5. Happy Birthday to Mr. T
    Sounds like a good boy and well on his way to being a very good man.

    Kudos to the parents who have brought him up right.

  6. Happy, happy birthday, Mr T! And to you, Green Girl.

  7. Awww, happy happy HAPPY birthday to the amazing Mr T! And happiness to you Green Girl, here's to breathing a small sigh of relief! Aren't teenagers fab? :)

  8. I raise my peanut butter sandwich and toast this excellent young man, his mom and family :)

  9. Happy Birthday Mr. T! And a happy day to you, too. As much as it is a day to celebrate our babies, their birthdays are also for us to look back and remember our sweet little babies.
    I have to say, except for the ridiculous eating and growing, I am enjoying age 14 with my son. Sounds like you will, too.

  10. Happy Birthday to Mr. T. My Ian's birthday is today too! He's 21.

  11. I can hear your pride in him as I read this, I remember when my girls got their first mobile phones we made sure they were pre paid so not unexected high bills and when they ran out of credit they had to wait till the date we had set to recharge for is good when we have a child that is more pleasure then heartache........I had one out three like that........

  12. If my recent experiences are anything to go by, he will grow up to be a man that takes your breath away when you contemplate how amazingly cool a human being he is. Happy Birthday to both of you!

  13. Happy Birthday Mr. T! And to you mama. 14. That's a big deal.

  14. Happy Birthday to Mr. T!! Love love love that he reads like a fiend:)

  15. What a swell lad. Doesn't it just get better and more fun? I know I love looking my 13-year-old in the eye and having real conversations with her. The parenting payoffs get bigger and bigger.

  16. Happy Birthday Mr. T! Totally awesome in every way.

  17. What an awesome kid. Fourteen. Wow. Amazing how fast that sneaks up on ya.
    He sounds like my oldest. I'm glad to hear that his competitive side kicked in (I'm waiting for that with my oldest as well).
    Happy Birthday, Mr. T!


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