Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I'm still subbing.  I took today off due to doctor appointments and I scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees, too.  Naturally, the one day I had free to write or catch up with other computer-y business, my laptop decided to do a system overhaul that took ALL DAY LONG.  But now it's up and running smoothly.

It smells glorious here.  Green and full of lilac blooms.

Tonight was the first soccer game of the season.  I wore shorts and didn't feel remotely cold, which is rare and lovely.  Mr. G's team tied.  Mr. B's team lost their baseball game, but he played really well and made me proud.  Four hours at the park blew by like nothing for me and the boys.  There's one little guy--beyond cute and he plays with boundless enthusiasm accompanied by limited skill.  He cheers and does little dances whenever anything good happens for his team.  When a player got knocked in the face with the ball, this little guy was the first one to walk over, place his hand on the boy's shoulder and ask if he was okay.  It was unspeakably sweet--especially since they weren't even teammates--the hurt kid was on Mr. G's team.  I told the little guy's parents after the game that I admired their son's spirit and huge heart. 

I'm reading 1776 and it surprises me how exciting the Revolutionary War battles were.  I had no idea.  Must read more about this part of history.

I helped a high school student with her spoken word poetry project this afternoon.  She had some great poems and the loveliest voice.  Sweet and crisp and clear and delicate.  I envied her voice and told her so. 

The only thing in worse shape than the inside of my house right now is the outside.  I ran out of potting soil, so there are pots stacked on the porch and seeds sitting on my kitchen counter and weeds everywhere.  Thank goodness for a 3-day weekend coming up.

I have wide feet, which means buying shoes is kind of an ORDEAL.  I can't just walk into a Kohl's or Younkers and find anything I can jam my feet into.  It never works.  So I have to shop at the one store in town that sells Euro-style cloggy footwear.  Last weekend I dropped in another shoe store just for kicks and guess what?  They had the most amazing display of all the brands I love and can wear--Merrill and Clarks, Dankso and Jambu--I bought two new pairs of shoes AND the prices were very reasonable. Plus it's locally owned and operated which makes me doubly pleased to have found it.  My standby store is great, but they tend to carry more leathery-dressy shoes.  I'm sort of a more casual gal, this new place really suits my taste.

I shall have to post pictures of the pretty things I've bought with my subbing money.

Spill it, reader.  Some of the goodness in your world.


  1. A whole mess of yard work will be done over the three day weekend here, too.
    The Civil War fascinates me. We've been to lots of battle sites, and it always amazes me how people did the things they did. I rarely leave without a tear in my eye.

  2. No goodness today. The thermostat is on the fritz and I'm coooolllldddd...

  3. hmmmm 1776? Civil War?? one thing or the other is off about 100 years.
    so glad you have had good weather.

    We have had a whole bunch of rain the past 3 days. At least now the crops and gardens will grow. Once we can get them all in.

  4. Pictures of the new shoes, please? My Giselle-peasant-wide feet are so jealous.

  5. Saw Star Trek likely won't win any awards but it was worth the price of admission. They followed story lines set up by the first movie and it was a romping good time.

    We are almost well, a stray cough or sniffle but that is it. Praying for our neighbors in OK.

    Spending the weekend taking Logan back to Austin.

  6. I'm cursed with wide feet too. I will never be able to wear delicate shoes--although my sister has wide feet too (her nickname in high school was "hoofs") and she manages to wear lovely shoes. I've been wearing danskos for years, but I'm really disappointed with the quality of the last pair I bought. Not sure what's going on with them.

  7. Oh I love Merrells. Aside from Fit Flops, they are my favorite shoe brand.

  8. I WOULD sure like to see some of those certain things you bought, in use :)

  9. I have freakishly high arches, so shoe buying has always been an issue for me too.

    The house & the yard are a hot mess. Pat thinks the grass is going to be 2 feet high before he can get around to mowing it this weekend.

    Happy things - it seems some of the cosmos I've planted in the front bed over the years have finally reseeded themselves. And the rose bush out there is blooming for the first time in years. With more than one flower - a first for that bush in 14 years. Clearly, roses are not my thing.

  10. I enjoy buying shoes of which I think you can never have enough, and I have a relatively easy size to buy for. I hope you are enjoying yours.

  11. I am visiting my sister and her family in the Chicago area this week. As a single person who lives alone, the company and conversation themselves are so, so wonderful, but it's the tag team of 6-year-old twin hugs and smooches and high fives and tickles and giggles that are really feeding my soul.

  12. Before my hip started bothering me, I used to love fun sandals. I'm tall, so I liked flats with very thin straps. It'll be fun to buy shoes again without having to put a such a premium on stability :-)

    And my bearded iris are blooming! Deep purple, orange, and yellow --gorgeous color. I need to spread them around to other gardens.

  13. Hmmm... goodness, goodness. I'm kind of in a funk right now so thinking of goodness is proving a problem.
    Well... it is a rainy day. And those are nice once in a while. I got an early start on my flowers this year so the yard is already starting to look lovely. A few nice, warm days this week cheered me for a while.
    Whew! There. Some goodness. :)

  14. Flowers in my gardens.

    J. Crew v-neck t-shirts in a rainbow of colors -- I wear one every day.

    Vacation photos -- framed and ready to hang.

  15. Goodness in my world: I've had the time and energy to do some gardening. Our leak is fixed. Bible study is fun.

    I also have wide feet, and they are getting wider with each passing year.

  16. Melissa, you inspire me to find, and acknowledge, more of the good in my life. I'm so grateful that I get to read your blog.

    The best of the goodness for me is finally meeting my friend's new son tomorrow. He is almost three weeks old, but because of being sick, I haven't seen him in person, yet. I'm dying for time with a new baby!

  17. I have narrow feet that have become old lady feet, so I share some of your issues and need those same shoes. We might need photos of your finds!

    Goodness in my world lately: blooming lilacs, rains that have beaten down the excess pollen from the air, and the very strong possibility of a job for my 20yo.
    Also, the AP exams are finished and my 17yo has time to have fun once again (at least a little... SAT is scheduled for June 1st).

  18. what a pleasant post--happy and rambly. i have terrible feet. poor zappos--whatever i buy from them almost always goes right back again. i do need to try things on.

  19. When I have to choose between house or garden, the garden always wins. Lots of planting happening here today as well.


Spill it, reader.