Thursday, May 30, 2013

little good things

Our driveway looks like we've had a PARTY--multicolored flecks that look like confetti all over the place.  The drive is actually littered with crabapple blossoms and busted up water balloons.  Water balloons are ALL THE RAGE around Chez Green Girl these days.  Team Testosterone has thrown over 500 of them at each other and we haven't even started summer vacation yet. 

Another little good thing was when they learned how to tie their own balloon knots.  Totally saved my hands from cramping up permanently.

When I'm not ducking a flying water grenade, I'm editing a manuscript which is just about one of my favorite things to do. 

The weather's been hot and lovely for two days so I've been on the hammock, enjoying the view from my front porch with manuscript on my lap and pencil in hand.

Lilacs and tulips are almost out, which means irises and columbine will take over the show here next week.

The neighbor lady brought over a plate of baked goods the other night.  Baked goods take the sting out of Mr. D's baseball team losing in regionals.  Not all of the sting, but some of it.

Spill it, reader.  Little good things.


  1. Oh, the balloon knots. I can't stand the tying of the knots! I do like throwing the balloons at the kids, though. :)

  2. LOL over the balloon knots. I hadn't thought about that. What age can they learn that trick?

  3. Good things you ask...Today is the last day of school! WHOO WHOO

    And your alma mater / my team is still in the race

  4. Sounds like you need a balloon catcher's mitt. LOL

  5. Sorry, no little good things, just little bad things, i.e. mosquitoes. They are so bad here, it's a nightmare just to get out of the car and walk/run to the back door. No sitting outside for us. Boo.

  6. Have they tried water balloon baseball? All you need is a pitcher, a batter, and a catcher (there's no fun in the running away).

    Little good things: the colorful toy animals, mostly outgrown by boys, now being used as bird deterrents in the garden. I really must go take a photo.

  7. Little good things: muffins this morning.

  8. side issue: will we get a new header for summer, now that daffodils and boots are past? Little good things is eating outside every pleasant evening OH JOY!

  9. Water balloon fights....what could be more fun on a hot day? Except maybe squirt guns!

    Was able to get into our subdivision pool today for the first time....I did my water aerobics all by myself in the pool. Felt good! ;)

  10. You have a hammock??? I am so jealous. I need one. Seriously. I need it. Notice I didn't say want. I really need it. Must have it.
    Must. Get. Hammock.

    The weather hasn't been quite as warm here (70s) but it is lovely. In between the rain, of course. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I got a new teaching job in a different school! Different neighborhood! Older kids!! I'm thrilled!

  12. I LOVE hammock season. We are hoping to get ours back out tomorrow.
    Tying water balloons was always the most dreaded thing-nice to be free from that!

    Little good things: fresh strawberries and Saturday markets to visit!

    sidenote: I've heard that broken balloon pieces are horrible for birds, who are attracted to their color. I've always been a bit paranoid about leaving any little pieces in the yard. ..this came about before the time of Google though, so perhaps it's not really a fear?

  13. Hate balloon knots! that's a HUGE good thing! And the flowers and strawberries are icing on the cake!!


Spill it, reader.